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Julie of the Wolves

by Jean Craighead George & John Schoenherr

Jean Craighead George’s Newbery Medal–winning classic about an Eskimo girl lost on the Alaskan tundra now features bonus content. This edition, perfect for classroom or home use, includes John Schoenherr’s...

Seekers: Return to the Wild #6: The Longest Day

by Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter’s New York Times bestselling Seekers series comes to an epic conclusion in the sixth and final book in the Return to the Wild story arc! With its gripping blend of action and suspense, this animal...

The Dark Horse of Mankato Farm

by Stephanie Fox

Andrian Kieran was following in his equestrian father’s Olympic-size footsteps until a tragic accident kills his horse and shatters his confidence. 

When Andrian’s dad accepts a job as horse trainer at...

Lea Leads the Way

by Lisa Yee & Sarah Davis

Lea Clark is all set for an animal-discovery adventure! She's never been to a rainforest before, and her mind is filled with exciting thoughts about the animals she'll get to see and the pictures she'll get...

Lea Dives In

by Lisa Yee & Sarah Davis

Lea Clark is ten years old and ready to explore the whole world, just like her grandmother! But first she'll start with a family trip to Brazil, where her big brother, Zac, is studying the rainforest. Lea is...

Mrs. Precious and the Green, Ugly, Stick Bug!

by nafessa collins & isaiah p collins

Mrs. Precious lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After taking a walk in Cobbs Creek Park, she accidentally brings home an insect with her!  Although she is scared, she knows that she has to face her fears!...

Caesar the War Dog 5: Operation Black Shark

by Stephen Dando-Collins

Caesar the War Dog's most exciting and suspenseful adventure yet! When Sergeant Ben Fulton's family joins him on a cruise ship holiday, Ben, Josh, Maddie and Nan travel in luxury among the islands of the Caribbean...

Long Road to Freedom (Ranger in Time #3)

by Kate Messner & Kelley McMorris

Ranger is a time-traveling golden retriever with search-and-rescue training. In this adventure, he goes to a Maryland plantation during the days of American slavery, where he meets a young girl named Sarah....

Savanna Showdown (Race the Wild #4)

by Kristin Earhart

This amazing race is getting wild! When the teams take on the African savanna, the competition heats up, and Mari starts to feel the pressure. She's never been the strongest or the fastest racer. Sure, she knows...

Mama Loves

by Molly Goode & Lisa McCue

"Mama loves you, little kit,

and lifts you gently by the scruff.

Mama loves her pack of cubs

and scolds you when you play too rough."

Celebrate the love between mother and child in this gentle, rhymed rhapsody of...

Amy Is a Little Bit Chicken

by Callie Barkley & Tracy Bishop

Amy and her friends care for some chickens and prepare for the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl in the thirteenth book of The Critter Club series!

Amy has never liked being in the spotlight. When all of her friends decide...

Ellery Didn't Know That

by Gail J VanWart

Ellery Didn't Know That is a story about the adventures a young bear named Ellery has while in search of the Wild Blueberries that grow on Peaked Mountain Farm where he lives in Maine. Children gently learn...

Animal Farm: Fun Facts About Farm Animals: Farm Life Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Farm animals are friendly animals. They help mommy and daddy around the farm, and they make excellent friends too. Your child will learn to appreciate farm animals after reading this book from page to page....

World's Favorite Pets: Pets in Every Home: Pet Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

When your child wants a pet, the first thing you need to do is to introduce the concept properly. You can use this educational book to teach your child that having pets come with the responsibility of caring...

Monkey Kingdom: Gorillas To Chimpanzees: Monkey Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Don't let the game of "monkey see, monkey do" be your child's sole association to monkeys. Learning is much more complete when done with the use of this fun but highly educational book. Here, your child will...

Snakes Are Scary - That Say Gotcha: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids

by Baby Professor

Snakes may be scary, but they're extremely helpful to the environment too! Learn all about snakes and what they do through this beautiful picture book. This book will help increase awareness of the goodness...

Purrrfect Toys: Kids Love to Cuddle: Toys for Kids the Pets Book

by Baby Professor

Are you having difficulty finding the perfect toy for your little one? Then let him/her tell you what he/she wants through this wonderful picture book! Picture books give the child the opportunity to hone his/her...

Fossils And History : Paleontology for Kids (First Grade Science Workbook Series): Prehistoric Creatures Encyclopedia

by Baby Professor

What are fossils and what clues do they hold of the past? Teach your children the basics of paleontology in a fun and engaging manner. You want them to fall in love with the subject to encourage active learning....

Hug The Sky

by Ivan Levant & Daria Eder

The book teaches children the value of dreaming, patience and persistence, while cultivating in little readers love and knoweldge of nature. This encouraging story will bring a smile to your face and support...

The Crook and the Crown

by Debbie Dadey

Shelly Siren and her friends visit King Neptune’s royal castle and attend their first ball in this Mermaid Tales adventure.

Shelly, Echo, Kiki, and Pearl are spending their school vacation at Neptune’s castle!...