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Chomp the Chimpanzee

by Mary E Parkinson & Imani Dumas

Even though it is a beautiful sunny day, the children sit listless in front of the television with no energy. Then Chomp the Chimpanzee and his two friends, Orange and Green, show up to make an amazing dinner...

Orange Picks One Banana

by Mary E Parkinson & Imani P Dumas

Orange picks and eats fruit from lots of different trees but only takes one banana. Will she know how to share the one banana? Orange Picks One Banana promotes plant-based nutrition for children through effervescent...

Orange the Orangutan

by Mary E Parkinson & Imani P Dumas

When Orange invites her friends, Chomp and Green for lunch, she needs to go buy food. Orange shops for fruit at the grocery store. Will she find real fruit? Orange the Orangutan promotes plant-based nutrition...

Thimble Holiday havoc

by Jon Blake & Martin Chatterton

Jams lives with his mum, dad and his best friend and biggest headache, Thimble the monkey. (Don’t tell anyone what Thimble did with the superglue...) When Mum organises a house-swap holiday in France, what...

The Monkey Kingdom (Species of Monkeys) : 3rd Grade Science Series: Monkey Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Monkeys are fascinating creatures in the sense that they have several familiar characteristics. The theory of evolution even states that we evolved from them. Learning about monkeys will help a child better...

Monkey Kingdom: Gorillas To Chimpanzees: Monkey Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Don't let the game of "monkey see, monkey do" be your child's sole association to monkeys. Learning is much more complete when done with the use of this fun but highly educational book. Here, your child will...

Harry the Hippo Gets Hassled

by Lockie Douglas & Ramir Quintana

Harry The Hippo is about a Hippopotamus in the African safari who with the advice of his friends and mentors learns how to handle his bully.

Ralph the Robot Monkey

by Jeremy T Holliday

Ralph the Robot Monkey toils away in the big city but feels something is missing inside. He asks other animal robots if they feel the same but they cannot help him so Ralph goes on a journey of discovery and...

Max the Monkey

by Andrea Apted

Max the Monkey just will not listen to his Mother. Not listening gets him to trouble and he learns that perhaps lending an ear to his mother is a good idea after all. Learn from Max, as you read along, the importance...

More of Monkey & Robot

by Peter Catalanotto

Monkey and Robot are the best of friends—and they have the best of adventures! This chapter book includes four (more!) playful stories.

Monkey always gets in the wildest messes. And Robot is always there to...

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale

by David Seow & L. K. Tay-Audouard

This Chinese children's story is beautifully illustrated with traditional Chinese watercolor-inspired paintings.

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale is inspired by Chinese folktales and legends about Monkey,...

Kiki the Orangutan: The Big Banana Festival

by Arie Komalasari

This children's book will entertain kids while imparting an important message about rainforest conservation.

Kiki the Orangutan is the charming tale of a naughty but good-natured orangutan who simply cannot resist...

Monkey & Robot

by Peter Catalanotto

Meet best pals Monkey and Robot. “Good-humored silliness prevails” (Publishers Weekly) in this snappy collection of four stories!

Monkey and Robot are friends—the best kind. They simply belong together,...

Monkey Monkey

by Shirley Hall & Faye Ledger

If you love animals you will love Monkey Monkey! This is a cute rhyming book that will delight any child. Piggys in the mud and kittys on the rug but, where is monkey? Monkey finds all sorts of things to do,...

The One and Only Ivan: My Story

by Katherine Applegate & Patricia Castelao

Winner of the Newbery Medal and a #1 New York Times bestseller!

This stirring and unforgettable novel from renowned author Katherine Applegate celebrates the transformative power of unexpected friendships. Inspired...

My Chimp Friday

by Hester Mundis

Rachel can't imagine why Bucky Greene, a scientist friend of her father's who's developing genetically engineered bananas, would show up at their New York City apartment in the middle of the night to leave a...

The Last Notebook of Leonardo

by B.B. Wurge

Praise for Squiggle and Billy and the Birdfrogs:

"The characters are exceptional, weird, true to life, funny, scary, different, and definitely perk the story . . . an exceptional job. . . . Children will truly...

Dodger for Sale

Dodger and Me #3

by Jordan Sonnenblick

What would you do if your best friend was:

1. Still imaginary (and getting into trouble with other "imaginary" creatures, such as leprechauns. That's right, leprechauns!!)?

2. In danger of losing his home, and...


by B.B. Wurge

“What child hasn’t wondered what it would be like to magically transform into a favorite animal? Squiggle, another great read from Wurge, takes us on such an adventure and will encourage children to use...

Dodger for President

Dodger and Me #2

by Jordan Sonnenblick

In this second installment of Jordan Sonnenblick's Dodger and Me series, the humor runs high, the friendships run deep, and Dodger continues to run on French fries and good intentions.

What would you do if your...