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Hush, it´s Christmas!

by Karen Christine Angermayer & Annette Swoboda

Bruno is completely pleased with his dog ?s life. A big Friday bone is all he needs. Change is not necessary from his point of view. He dislikes change, especially the vacation days when his favorite butcher...

My Boston and Me: To The Park

by Amanda C Preston, Jessica M Gibson & Brian E Preston

This is the first in a series of children's books that follows the real life antics of a young girl named Anya and her lovable Boston Terrier named Jemma.  The book has been beautifully illustrated with full...

Rocket Hound: A Race for Freedom

by Erik Daniel Shein & Melissa Davis

Oaktree Farm is a sanctuary for animals that need new homes. From the billowy white sheep, all the way down to the tiny little chicks, Farmer Hubbard has a respect for all animal lives. Rocket, a greyhound and...

Meet Dash

by Jennifer L Jackson & Yeates Stephen

Dash protects and serves his family in their yellow house on Pine Street.  His nose knows what the Cook family doesn’t. When the “tick-tick-tick” threatens the Cook family, Dash takes matters into his...

Trudy Can Talk

by T. S. Koelling

Trudy was a tall and skinny dog called a Saluki. She was just an ordinary dog until something extraordinary happened to her and then she was no ordinary dog at all. Find out what changed Trudy and how you too...

Giving Paws

by Martha L. Thompson

Martha lives with chronic illness, but is determined to stay strong enough to continue working at the zoo, which she loves. When her symptoms worsen and she starts fainting, she gets a service dog for support....

The Bull-Mastiff as I Know it - With Hints for all who are Interested in the Breed - A Practical Scientific and Up-To-Date Guide to the Breeding, Rear

by Arthur Craven

This volume contains a detailed handbook on the Bull-Mastiff, a large-sized breed of domestic dog developed by 19th-century gamekeepers and descended from the English Mastiff and the extinct Old English Bulldog....

Police Dogs and their Training

by Reginald Arundel

This vintage handbook contains details and instructions on training police dogs. It includes historical information, general remarks, detailed instructions, and a series of exercises that can be used to aid...


by Pam Osbourne

Connections is a book for people whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (ADRD). A guide for health care professionals, Animal Assisted Therapy teams, family members, friends...

Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time

by Julianne Bien

– A wondrous tale of adversity and triumph –

During a warp in time caused by a triple eclipse, a puppy named Maximojo is separated from his mother. Drifting alone in another galaxy, he joins forces with a...

The Bloodhound and its use in Tracking Criminals

by E. Brough

This vintage book contains a fascinating treatise on the use of Bloodhounds as tracking animals in the police force. It provides a wealth of information on the breed in general, as well as hints, tips, and instructions...

The Master of Game - The Oldest English Book on Hunting

by Edward of York

First published in the early 15th century and reprinted with a foreword by American President and hunting fan Theodore Roosevelt. Considered the very first book in English on hunting. Full of information on...

A Farm for Maisie

by Jennifer Churchman & John Churchman

Meet adorable sheepdog Maisie in this follow-up to the picture book phenomenon The SheepOver!

When Maisie Grace the puppy arrives at Moonrise Farm, she's excited about her new home but overwhelmed by all the...

A Farm for Maisie

by Jennifer Churchman & John Churchman

Meet adorable sheepdog Maisie in this follow-up to the picture book phenomenon The SheepOver!

When Maisie Grace the puppy arrives at Moonrise Farm, she's excited about her new home but overwhelmed by all the...

A Pug Called Poppy

by Paul Nicholas Mason & Sara Berrino

One day Poppy the Pug meets Smudge the Maine Coon cat at the park, and so begins an extraordinary friendship and a series of adventures ranging from a disastrous coffee-and-play group to a terrible house fire....

Man's Friend, The Dog

by George B. Taylor

First Printed in 1891 and re-printed here, this is a classic treatise on maintaining the welfare of your dog. full of information in chapters as varied as, fitting your dog to the home, poor men's dogs here...

War, Police and Watch Dogs

by E. H. Richardson

First published in 1910, this vintage book explores the various uses of dogs in war, in the police force, and in the home. As much an exposition on what a dog can do as what a dog cannot do, this handbook offers...

Detective Nosegoode and the Kidnappers

by Marian Orłoń, Jerzy Flisak & Eliza Marciniak

The second in a series of irresistibly charming, beautifully illustrated children's classics - the adventures of Detective Nosegoode and his talking dog, Cody

Detective Nosegoode is very proud that his faithful...

Ziggy Catches a Cold

by Corinne Schmid, Andreea Togoe & Mary Schmid

Ziggy is a little Italian greyhound puppy dog, also known as an I.G or Iggy for short. Ziggy loves to run and play outside but when the cold weather comes, he makes a mistake and catches a bad cold. Luckily...

Great Catch, Sarafina!

by Carol A Bacon & Marvin Alonso

Sarafina is excited to be at the beach for the first time ever. She’s dressed and ready for fun as she sniffs the sea air, enjoying the sensation of the sand on her paws and the gentle breeze in her fur. ...