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Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang

by Victoria J. Coe

The lovable little dog with a GIANT personality is back—battling something that may be worse than squirrels! 

Life is pretty much a bag of treats when you're an endlessly energetic Jack Russell Terrier. For...

Dog Diaries #10: Rolf

by Kate Klimo & Tim Jessell

A dachshund loses a leg and finds his life's calling—as a therapy dog!


Scrappy dachshund Rolf von Noodle may be missing a hind leg, but he's got attitude and can-do spirit to spare! If anything, his tripod...

The Best Mistake Mystery: The Great Mistake Mysteries

by Sylvia McNicoll

Anxious Stephen Nobel has a habit of overanalyzing things. When the bomb squad searches his school and a car crashes into the building, Stephen can't leave it alone. But now his new friend Renée and his furry...

Puppy Pirates #5: Search for the Sea Monster

by Erin Soderberg

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail for fun and adventure on a pirate ship full of puppies.


It’s hide-and-seek . . . with a sea monster?! The puppy pirates are embarking on a quest to find a mysterious monster far out...

The Max Stories

by Julie Miller & Joe Eckstein

Max is a puppy who loves to run free, but trouble will follow like fish to the sea. Here is his story, and everything’s true. You’ll smile and laugh—all the way through!

Our story begins with a family...

Chico's Hope

by Julia King Donovan & Tatiana Minina

Chico is a disabled dog stuck in an animal shelter and waiting for his forever home. Will he find his forever family? Chico teaches us about never giving up hope for happiness and love.

Chico was in an animal...

Bulldogs and Bulldog Breeding (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by H. St. John Cooper

BULLDOGS AND BULLDOG BREEDING BY H. ST. JOHN COOPER A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in 1905, this extremely rare early work on the bulldog is almost impossible to find in its first...

The Curly Coated Retriever - A Complete Anthology of the Dog -

by Various

The Curly Coated Retriever - A Complete Anthology of the Dog gathers together all the best early writing on the breed from our library of scarce, out-of-print antiquarian books and documents and reprints it...

Retrievers And Retrieving - with Notes On Field Trials (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic - Labrador / Flat-Coated Retriever)

by Major W.G. Eley

RETRIEVERS AND RETRIEVING With Notes on Field Trials By Major W.G. Eley A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in London 1905, and then revised and updated in 1913, this rare early work was...

The Red Setter: revised edition

by Steve Plant & Jimmy Freeman

Good news for Dog re-homing Charities. After all costs have been deducted,  Copyright holders, Steve Plant and Dana Freeman have agreed to donate the royalties from this edition of The Red Setter to dog re-homing...

Finding KatieDid: Tales From The Woof Pack

by K. Beth Goodhart & Nnanna O. Akwu

KatieDid was homeless, alone, injured and ignored by the people around her.  Just when she gave up hope, her luck changed.  Meet KatieDid, who will introduce you to the rest of the Woof Pack in later installments,...

The Dog Guardian: Your Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog

by Nigel Reed

Struggling to solve your dog’s behavioural problems? Looking to achieve the perfect relationship with your dog? 


Traditional methods to overcome a dog’s undesirable behaviour typically involve tiring...

Dog Stories

by Various Authors

Twelve barktastic dog stories for children!

Featuring stories from bestselling Australian children's authors this collection will make dog-lovers of any age smile. Funny, touching, cute, fantastical, weird,...

Piper Morgan to the Rescue

by Stephanie Faris & Lucy Fleming

Piper helps some four-legged friends find the perfect home in the third book of the brand-new Piper Morgan series.

Piper is super excited to help out at Bark Street, a local animal shelter in town. Who wouldn’t...

The Adventures of Big Sil Phoenix, AZ: Children's Book

by A.J. Bennett, Drew Lewis & Patrick Driscoll

Imagine, discover and explore amazing places around the U.S., in this children’s book series led by the loveable dog, Big Sil. The story is told through a unique combination of illustration and photography...

Pugly On Ice

by Pamela Butchart & Gemma Correll

Pugly has NEW ice skates and a new SPARKLY outfit, and he is READY to win PETS ON ICE! But someone wants the gold medal very badly and they will stop at nothing to get it. Can Pugly pirouette on to the podium,...

We Love Grandma: A "Tail" of Unconditional Love.

by Brandi Russell, Kyler Russell & Elle Russell

We Love Grandma

By Brandi, Elle and Kyler Russell

10 ISBN:  0-9915386-6-8

13 ISBN: 978-0-9915386-6-9

Grandma covers our cheeks with slobbery smooches, takes us for walks, and sometimes pees on the floor!  But,...

The Dog, Ray

by Linda Coggin

When my death came it was swift. Swift as a running horse. It wasted no time. Daisy, age twelve, has died in a car accident. She finds herself in the afterworld, which resembles nothing more than a job center....

Secret Service Dogs: The Heroes Who Protect the President of the United States

by Maria Goodavage & Clint Hill

In an age fraught with terrorism, United States Secret Service canine teams risk their lives to safeguard the president, vice president, their families, visiting heads of state, and a host of others. Unprecedented...

Super Special: Two Tales, One Dog

by Nancy Krulik & Sebastien Braun

Sparky kabooms into TWO adventures in this 2-in-1 Magic Bone Super Special!

One bite of his bone lands Sparky in Tanzania, where he meets a pack of African wild dogs. But when a pack member runs away, it's up...