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Carnival in a Fix

by Philip Reeve & Sarah Mcintyre

Journey to an amusement park on a moon!


Funfair Moon, the outer space amusement park where Emily lives, has the highest roller coasters, the most dizzying Tilt-A-Whirls, and the scariest ghost train in the...

Flower Girl Dreams

by Debbie Dadey & Tatevik Avakyan

Underwater wedding bells are ringing as Mr. Fangtooth gets ready to marry his sweetheart in this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure.

Pearl can’t believe that grumpy cafeteria worker Mr. Fangtooth is marrying...

The Mermaid Girl

by Xequina

A series of big storms flood the sea town where Camila lives and she finds a tiny, newborn mermaid in a puddle of water. Camila adopts her and names her Mermary. She tells no one, especially her mother, a marine...

Tooth or Dare

by Davy Ocean & Aaron Blecha

Harry Hammer competes tooth-for-tooth with his rival Rick Reef in hopes of winning a fin-tastic amusement park prize in this seventh Shark School (mis)adventure.

Everyone in Harry Hammer’s class at school is...

The Falcon Chronicles: Shark Seas

by Steve Backshall

Saker and Sinter continue their quest to save the world's endangered animals in the fourth thrilling adventure in TV presenter Steve Backshall's Falcon Chronicles, this time swimming in shark seas. . .


Chasing at the Surface: A Novel

by Sharon Mentyka

A twelve-year-old girl struggles to deal with the heartbreak of her mother moving away and the frenzy surrounding a pod of orca whales that become trapped in an inlet near her Northwest home.

Does A Fiddler Crab Fiddle?

by Corinne Demas, Artemis Roehrig & John Sandford

Does A Fiddler Crab Fiddle? No! But fiddler crabs sure do some amazing things!

Starting with silly questions like the title, and moving on through increasingly-unlikely questions such as “do fiddler crabs ride...

Books vs. Looks

by Debbie Dadey & Tatevik Avakyan

Kiki wants to start a book club, but Pearl tries to steal the spotlight with a rival fashion club in this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure.

Kiki misses her brother, Yuta, who lives on the other side of the ocean....

Oliver and the Sea Monkeys

by Philip Reeve & Sarah Mcintyre

Get ready for mischievous monkeys! Moving islands! And a splashy adventure with illustrations on almost every page.


When Oliver’s explorer parents go missing, he sets sail to find them with some new friends....

Twist and Shout

by Debbie Dadey & Tatevik Avakyan

In this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure, Echo hurts her tail when she falls off of a sea horse—right before the big Tail Flippers competition! Will she still be able to flip her way to a trophy?

Echo loves...

Jonny Plumb and The Silver Spaceship: The Adventures of Jonny Plumb

by Kim Wheeler

The Adventures of Jonny Plumb Series

About Book 2

Climb aboard with Jonny and his friends as they travel across the universe in the Silver Flying Arrow Space Ship, which can travel at twice - yes, twice - the...

Jonny Plumb and the Battle to Save Earth: The Adventures of Jonny Plumb

by Kim Wheeler

Jonny Plumb and the Battle for Earth is the fourth in the series Jonny finds himself fighting to save all the good peoples and Planet Earth from the evil clutches of the Devils only daughter Deadsheda and her...

Pugs of the Frozen North

by Philip Reeve & Sarah Mcintyre

With a little luck and a pack of pugs, anything is paws-ible!


When True Winter comes, it’s time for the Great Northern Race! The best sled teams in the world must reach a mysterious man called the Snowfather....

Manatee Rescue

by Nicola Davies & Annabel Wright

Manuela had imagined that killing a manatee would be like killing a very big fish, just more exciting. But when her father successfully harpoons one, leaving its baby orphaned, she finds that her feelings have...

Lea Dives In

by Lisa Yee & Sarah Davis

Lea Clark is ten years old and ready to explore the whole world, just like her grandmother! But first she'll start with a family trip to Brazil, where her big brother, Zac, is studying the rainforest. Lea is...

The Crook and the Crown

by Debbie Dadey & Tatevik Avakyan

Shelly Siren and her friends visit King Neptune’s royal castle and attend their first ball in this Mermaid Tales adventure.

Shelly, Echo, Kiki, and Pearl are spending their school vacation at Neptune’s castle!...

Ocean Adventures WIth Jax

by Pamela Jackson & Bonnie Bright

Dive into an ocean adventure with Jax!

Jax is a young bottlenose dolphin, excited to introduce children to the ocean’s fascinating, underwater world. As humans, it can be hard for us to understand marine life,...

President Squid

by Aaron Reynolds & Sara Varon

Join Aaron Reynolds and Sara Varon as they explore the ideal qualities of leaders, diplomats...and giant squid. Squid knows all about being president. It means living in a big house, doing all the talking—oh,...

Loku and the Shark Attack

by Deborah Carlyon

Loku and the Shark Attack is an adventure story with a beautiful difference - it has a soul. The story is about a young village boy, Loku, who undertakes some serious risks to prove to his twin bother that he...

Splash Dance

by Davy Ocean & Aaron Blecha

Harry Hammer enters a school dance contest in hopes of winning a fin-tastic prize in this sixth Shark School (mis)adventure.

Everyone in Shark Point is talking about the end-of-the-year school party. There’s...