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The Deadly Secret

by Ann Frewer

Why has an eccentric old scientist been acting even more strangely than usual?

Who owns the yellow van that mysteriously appears everywhere?

Will Baninjano be saved from certain peril?

This is a tale of growing...

The Pet-Sitting Peril

by Willo Davis Roberts

Pet-sitter Nick finds himself up to his ears in dogs, cats, and danger in this thrilling mystery from three-time Edgar Award–winning author Willo Davis Roberts.

Nick is excited to earn money by pet-sitting...

Live and Let Swim: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

by Mo O'Hara & Marek Jagucki

Frankie was a completely normal pet goldfish . . . until Tom's evil-scientist big brother tried to murder him with toxic gunge! Luckily Tom and his best friend shocked Frankie back to life with a battery, and...

Being A Good Friend

by Miselle Goffman, Paul Yanque & Margaret Wright

One day, while spending time in her garden, Bruna discovers a baby bird that has fallen from its nest. The mother bird is nowhere to be found. Bruna saves the helpless little bird and names her Luna. Bruna will...

Hour of the Doomed Dog #8

by Sam Hay & Simon Cooper

Animals, zombies, curses, mysteries, and a whole lot of laughs, this fun illustrated chapter book series has all the right ingredients to make it perfect for all young readers, alive or undead.


Kim's Adventure Travels - Book 2: Rumble in Rajasthan!

by Peter Stephenson

During school holidays, the Cook family travel to India, led by Kim their fearless Jack Russell Terrier.

Places explored include: Hong Kong (on the way), Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mandawa, Fatehpur, Sikar, Bikaner,...

Dunder and Munster in The Rescue

by Monique Pham-Louie & Byron Louie

A story about Dunder the German Shepherd and the day his parents brought home Munster from the animal shelter - changing both of their lives forever. A heartfelt tale that shares the message of hope, appreciation,...

Class Pet Squad

by Dan Yaccarino

Every school needs a little help now and then, especially PS 1000.

Sure, just like your school, PS 1000 has teachers, a principal, and a maintenance crew, who all keep everything running smoothly, but they don't...

Cody Harmon, King of Pets

by Claudia Mills & Rob Shepperson

Cody Harmon doesn't love reading, math, spelling, or really any of the subjects that Miss Molina teaches in her third-grade class. But he lives on a farm and he loves animals--he even has nine pets--so when...

Walker Hound of Park Avenue

by Deanna K. Klingle & Pandu Lintang

Walker languishes in an animal shelter in the mountains, waiting for his family to come for him. When seven year-old twins from the city arrive on vacation, Walker's life turns around. The story of this Walker...

Kim's Adventure Travels Book 1 - Punch-Up in the Punjab!

by Peter Stephenson

During school holidays, the Cook family, led by Kim their fearless Jack Russell Terrier, travel the length of Pakistan, initially on holiday. However, they are soon embroiled in tracking down thieves who have...


by Susan Hughes

Meet Bailey, a playful yellow lab puppy!

It's a new school year and things haven't been great for Kat so far. She's being teased, and her best friend Maya is in a different class. But things start to look up...

Grover Finds a Home

by Claire Garth & Johannes Leak

A new early-chapter-book adventure series about a cheeky but brave rescue dog called Grover McBane.

Grover is a brave dog, but right now he's scared. He's cold, wet and hungry and he doesn't know where the...

Any Fin Is Possible: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

by Mo O'Hara & Marek Jagucki

When Tom rescued Frankie the goldfish from his older brother's evil science experiment by zapping him back to life with a battery, he never expected his pet to become a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with incredible...

My Dog's a Chicken

by Susan Mcelroy Montanari & Anne Wilsdorf

Lula Mae wants a puppy, but times are hard and she’ll just have to make do. Her family has plenty of chickens, so she decides maybe a chicken can be a dog.


Pookie, as Lula Mae names her, is an ordinary...

Boy and Poi Poi Puppy in Doggone!

by Linda Boyden

Rushing to catch the school bus, Boy forgets to lock the gate. Poi Poi Puppy sets off to find his boy. Unfortunately he doesn't find Boy, but trouble finds him instead. New friendships are formed, as a bully...

Anna, Banana, and the Puppy Parade

by Anica Mrose Rissi & Meg Park

Anna enters her beloved dog Banana in a contest in the fourth book of a charming illustrated chapter book series about the joys and challenges of elementary school friendships.

Anna can’t wait for the Puppy...

Rudy's New Human

by Roxanna Elden & Ginger Seehafer

Life was good for Rudy the dog—until the new baby arrived . . .

Rudy loves being top dog in his family of three. When Rudy’s human parents tell him that they are having a baby, Rudy thinks the newest member...

Littlest Pet Shop: Art from the Heart: Starring Minka Mark

by Ellie O'Ryan

When the Endangered Animal Fun contacts Blythe to design a fashion line, she wants it to be extra special. After all, the proceeds are going to a very worthy cause! So Blythe asks Minka to paint the patterns...

Purrrfect Toys: Kids Love to Cuddle: Toys for Kids the Pets Book

by Baby Professor

Are you having difficulty finding the perfect toy for your little one? Then let him/her tell you what he/she wants through this wonderful picture book! Picture books give the child the opportunity to hone his/her...