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International Arbitration in the Energy Sector

by Maxi Scherer

Disputes in the energy and natural resources sector are at the heart of international arbitration. With more arbitrations arising in the international energy sector than in any other sector, it is not surprising...

Set-Off Law and Practice

by William Johnston, Thomas Werlen & Frederick Link

The third edition of this invaluable guide covers the application and practice of the law of set-off in over 30 jurisdictions spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas. Written by leading experts from around the...

Ending Africa's Energy Deficit and the Law

by Yinka Omorogbe & Ada Ordor

With the inclusion of access to energy in the sustainable development goals, the role of energy to human existence was finally recognized. Yet, in Africa, this achievement is far from realized. Omorogbe and...

Just One Word

by Bama & Malini Seshadri

What are the stages in the life of a butterfly? If you trap a caterpillar in a box, will it blossom into a butterfly? When discrimination and violence are hidden lessons in our schools, can we hope to make a...

The Right to Life in Armed Conflict

by Ian Park

Disagreement reigns amongst academics, practitioners, and politicians, as to whether human rights have a place in armed conflicts, especially in extra-territorial operations, with many fearing that an application...

The Donkey in Human History

by Peter Mitchell

Donkeys carried Christ into Jerusalem while in Greek myth they transported Hephaistos up to Mount Olympos and Dionysos into battle against the Giants. They were probably the first animals that people ever rode,...

The IMF and the Politics of Austerity in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis

by Ben Clift

This book explores the IMF's role within the politics of austerity by providing a path-breaking comprehensive analysis of how the IMF approach to fiscal policy has evolved since 2008, and how the IMF worked...

Applied Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction

by Alain Goriely

Mathematics is playing an increasing important role in society and the sciences, enhancing our ability to use models and handle data. While pure mathematics is mostly interested in abstract structures, applied...

Consent and Control in the Authoritarian Workplace

by Martin Krzywdzinski

Today, a large proportion of the world's states are under authoritarian governments. These countries limit participation rights, both in the political sphere and in the workplace. At the same time, they have...

Process Theory

by Matthias Holweg, Jane Davies, Arnoud De Meyer & Benn Lawson et al.

The motivation for this book came out of a shared belief that what passed as 'theory' in operations management (OM) was all too often inadequate. In one respect, OM scholars were bending over backwards to make...

Reading Republican Oratory

by Christa Gray, Andrea Balbo, Richard M. A. Marshall & Catherine E. W. Steel

Public speech was a key aspect of politics in Republican Rome, both in theory and in practice, and recent decades have seen a surge in scholarly discussion of its significance and performance. Yet the partial...

Dryden and Enthusiasm

by John West

In Dryden's writing, enthusiasm is a source of literary authority. It signals divinely inspired literary creativity. It is central to Dryden's theoretical defences of the relationship between literature and...

Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction

by Tim Bayne

What is the philosophy of religion? How can we distinguish it from theology on the one hand and the psychology/sociology of religious belief on the other? What does it mean to describe God as 'eternal'? And...

Organized Crime: A Very Short Introduction

by Georgios A Antonopoulos & Georgios Papanicolaou

For many people around the world, instances of what is described as organized crime may be part of their everyday experience; in their neighbourhoods, their streets, and the places they work and live. Policymakers,...

The Hellenistic Age: A Very Short Introduction

by Peter Thonemann

The three centuries which followed the conquests of Alexander are perhaps the most thrilling of all periods of ancient history. This was an age of cultural globalization: in the third century BC, a single language...

Veterinary Science: A Very Short Introduction

by James Yeates

Every year billions of animals, from housecats to racehorses to pythons, are treated by veterinarians. The use of veterinary science to treat the health of animals has a long history; for the past five centuries...

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

by Francesco Pagnini & Zachary Simmons

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder with a progressive and fatal course, with no known medical therapies that can reverse the disease or halt its progression. Palliative...

Probabilistic Knowledge

by Sarah Moss

Traditional philosophical discussions of knowledge have focused on the epistemic status of full beliefs. Sarah Moss argues that in addition to full beliefs, credences can constitute knowledge. For instance,...

Brentano's Philosophical System

by Uriah Kriegel

Uriah Kriegel presents a rich exploration of the philosophy of the great nineteenth-century thinker Franz Brentano. He locates Brentano at the crossroads where the Anglo-American and continental European philosophical...

Knowledge, Belief, and God

by Matthew A. Benton, John Hawthorne & Dani Rabinowitz

Recent decades have seen a fertile period of theorizing within mainstream epistemology which has had a dramatic impact on how epistemology is done. Investigations into contextualist and pragmatic dimensions...