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Phase One: Marvel's The Avengers

by Alex Irvine

Gathered together by S.H.I.E.L.D, Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye must protect the world from ultimate destruction.

Join the action as these Super Heroes battle...

Henratty Mortimer - We Were Only Strawberry Picking

by Henrietta Defreitas

This is the third book in the Henratty Mortimer series. Find out what happens to Henratty and her meerkat friends on an innocent day out strawberry picking! Find out how the meerkats end up deep underground,...

Henratty Mortimer - Skylark

by Henrietta Defreitas

This is the ultimate battle between the meerkat superheroes, the MightyKats and the bird-like creatures, the Larkans from Skylark. Who will find that precious stone, The Cluster. What does this have to do with...

Rhysmith #2

by Anthony Andora & Lincy Chan

Clumsy high school student Elena tumbled down a flight of stairs...into the action-packed world of Rhysmith! Now she's on the team -- to her surprise -- and competing alongside the very best. But as her team...

Shutterbox #4

by Rikki Simons & Tavisha

Now that Megan has merged with the goddess, Laahli, the Muse to the Muse, Megan discovers that she can teleport to any place within Merridiah she desires, and she and Adrien have spent many months alone together...

Shutterbox #3

by Rikki Simons & Tavisha

In order to face and capture the terrible Banshee lurking inside Lewis Carroll's urn, Thomas helps Megan enter yet another realm in the afterlife of Merridiah. What the two aren't prepared for is the release...

Shutterbox #2

by Rikki Simons & Tavisha

Megan awakens from a dream to find that she is back in Merridiah University, and now attending school in this afterlife as a full time exchange student. It is December 25th and she is told that she will remain...

Shutterbox #1

by Rikki Simons & Tavisha

When Megan Amano dreams, she travels to a place called Meridian University. Traditionally, spirits travel to the University to be educated before they are reborn into the world of the living. Megan, however,...

Project DOA #1

by Jeffrey Nodelman & Wagner Fukuhara

Meet Dr. Dylan Oliver, a young science phenom who makes the incredible seem like child's play. When a horrible lab accident causes him to question everything he thought he knew, Dylan and his team will embark...

Snow #1

by Morgan Luthi

Love! Destruction! Space pirates! Deep dark secrets! And really, really big robots! The Warmongers are the most feared force in the galaxy. And rightfully so. They are gigantic and imposing, and terror is always...

Idiotz #1

by Gary Greenfield & Jason Waltrip

Harold Melman wanted nothing more than to break a long-standing family curse and successfully serve his country in the armed forces. Unfortunately, his clumsiness and lack of wit prevent any branch from taking...

Bombos vs. Everything #1

by Andrew Helms & Maximo V. Lorenzo

To get to the most awesome city of Bokonon, a select few prospects must survive an epic showdown with the mysterious Qualifiers. So here's Bombos, paperboy extraordinaire. More than anything, he wants to get...

Dark Moon Diary #2

by Che Gilson & Brett Uher

The sun always rises, even in Nachtwald, and for Priscilla it's a brand new day full of promise. Baseball tryouts are going as well as could be hoped. There's edible food to be found, and a bewitching, broomstick-riding...

9 Lives #1

by Bayou & Rachel Manija Brown

Alien refugees have come to Earth. They call themselves 9-Lives. Humans call them cat-boys, and force them to live as collared pets. Conri, a rebellious young 9-Life, ran away to escape this fate. But when a...

Rhysmith #1

by Anthony Andora & Lincy Chan

Welcome to America's newest and most popular sport: Rhysmith! Featuring one-on-one dance battles atop a hi-tech glass court grid, when the music hits, you and your opponent dance across a digital minefield for...

Steady Beat #2

by Rivkah

This next volume of Steady Beat finds old enemies who are made into friends... and friends turn on friends and loved ones. And the eternal question is raised: Can people truly accept one another for the quality...

Steady Beat #1

by Rivkah

"Love Jessica" - That's what Leah finds on the back of a love letter to her sister - but who is this Jessica? When more letters, flowers and gifts start popping up, Leah goes undercover to discover her sister's...

Zapt #2

by Shannon Eric Denton & Keith Giffen

Since being inducted into the ranks of P.O.O.P (Pan-galactic Order Of Police), 12-year-old Armand Jones has had more trouble keeping out of detention at school than he has with capturing alien outlaws. But now,...

Zapt #1

by Shannon Eric Denton & Keith Giffen

Meet Armand Jones, a typical boy from small town U.S.A. Doesn't like his teachers. Doesn't like homework. Can't stand the bullies constantly harassing him on the bus every day. But what he really won't like...

eV #1

by James Farr & Roger Mincheff

Twenty minutes from now, visitors from a far-off world will fall into Earth's orbit and issue a most unexpected request...these "Emissaries" invite a single human being to be selected as a representative for...