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Tick & Tock: Telling Time Book for Kids | Baby & Toddler Time Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Telling time can be a piece of cake, even for young learners. It is a combination of number recognition and counting, too! So if your child knows these concepts, he/she will be good to go. The purpose of this...

Day and Night the Hands Go Around The Clock! Telling Time for Kids - Baby & Toddler Time Books

by Baby Professor

It’s daytime, it’s nighttime! Can you tell me what time it is now? Telling time is an important concept that a child will begin to understand after introduction to skip counting. It will introduce a child...

I Learn the Numbers! I Can Tell Time! Counting and Telling Time for Kids - Baby & Toddler Time Books

by Baby Professor

Counting and telling time go well together. When a child can count, then the next big step to make is to tell time. Telling time also involves the ability to skip count, more particularly by 5s. But the purpose...

Its Baby Time! - Telling Time Kindergarten : Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

At kindergarten, kids are already introduced to the concept of time. But how do you explain it in terms of mathematics? You have to use the power of examples, of course! Luckily, you have this workbook to serve...

What Does the Clock Say? | A Telling Time Book for Kids

by Baby Professor

Why should your little one learn to tell time? At this age, kids would start requesting to wear watches. But other than a trendy style, telling time is also a culmination of your child’s skip counting, number...

Invisible Magic Wand®

by Rafael Jacimin & Van der Saim

This year, when Grandpa puts Caspian’s special Unbirthday box under his bed, it’s empty.

Grandpa insists that he has given Caspian an Invisible Magic Wand® Caspian has to name it before it will work.


Stealing Time: A Jonah Wiley Adventure

by Anne Dublin

Jonah Wiley is having a hard enough time adjusting to his parents' divorce, and when his mom goes to a conference - leaving him with his dad and stepmother - it only makes things worse. Now thanks to a strange...

Seven Days of Daisy

by Jamie Hogan

Anyone with small children knows how hard it can be for them to wait for something. This charming and vibrant book marks a little girl,s island moments that add up to much more than a week. It captures the fun...

A Weird Week

by Gwen Petreman

Read the first page of this bookthen stop! Let your imagination soar. Go on a wild and enchanted journey. Talk! Draw! Write! Then, turn the page. Keep doing the same thing until you come to the last page. In...