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Twist My Charm: Love Potion #11

by Toni Gallagher

Middle school crushes are WAY more complicated when you have a love potion.


Everyone knows love potions don’t really work. But Cleo got one as a gift. And it would be crazy not to at least try it . . ....

Enny Penny's Easter Wish

by Erin Hartung & Ishan Trivedi

Enny Penny is a little girl…with big wishes! This Easter she wishes to find the Golden Egg but the Easter Bunny is too busy to help. To make matters worse–she has to wear a chicken costume to the Easter...

Enny Penny's Loose Tooth

by Erin Hartung & Ishan Trivedi

Enny Penny is a little girl…..with big wishes. She wishes that her loose tooth would fall out! Follow her to meet the Tooth Fairy as she tries to solve her loose tooth problem. However, things go drastically...

Puss in Boots #2

by Max Davison & Chris Cooper

The Furball of Fortune Returns!

In "Damage Control" after a drag-out brawl with local bandit El Moco, Puss is tasked with cleaning up San Lorenzo, but something smells fishy and it's not just the knocked-over...

My Grandpa Is a Dinosaur

by Richard Fairgray & Terry Jones

This little girl has been watching her grandpa for a very long time, and she is almost absolutely certain that he is a dinosaur. So why is it that nobody believes her? Why can’t anyone else see what she sees?...

Ribblestrop Forever!

by Andy Mulligan

Head back to Ribblestrop for the final term—or is it?—in this hilarious conclusion to the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize–winning trilogy, which has the “crazy school appeal of Hogwarts and the grim...

100 Days of Cake

by Shari Goldhagen

Get well soon isn’t going to cut it in this quirky and poignant debut novel about a girl, her depression, an aggressive amount of baked goods, and the struggle to simply stay afloat in an unpredictable, bittersweet...

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Haywire Hovercraft

by Luke Sharpe & Graham Ross

Billy Sure, inventor and CEO of Sure Things, Inc., must track down a haywire hovercraft that’s gone missing with his sister on board in the seventh book of a hilarious middle grade series!

Everyone is talking...

Going Home: The Oak and the Cliff: the Untold Stories, Book Two

by Gary L Henderson & Linée| Baird

There’s a lot going on. Sandy has never seen his family’s ancient home, but sets out to find it --- a mole, wandering the wide world.  Jeremiah, itinerant sailor, decides to help, and the adventure begins....

Knight To The Rescue: A story from the StoryBox series

by Elsa Devernois & Yves Calarnou

Bigheart the knight is watching TV one evening when the newspaper says Princess Hawthorn has been kidnapped by a witch. Bigheart falls in love and decides to go to the rescue.

This fairy tale with a twist will...

Penguins of Madagascar #3

by Cavan Scott & Lucas Ferreyra

The North Wind (the super-spy animal organization) have gone missing and it's up to the Penguins to find them. But will their search bring danger into the Penguins' lives?

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island

by Dana Alison Levy

Love the TV show Modern Family? Wait until you meet the family Fletcher! With two dads, four adopted brothers, two cats, and one pug, the Fletchers will have you laughing out loud! 


Welcome to Rock Island,...

Camp Rolling Hills: Book One

by Stacy Davidowitz

A hilarious and heartfelt series about the particular magic of summer camp-a place where reinvention is possible and friends are like family-from a sparkling debut talent. Finally, it's summer! Stephanie-aka...

Camp Rolling Hills: Book Two: Crossing Over

by Stacy Davidowitz

A hilarious and heartfelt series about the particular magic of summer camp-a place where reinvention is possible and friends are like family-from a sparkling debut talent. There's only one thing Melman loves...

Shaun the Sheep: Pranks a Lot!

by Martin Howard & Andy Janes

Why does Bitzer the sheepdog suddenly have a mustache? What could turn Shaun the Sheep bright pink? A series of pranks punctuated by a paranoid truce pits Shaun and Bitzer against each other in an increasingly...

Captain Pug

by Laura James

Pug is going on a seafaring adventure. He's had jam tarts for breakfast. He's wearing a smart sailor suit. There's just one problem. Pug is afraid of the water!

Captain Pug is the first book in a glorious new...

The Dino Files #2: Too Big to Hide

by Stacy Mcanulty & Mike Boldt

How do you hide a pet dinosaur?


Taking care of a baby dinosaur is hard work. And it’s even harder when you can’t tell anyone about him! Frank and Sam are good at feeding, cleaning, and walking Peanut....

My Amazing Dad

by Ezekiel Kwaymullina & Tom Jellett

This dad is not like other dads. He is not good at:

Mowing the lawn,

Getting his children to school on time,

Baking cakes,

Fixing a leaky faucet, or

Remembering bed time

But, he is good at:

Making mazes,

Getting his...

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

by Monica Sweeney & Feronia Parker-Thomas

The Sun and the Clouds are best friends. Together they keep the world warm, the gardens growing, and the sky full of beautiful rainbows. But one day they get into a fight and refuse to be in the sky together....

A Totally Awkward Love Story

by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

Broad City meets Judy Blume in this "laugh-out-loud" (Bustle.com) true-to-teen romance about missed connections and pesky virginities that just don't want to get lost, written by former high school sweethearts....