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TIIVISTELMA - Viking and Norse Myth & Legend

by Anon E. Mouse & Compiled By John Halsted & Paul McDaid

This book contains 33 Viking and Norse stories, sagas, poems, lays and prayers compiled from a variety of sources. It was always intended to be a compact volume of Viking and Norse Myths, Legends, Tales, Sagas...

JEWISH FAIRY TALES and LEGENDS - 27 folk and fairy tales from the Talmud

by Aunt Naomi

Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends tells of the boyish exploits of Abraham, Moses, and David, but also includes stories of higgledy-piggledy palaces, beggar kings, quarreling cats and dogs, water babes, bogey-men,...

UNCLE WIGGILY'S SQUIRT GUN and other Adventures

by Howard R. Garis

UNCLE WIGGILY’S SQUIRT GUN is the 25th Uncle Wiggily picture book and contains 3 stories with 29 colour illustrations. The stories in this volume are UNCLE WIGGILY’S SQUIRT GUN or JACK FROST ICICLE MAKER,...

The Silver Curlew

by Eleanor Farjeon

The Silver Curlew is one of Eleanor Farjeon's finest works, an intriguing re-telling of the classic story Rumpelstiltskin. Mother Codling lives with her children in a small, Norfolk windmill. One day, the Codlngs...

THE CHISTMAS ANGEL - A Christmas story with a moral

by Abbie Farwell Brown

What would a child do if they found their childhood toys lying in the street? Act selfishly? Miss Terry had tossed each toy one by one to the snowy sidewalk in front of her house. But her heart is moved when...

Bulfinch's Mythology

by Thomas Bulfinch

First published in the 1850s and later updated, Bulfinch's Mythology has since introduced generations of readers to the great myths of Greece and Rome, as well as time-honored legends of Norse mythology, medieval...

SEVEN o Clock STORIES - 20 children's stories of everyday farm life

by Robert Gordon Anderson

Herein are 20 illustrated stories by Robert Gordon Anderson with 20 full-page colour  illustrations by Dorothy Hope Smith. Each of the 20 stories is presented in the form of a bedtime story – ideal for reading...

KISINGTON TOWN - A Children's Adventure Story

by Abbie Farwell Brown

Once upon a time there was a peaceful Kingdom which you will hardly find upon the map. In one corner of the Kingdom by the sea was the pretty little Town of Kisington, where a great many strange things had happened...


by Howard R. Garis

Garis certainly knows how to hold the attention of the young! In this volume, our beloved rabbit gentleman, Uncle Wiggly, helps out Mother Goose and her nursery rhyme characters and each time he does, it turns...

THE NEW-YEAR'S BARGAIN - A Children's Fantasy Story (Illustrated)

by Susan Coolidge & Illustrated by Addie Ledyard

The “New Year’s Bargain” by Susan Coolidge is a lovely children's story with charming illustrations throughout by Addie Ledyard, first published in 1871 and again in  1884.

The story takes place in the...

SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIG and his adventures outside his pen

by Richard Barnum & Illustrated By Harriet H. Tooker

In this charming book, learn how Squinty came by his unusual name and also learn about Squinty and his family and where Squinty and his brothers and sisters grew up.

As you can guess, Squinty is no ordinary pig....

DIDO THE DANCING BEAR - a Children's Animal Story

by Richard Barnum

In the woods, on top of a mountain, in a far-off country there once lived a family of nice bears. The author calls them nice bears, for they were. Of course they had long claws, and sharp teeth, but they never...

SIX GIANTS AND A GRIFFIN - six charming and whimsical stories for children

by Birdsall Otis Edey & Illustrated By Beatrice Baxter Ruyl

This delightful collection of fairy tales contains six fanciful and whimsical stories for young ones to enjoy. They are:

Six Giants and a Griffin,

Gertrude's Visit to the Moon

Jane and the Bears

Sapphira and the...


by Anon E. Mouse

ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 468

In this 468th issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates the children’s story of "How Freckle Frog Made Herself Pretty" a children's story about vanity....

THE FLOWER PRINCESS - Four Short Fantasy Stories for Children

by Abbie Farwell Brown

A collection of four short fantasy stories, including: The Flower Princess, The Little Friend, The Mermaid's Child and The Ten Blowers.

There is a beautiful Princess named Fleurette, who loves flowers. She lives...

THE LITTLE GREEN GOBLIN - a Goblin takes a boy on the adventure of a lifetime

by J B Naylor

Little Bob Taylor was mad, discouraged, and thoroughly miserable. Things had gone wrong—as things have the habit of doing with mischievous, fun-loving boys of ten—and he was disgruntled and disgusted. One...

Odd Gods: The Oddyssey

by David Slavin & Adam J.B. Lane

Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Percy Jackson in Odd Gods, the critically acclaimed and hilarious illustrated series about the middle school gods you never hear about in myths. In book two, Oddonis must embark...

OG SON OF FIRE - the Pre-historic adventures of Og

by Irving Crump

This is a classic story of early mankind. Og is a boy living in prehistory at a time when fire is just starting to be used. This is a time when the battle with carnivorous beasts occurred on a daily basis and...

THIS WAY TO CHRISTMAS - Stories for when you're snowed in at Christmas

by Ruth Sawyer

During WWI, one Christmas, a young boy finds himself stranded in a snowed-in hill community in upstate New York, and finds himself experiencing a Christmas he is not accustomed to. He meets a "locked-out fairy"...

RAGO and GONI - The Tree-Dweller Children

by Belle Wiley

Rago and Goni were brother and sister. They lived a long time ago in a country far, far away. They lived among the tall trees on the wooded hill near the river with their mother and baby sister.

Rago and Goni...