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You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen

by Carole Boston Weatherford & Jeffery Boston Weatherford

Award-winning author Carole Boston Weatherford’s innovative history in verse celebrates the story of the Tuskegee Airmen: pioneering African-American pilots who triumphed in the skies and past the color barrier....

Traitor Angels

by Anne Blankman

A romantic and exhilarating historical adventure about a girl who must unlock the secrets within Paradise Lost to save her father—perfect for fans of Revolution and Code Name Verity—from acclaimed author...

Sisters Mystery Club #1: The Beach Bandit (Barbie)

by Tennant Redbank

Girls ages 6 to 9 will love reading about Barbie and her sisters as they solve mysteries in the all-new Barbie: Sisters Mystery Club chapter book series featuring full-color illustrations.

Sisters Mystery Club #2: The Haunted Boardwalk (Barbie)

by Tennant Redbank

Children ages 6 to 9 will love reading about Barbie and her sisters as they solve mysteries in the all-new Barbie: Sisters Mystery Club chapter book series featuring full-color illustrations.

The Land of 10,000 Madonnas

by Kate Hattemer

Five teens backpack through Europe to fulfill the mysterious dying wish of their friend in this heartwarming novel from the author of The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy.


Jesse lives with his history professor...

Falling into the Dragon's Mouth

by Holly Thompson & Matt Huynh

In a Japanese seaside neighborhood lives Jason Parker:

a sixth grader

one year older than his classmates

a stinking foreigner to some classmates

an orange belt in aikido

a big brother

Jason Parker is just a boy...


by Kevin Waltman

D-Bow is a Junior now. He can taste a State Championship, but he pulls his knee after a thunderous dunk.

Bone by Bone by Bone

by Tony Johnston

FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN WHITE AND BLACK in 1950s Tennessee. Tony Johnston draws on her own childhood memories to limn a portrait of a sensitive and compassionate boy fighting for a friendship his father forbids.


My Africa Vacation

by Ozi Okaro

Five-year-old Arinze and his older sister Cheta wait impatiently for school to end. Mommy and Daddy have told them this year they’re going to visit Africa. Arinze and Cheta have never visited Africa, but they’ve...

The Soul of Harmony

by Craig Rex Perry

The Soul of Harmony is a music driven, action adventure that follows the near capture of young Harmony Walker and her famous dad, blues and jazz musician John "Eazy" Walker.  

Seduced by promises of fame and...

The Sacrifice

by Diane Matcheck

An Apsaalooka (Crow) Indian girl has lived her life as a despised loner, overshadowed by her dead twin brother, who, it was prophesied at their birth, would become a "Great One" among his people. One night,...

Orange Down Under

by Krista Dowell & Robbi Almanzar

When Orange the flying pig, and his best friend, Jes, take a flying trip to Australia to find Orange's distant relatives, they end up finding much more than that. Covering much of the continent by way of some...

In Desert And Wilderness

by Henryk Sienkiewicz

This vintage book contains Henryk Sienkiewicz's 1912 novel, "In Desert And Wilderness". Sienkiewicz's compelling young adult novel tells the tale of two friends who are taken by rebels during the Mahdist war...

Lola's Shapes

by Latoya Smith

Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, semicircle, sphere, cube, cone, pyramid, and cylinder. Learn 2D and 3D shapes with Lola. An EPUB 3 reader is required to read this book.

Yaqui Delgado quiere darte una paliza

by Meg Medina & Teresa Mlawer

In Meg Medina's compelling novel, a Latina teen is targeted by a bully at her new school-and must discover resources she never knew she had. Una mañana antes de ir a clase, una chica le dice a Piddy Sánchez...

Burn Baby Burn

by Meg Medina

Nora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous New York summer of 1977, when the city is besieged by arson, a massive blackout, and a serial killer named Son of Sam who shoots young women on the streets. Nora's...

Scam on the Cam

by Clementine Beauvais & Sarah Horne

In her third adventure, 11-year-old Sesame Seade and her friends find a locked treasure chest nestled in the banks of the River Cam. And when a number of the Cambridge University rowing team's members come down...

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters

by Mark Wayne Adams & Gina Edwards

For generations, the family tree records words and sing-song that wind deep in its core. Children playing in or around the tree may accidentally sever or uproot disturbing moments hidden in their Outback.


The Bitter Side of Sweet

by Tara Sullivan

For fans of Linda Sue Park and A Long Way Gone, two young boys must escape a life of slavery in modern-day Ivory Coast

Fifteen-year-old Amadou counts the things that matter. For two years what has mattered are...

We Built This City

by Matt London


In the final action-packed adventure of this series perfect for fans of the Seven Wonders and the Candy Shop War series, Rick and Evie Lane are...