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Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts

by Lisa Cohn, Michael S Cohn & Heather Nichols

Sensitive Bash gets grumpy and disruptive when his life is too bright, too loud, too smelly, or too busy. He counts on his dog, Lucy, to help keep him calm. But Paula, Bash’s girl-power cousin, is causing...

Indigo Island

by Susan Moore & Alessandra Taini

The third riveting story about orphan heiress, Nat Walker, and her robot dragon, Fizz. Nat has faithfully followed the clues her father has left her from beyond the grave, and she is closing in on the prize....

Becca at Sea

by Deirdre Baker

Shortlisted for the Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year for Children Award

Becca has often gone with her parents to visit Gran at her rustic cabin by the sea. But this year Becca’s mother is expecting...

Asia Folklore Tales of Prince Yamato Take Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

The insignia of the great Japanese Empire is composed of three treasures which have been considered sacred, and guarded with jealous care from time immemorial. These are the Yatano-no-Kagami or the Mirror of...

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword

by Henry Lien

“It’s Hermione Granger meets ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ meets the Ice Capades meets ‘Mean Girls.’” For all its disparate ingredients, though, PEASPROUT CHEN: FUTURE LEGEND OF SKATE AND SWORD...

King of the Bench: Kicking & Screaming

by Steve Moore

In the third book of this highly illustrated middle grade series from the nationally syndicated cartoonist of “In the Bleachers,” Steve takes one for the benchwarmers to play his least favorite sport.


Tournament Trouble (Cross Ups, Book 1)

by Sylv Chiang & Connie Choi

An exciting new middle reader series from a debut author.

All twelve-year-old Jaden wants to do is be the best at Cross Ups, the video game he and his friends can’t stop playing. He knows he could be—if...

Game Plan

by Jayne Bauling

Ginelle is the captain of the Sandview D team and she is intent on winning, whatever it takes. But Ginelle?s leadership style does not bring out the best in her team, and when talent scouts come to view their...

Sliding for Home

by Kathie Campbell Greer

Sliding for Home is the story of three brothers coming to grips with a new home, a new school and a secret that has convinced their mother that the middle son, Byrd, should never play his favorite sport, baseball....


by Geoff Herbach

From Geoff Herbach, the critically acclaimed author of the Stupid Fast series, comes a compelling new YA novel about basketball, prejudice, privilege, and family, perfect for fans of Jordan Sonnenblick, Andrew...

Rugby Heroes

by Gerard Siggins

It looks like Eoin Madden's busiest term ever! He's Castlerock College’s star player and he's been called up for Ireland in the Under 16 Four Nations -- how will he juggle sport and school work? But his biggest...

Emma Tate Learns to Skate

by Rosita Bird & Lynn Costelloe

Emma is enjoying the snowy weather but ill advisedly ventures onto a frozen pond. Boris, the Elf who lives in the house on her magic plate, saves the day, and Emma learns to skate on a safer indoor rink.  


Spiritual Interview with Bruce Lee

by Ryuho Okawa

“Don’t think. FEEL,” said the martial artist portrayed by Bruce Lee in the movie, Enter the Dragon [Golden Harvest, 1973]. “Don’t think, BELIEVE [this book],” say we, the publisher of this mystical...

Championship Ball

by Clair Bee

The basketball season was opening at Valley Falls High and Chip Hilton, star center of last year's varsity, had his leg in a cast. In spite of Doc Jones' encouraging words, it looked like curtains for a sports...

The Good The Bad and The Goalie

by Joseph Allen Costa

Marcus Owen is preordained to follow in his parent’s footsteps by going on to a prestigious high school, ivy league university and then earning a Ph.D. At any moment, Margaret and Harold Owen — the professors...

Bunjitsu Bunny vs. Bunjitsu Bunny

Bunjitsu Bunny #4

by John Himmelman

Isabel is the best bunjitsu artist in her class. She can throw farther, kick higher, and hit harder than anybunny else. But her strongest weapon is her mind.

This fourth Bunjitsu Bunny book follows Isabel as...


by Carrie Jones

Cheerleader-turned-alien-hunter Mana is back

Seventeen-year-old Mana has found and rescued her mother, but her work isn’t done yet. Her mother may beout of alien hands, but she’s in a coma, unable to tell...

Camped Out

by Daphne Greer

Max knows his mom can't afford to send him to summer camp. But he really, really wants to go. He needs a break from looking after his autistic brother, Duncan. And from his mom's new boyfriend. He is surprised...

Kitten and the Dojo Code

by Jessica Wagner

Kitten, who nervously enters the karate school, or dojo, for the first time, is unsure if she belongs in karate. Her Sensei, a white crane, eases her worry by introducing her to karate through the practices...

Backfield Boys

by John Feinstein

In Backfield Boys, renowned sports journalist and New York Times–bestselling author John Feinstein tells a thrilling story of friendship, football, and a fight for justice.

Freshman footballers Jason Roddin...