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by James O. Sy, PhD

Elixir is a thrilling, highly entertaining science fiction novel. It is the first installment of a six-part sci-fi series. Book 1 slowly unfolds the events that lead a college sophomore to discover the powers...

What Would Jesus Do?

by Magdalene Pagratis

A book for children, to nourish their faith and love for Jesus Christ, to keep Him alive inside their minds and hearts and to encourage their imagination to take flight. In What Would Jesus Do? Book 2 of the...


by Dorena Williamson

This encouraging story shows how life changes when we learn to value those who are differently abled and to champion the power of thoughtfulness. 

Author Dorena Williamson explores the need to be "thoughtFULL"—full...

Spirit Child

by Laura Thomas Vroman & Jane Delaford Taylor

Spirit Child, a book for all faiths, encourages children to embrace their early-life, spiritual connections to God as true and to be trusted.

Children, today, are coming to us a bit differently than previous...

Jesus in Town

by Magdalene Pagratis

Bartholomew is prone to lying, and he just can’t stop telling the truth right afterward. You see, he’s fed up with being bullied by Tommy and his friends and sees, in his mind, Jesus coming to town and fixing...

Chasing Liberty

by Theresa Linden

In two weeks her vocation begins. She must find a way out.

Liberty 554-062466-84 of Aldonia grew up knowing that one day she, along with every member of society, must contribute to the greater good. She’s been...

Small Fry Tales

by Tracy C Taylor

In Radcliff the Nosey Rabbit, a little bunny learns a valuable lesson in the difference between being nosey and being curious.

In Brian the Unbusy Beaver, a young beaver learns that being lazy can cause great...

Escape from Deadman's Gully

by Denis W. Shuker


A holiday trip at an uncle’s cattle station, to help the annual roundup becomes a terrifying adventure as The Riwaka Gang; four country kids;...

Nighty Night and Good Night

by Michael W. Smith & Mike Nawrocki

In Nighty Night and Good Night, the Nighty Nights are called upon to help their friend Ben as he falls to sleep. The cute and sleepy adventure leads the Nighty Nights to discover that a classic lullaby song...

Shining Night

by Alena Pitts & Wynter Pitts

Lena’s overnight fame as an actress, after being cast in a lead role in a film, continues to pull her into the spotlight, while teaching her what it means to shine for God. And now she’s faced with her biggest...

Puppers Talkin' Here

by Debb Snyder

Debb tells us there are few people who don’t attribute human characteristics to their pets. Yet animal lovers seem to know what their companions say and mean through unique forms of communication. Puppers...

Tower of Nirvana (The Trinity Trials Book 1)

by Dexter Carr Jr, Tyrell Williams & Leonice Williamson

Demitrius, son of the Archangel Michael, and Mathias, son of the Archangel Gabriel, were with their mutual friend, Melody, exploring places they weren’t supposed to, as usual. It was in front of the forbidden...

The White Forest

by Aviya Carmen & Bonhomme Obadiah

It was the morning of the king’s Birthday Celebration. Young Prince Ayron was worried about his hairdo until the Queen summoned him to dine with her privately. His father’s kingdom was in danger and he had...

Owen and Eleanor Move In

by H. M. Bouwman & Charlie Alder

Owen and Eleanor Move In is a story about what it means to have a home...and what it means to be a friend

When eight-year-old Eleanor moves into the bottom half of a duplex with her family, she is not happy....

Uncle Doctors and Peanut Butter

by Debb Snyder

Debb tells us there are few people who don’t attribute human characteristics to their pets. Yet animal lovers seem to know what their companions say and mean through unique forms of communication. Puppers...

The Sound of Freedom

by Kathy Kacer

Anna and her family have only one hope left to escape certain doom. It’s 1936 and life is becoming dangerous for the Jews of Krakow. As incidents of violence and persecution increase day by day, Anna begs...

My Father Said I Could

by Anita M. McLaurin

Nearly every child has aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up? Fast forward their lives and almost 8 in 10 of them, as adults, aren’t working in their gifts and talents. And we see the impact....

Allie's Bayou Rescue

by Missy Robertson, Mia Robertson & Jill Osborne

Life hasn’t been easy lately for twelve-year-old Allie Carroway. Not only does she have to be careful about what she eats and keep her asthma treatment with her at all times, but rumor has it that if she has...

Imagine... The Ten Plagues

by Matt Koceich

The Second Release in an Epic Bible Adventure Series for Kids

The last thing fourth-grader Kai Wells remembers (before the world as she knew it disappeared) is being surrounded by bullies on her walk home from...

A ROUTE OF HOPE - dealing with Anxiety Disorder through Writing & Poetry

by Katie Ruth

If you appreciate poetry, you will be encouraged by this collection of poems. It is an excellent resource for finding hope in the midst of suffering from a mental disorder (anxiety), supported by Scripture.