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Daniel and the Triune Quest

by Nathan Lumbatis

The past year of Daniel’s life has been anything but normal. Adoption by his Heavenly Father? Check. Become the Vessel for the mystical Sun Sword? Check. Charged with a quest to fight the source of all evil?...

A Birthday Party for Jesus

by Susan Jones

God Gave us Christmas to Celebrate His Birth

Adam Named the Animals A-Z

by Jacobs Nunn

Children's Christian Learning presents the Little Fishes Sunday School Series of picture books for children. This beautifully illustrated A-Z Animal picture book continues with the biblical story of Adam naming...

7 Days - The Story of Gods Creation: Learn the Days of the Week

by Jacobs Nunn

7 Days - The Story of Gods Creation

Children's Christian Learning presents the Little Fishes Sunday School Series of picture books for children. This beautifully illustrated picture book builds from the biblical...

What Should We Say?

by Fatima D'Oyen & Abdur Raheem Kidwai

What Should We Say? is a selection of prayers to be used daily by Muslims. These short prayers have been compiled from the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet Muhammad, and illustrate in a vivid and concrete...

The Star Junior Novelization

by Tracey West

A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the heroes of the first Christmas in this beautiful animated holiday movie from Sony Pictures.

Sony Pictures Animation’s film The Star—featuring the...

Inferno in Tokyo

by Marianne Hering

The Imagination Station has been malfunctioning for several adventures now, handing out the wrong gifts and traveling unexpected paths. Patrick and Beth must use their courage, strength, and resilience to help...

Day Dreams and Movie Screens

by Alena Pitts & Wynter Pitts

Eleven-year-old Lena Daniels’ summer of Hollywood starlets and movie filming alongside her favorite singer, Mallory Winston, is over. School will be back in full swing, and it seems as though life might just...

The Miracles of Jesus: The Brick Bible for Kids

by Brendan Powell Smith

A new book in the popular Brick Bible for Kids series, publishing in advance of The Easter Story in order to set up the importance of that event.

Adam, Eve and the Forbidden Tree

by D. D. Sodagar & Sahar Haghgoo

The story of God’s prophets is the story of the true and happy life of divine guidance, love, and compassion. The lives of God’s prophets and the difficulties they endured in their mission to spread the...

Alfie and the Greatest Creatures: Alfie and the Lion

by Susie Davids

itle: Alfie and the Lion

Author: Susie Davids

Publication Date: January 2018

Format: Hardcover with full colour illustrations

ISBN 978-1-907978-80-7 Library Edition

Retail Price: £12.99 $18.00

ISBN 978-1-907978-81-4...

Alfie and the Greatest Creatures: Alfie in the Sun

by Susie Davids

Alfie in the SunTitle:  Alfie in the SunAuthor: Susie DavidsPublication Date: December 2017Format: Hardcover with full colour illustrationsISBN 978-1-907978-76-0 Library EditionRetail Price: £12.99  $18.00ISBN...

The Show-Off Monkey and Other Taoist Tales

by Mark W. McGinnis

A picture book of Taoist wisdom tales inspired by the ancient philosopher Chang Tzu, for children ages 5-10, beautifully illustrated with original artwork.

“If we are true to who we are, we will naturally find...

We Are Neighbors! Being a Part of Community - Social Skills Book Kindergarten | Children's Friendship & Social Skills Books

by Baby Professor

Kindergarteners are not high in EQ yet, that’s a given. But you can do something to improve their EQ levels and that’s by educating them. You can use picture books, like this, to instill valuable lessons...

The Lonely Little Star

by Cathy Summar Flynn

After much anticipation, the day is finally here! Mr. and Mrs. Twilight are happy to announce the arrival of their Lonely Little Star. While different from other stars in the nursery to the happy parents, he...


by Moriel E Randolph

Blueberries with Eliza is a life skills book written for new preschoolers.  This extraordinary children's book can be used as a powerful tool for parents when preparing their children for their first day...

IMAGINE... The Great Flood

by Matt Koceich

Join the epic adventure of ten-year-old Corey, who only remembers (before the world as he knew it disappeared) the searing pain in his head after falling while chasing his dog Molly into the woods. What happens...

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas? Holidays Kids Book | Children's Christmas Books

by Baby Professor

Christmas is more than just gift-giving. It holds a much deeper meaning that has something do with Jesus Christ and the history of Christianity. If you trace its historic roots, you can see that the first Christmas...

December Holidays from around the World - Holidays Kids Book | Children's Around the World Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December? Yes, Christmas is acerbated around the world but in specific regions globally, they have their own December celebrations too. This...

Saint Clare of Assisi

by Kim Hee-ju

St. Clare had everything a young girl could want: wealth, a loving family, and her faith. Clare’s father wanted her to marry a handsome young man, the son of a nobleman. She wanted to please her family, but...