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Purity Reigns

by Stephanie Perry Moore

Purity Reigns takes the reader through Laurel's senior year of high school as she deals with the struggles of being a teenager. Her desire is to stay pure but will her desire to be with her boyfriend be stronger?...

Star of Light

by Patricia M. M. St. St. John

Hamid does not want his little blind sister, Kinza, to be sold to a beggar, by their stepfather, so he decides to rescue her. Together they escape from their mountain village to a town where there may be a new...

The Secret at Pheasant Cottage

by Patricia M. M. St. St. John

Lucy has lived with her grandparents at Pheasant Cottage since she was a little girl, but she has dim memories of someone else. Who was it? What are her grandparents hiding from her? Lucy is determined to find...

Sweetest Gift

by Stephanie Perry Moore

Payton Skky has finally arrived at college. In no time she's facing the same pressures and stresses most college students face. But when she is faced with her suitemate's suicide attempt, Payton is jolted back...

White Water

by Linda I. Shands

A young teen grapples with family relationships, romantic possibilities, and a white water rafting trip gone awry.

Treasures of the Snow

by Patricia M. M. St. St. John

Annette and Lucien are enemies. After Annette gets Lucien into trouble at school he decides to get back at her by threatening the most precious thing in the world to her: her little brother Dani. But tragedy...

Saved Race

by Stephanie Perry Moore

On the verge of graduation, Payton Skky encounters ethnic diversity in several ways she never imagined. She struggles to figure out where these prejudices come from and find effective ways to overcome them,...

The Upside-Down Day

by Beverly Lewis

During school spirit week, the new girl in school challenges the Cul-de-sac Kids to guess her secret. Ages 7-10. Cul-de-sac Kids book 23.

The Midnight Mystery

by Beverly Lewis

After an ice cream party to celebrate the last day of school, Dunkum's cousin Ellen's seeing-eye-dog disappears, and the Cul-de-sac Kids get help from an unexpected source in solving the mystery. Ages 7-10....

Sober Faith

by Stephanie Perry Moore

Payton has gotten over her ex-boyfriend and is now dating a committed Christian. Her friends, however, are still struggling with their identity and making poor choices about drugs and alcohol. How can she be...

Staying Pure

by Stephanie Perry Perry Moore

Not only is Payton Skky popular, but she is also dating the best-looking guy in school. While he is pressuring her to sleep with him, she is content to wait until marriage. When she starts to doubt her resolve,...

The Victims of Nimbo

by Gilbert L. Morris

How can so few people make so many mistakes?

First it's Sarah.  She accuses Josh of doing something he didn't do.  Then Abbey gets mad and chases Dave out of her kitchen.  Next, the boys go on a hunting trip...

The Terrible Beast of Zor

by Gilbert L. Morris

People say the Dark Lord has been at it again.  People say the king of Madria won't live long and the prince isn't fit to rule.  People say that the king of Madria won't live long and the prince isn't fit...

The Temptations of Pleasure Island

by Gilbert L. Morris

At last!  The Seven Sleepers are going to have a vacation.  And on Pleasure Island yet.  At least that's what they understand Goel to say.

Josh and Sarah and company find the island full of folks who think...

The Lost Chronicles Series

by Gilbert L. L. Morris

This set includes all seven books of The Lost Chronicles series: The Spell of the Crystal Chair, The Savage Games of Lord Zarak, The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo, The City of the Cyborgs, The Temptations of...

Mystery Mutt

by Beverly Lewis

The gang's New Year's resolution is to live out a Fruit of the Spirit. But when Jason balks at the idea, will a mysterious package help Stacy and the others convince him? Ages 7-10. Cul-de-sac Kids book 21.

Big Bad Beans

by Beverly Lewis

Trying to get out of eating his vegetables, Jason Birchall nearly ruins his plans to save money and buy himself a mountain bike. Ages 7-10.

The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo

by Gilbert L. Morris

The Seven Sleepers have seen their share of strange animals in Nuworld...

They've flown on giant eagles.  They've ridden friendly sea monsters.  They've even been on the back of centaurs.

But Josh Adams and...

The City of the Cyborgs

by Gilbert L. Morris

What are cyborgs?

The Seven Sleepers don't know.  But they offer to help their new friend Rainor rescue his sweetheart from them, anyway.  And does that ever get them into a pack of trouble.

The city of the...

The Savage Games of Lord Zarak

by Gilbert L. Morris

Goel is sending Josh and Sarah and their friends on a mission in the Dark Lord's territory.  That's nothing new.  But why would he give them Roland Winters, of all people, as a helper?

And that is only the...