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by Dandi Daley Mackall

A new series by Dandi Daley Mackall, author of the best-selling Winnie the Horse Gentler series!

I've run away seven times—never once to anything, just away from. Maybe that's why they call me a “runaway,”...

Daughters of the Faith Set

by Wendy G. G. Lawton

This package includes the entire collection of the Daughters of Faith Series: Almost Home, The Tinker's Daughter, Shadow of His Hand, The Captive Princess, Freedom's Pen, Courage to Run, The Hallelujah Lass...

Daughters of the Faith SET #2 (four books)

by Wendy G. G. Lawton

This package includes all four books of the Daughters of Faith Series Set 2: Almost Home, The Tinker's Daughter, Shadow of His Hand, and The Captive Princess.

There are a few elements of the Daughters of Faith...

Daughters of Faith Set #1 (four books)

by Wendy G. G. Lawton

This package includes all four books of the Daughters of Faith Series Set 1: Freedom's Pen, Courage to Run, The Hallelujah Lass, and Ransom's Mark.

There are a few elements of the Daughters of Faith Series that...

A Friend at Midnight

by Caroline B. Cooney

Lily has settled into life in Connecticut after her parent's divorce but it's been harder on her eight-year-old brother Michael. After their mother remarries, her brother chooses to go live with his father in...

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow

by Chris Miller & Alan Miller

Strange visions...hideous monsters...startling revelations...Hunter Brown is headed for a showdown with the Shadow and a battle to save his soul from a fate worse than death!

A Promise and A Rainbow

by Mabel Elizabeth E. Singletary & Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

The Double Dutch Club is saddened by the thought of Rachel having to leave for the summer. And Rachel is trying to remain excited about the Double Dutch Club winning the North Carolina "Jump Off."

The Double Dutch Club Series

by Mabel Elizabeth E. Elizabeth Singletary & Mabel Elizabeth Elizabeth Singletary

This set includes all three books of The Double Dutch Club Series: Just Jump!, Something to Jump About, and A Promise and a Rainbow.

In Just Jump!, the girls of the Double Dutch Club have an opportunity of a...

My Grandchild, There's No One Like You

by Dr. Leman & Kevin Leman

This read-to-me picture book from Dr. Kevin Leman and Kevin Leman II conveys love, acceptance, and a sense of individuality to grandchildren. Makes a wonderful gift.

Stories of a Child's Heart: Ella's Instrument and Who You Are

by Michelle Johnson

In Ella's Instrument join a little girl in her search for her own unique musical talent. The story Who You Are will help children understand that there is a song that is uniquely them, and how that harmonizes...

Baby Haley's World: Exploring Heaven

by Tina Gressel

Have you or someone you know lost an infant or small child? After our infant granddaughter, Haley Grace, passed away I so desperately wanted her little life to have meaning. I asked God to use the broken pieces...

Once a Caterpillar

by Kellie King

Wooly and Willow loved Jesus when they learned about Him. But Silk and Budworm didn't know what to think about their brother and sister becoming new creations in Christ. Silk wanted to talk to her mom about...

The Viper Within

by Sam Mills

DISILLUSIONED WITH HIS childhood faith, Jon longs to restore that sense of belonging to something greater than himself. Enter Jeremiah, magnetic and mysterious founder of the Brotherhood of the Hebetheus. In...

The Mandie Collection

by Lois Gladys Leppard

A collection of best-selling Mandie books 6-10 telling of life at the turn-of-the-century; over 6 million sold in the series. Ages 8-13.

Prima Volta

by Realbuzz Studios

When you reach out and touch the stars, get ready to be burned.

The only home Dawn Spinward has known is The Colony, a huge generation starship taking thousands of years to reach its destination. Life aboard...

Road Surf

by Realbuzz Studios

Suki's trading in waves for the open road . . . but are there warning signs ahead?

Suki, Pooja, and Chardonnay hit the road to surprise a friend in dire need of some serious cheering up. Miami, here they come!...

Lies Young Women Believe/Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide Set

by Nancy Leigh Leigh Leigh Leigh DeMoss, Dannah K. K. Gresh & Erin Davis

This set includes Lies Young Women Believe and Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide.

In Lies Young Women Believe, Nancy DeMoss and Dannah Gresh expose 25 of the lies most commonly believed by your generation....

Secret Keeper Girl Fiction Series

by Dannah K. K. Gresh, Janet Mylin & Suzy Weibel

This set contains all four books of the Secret Keeper Girl Fiction series: Just Call Me Kate, T is for Antonia, Yuzi's False Alarm, and Danika's Totally Terrible Loss.

In Just Call Me Kate, sixth-grader Kate...

Danika's Totally Terrible Toss

by Dannah K. K. Gresh

Danika McAllister has everything a 12-year-old girl could want including a seat at the popular girls' table at lunch and a shot at winning the Miss Teeny Pop crown!  But the pressure of her fake, popular personality...

T is for Antonia

by Dannah K. K. Gresh & Suzy Weibel

Toni Diaz has a major problem.  She can't understand why God made her both the best athlete in her class and a girl!   When dressing like a boy to pose for tryouts land her in detention, she meets...