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Voyage of the Defiance

by S.E. Smith

An act of defiance that will either kill her or change her life forever…

Sixteen year old Makayla Summerlin's life with her drug-addled mom and skeezy boyfriend was hard, really hard, but it was hers! She barely...

Planet Grief

by Monique Polak

What a crappy way to spend a weekend. The always-sarcastic Abby would rather be playing soccer, and the cagily quiet Christopher thinks a grief retreat is a waste of time. Neither of them wants to spend two...

Stage Fright

by Trisha B. Perez & Anthony Rollins

Josie is a reserved, driven, young girl and Bud is an outgoing, ambitious, young boy. The two friends are different in many ways, and yet, their differences are what makes their friendship special. The talent...

Charlie, what's your talent?

by D. C. Gomez & Kathleen Gomez

Do I have any talent?

One Friday afternoon Grandma finds Charlie, normally a happy little boy, upset and hating school. Charlie is hurt and believes he is useless and without talent. To help her grandson find...

Mole Was Afraid

by David Alan Saxby & Doris Kuenstler

The story of a humble Mole who lives his entire life according to his list of fears, that is until his list mysteriously disappears. Suspecting he's been robbed and no longer having his fears to guide him,...

The Whirlpool

by Laurel Croza & Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Charity takes small steps to escape her controlling father. Jasmine endures the rumors about her at school, even though no one really knows what happened last summer. The Oh! So Perfect Hair Dolly wishes for...

Miss Never Pleased

by Ayesha Marfani & Aisha Aamir

She was naïve and self-obsessed and nothing could ever please her. She thought herself flawless and perfect.

The diary belonged to a girl who strived to be perfect yet failed miserably. Her pursuit ofperfection...

Where is the Love?

by Luisa Viviani

In this rhyming tale, a curious little caterpillar sets out on a journey to find love. Along the way, he meets a wise mouse who shares his knowledge and teaches him the path to finding true love.

Finding Diamonds

by Sue Carroll Duffy & J. Woodruff Carroll

If you find a giant diamond, are you as valuable as a giant diamond? A young boy hopes so! His sister “does everything great,” but he himself struggles to do his spelling, remember his homework, and find...

Perfect As I Am

by Maame Serwaa & Fleance Forkuo

Read along with Micah and Myrah as they use the principles of positive affirmations to demonstrate their self-worth. Perfect As I Am will empower young children to love themselves just as they are. With these...


by Cynthia Kadohata & Maurizio Zorat

“Kadohata’s slapshot is the heart-swelling narrative of a father and son…Truly powerful.” —Jason Reynolds

“A deeply poignant story about a boy sorting out his priorities.” —Publishers Weekly...

My So-Called Superpowers

by Heather Nuhfer & Simini Blocker

The first book in a new middle grade series, Heather Nuhfer’s My So-Called Superpowers is a quirky and funny coming-of-age novel celebrating individuality.

More than anything, Veronica McGowan wants to fit...

The Little Pine Cone

by Ella Syfers Schenck, Laween & Chris Bauman

The Little Pine Cone wants nothing more than to stay where she is, playing in the wind all day long at the top of Mother Tree.  She continues to see all that happens to her sister pine cones and begins to imagine...

Just Like Jackie

by Lindsey Stoddard

Family is family, no matter what it looks like. Readers will cheer for this pitch-perfect story, just right for fans of such books as The Great Gilly Hopkins and Fish in a Tree.

For as long as Robinson Hart can...

In My Own Special Way

by Grace M Oakley

In My Own Special Way builds self-esteem in children by allowing them to be unique and creative in their own special way.

The Monster at Recess

by Shira Potter

Meet misfit Sophie, too used to bullies at Grey Stone Day School. Her classmates Julia and Molly tease her to no end and her teacher Mrs. Cook ignores the bullying.

The playground at Grey Stone has a special...

Mostly, Happily Ever After

by Dr. Leith Krakouer & Khan Wilson

Mostly, Happily Ever After is the first installment in the "Little Big Deals" series - big deals that impact children. This book focuses on the most devastating challenge that children are frequently confronted...

Popae The "Almost Brave" Little Lisu Hunter

by Lenora Bush

Popae The "Almost Brave" Little Lisu Hunter is the story of two days in the life of a Lisu Hilltribe child.  The easy to read text allows young English readers to enter Popae's world. 

Young readers will learn...

What Nobody Knows

by Maya Chivi

What Nobody Knows is a story about how, in reality, anybody and everybody are somebody – even if they feel like a nobody. 

The story follows four characters Somebody,Anybody, Nobody, and Everybody and how...

The Secret Club

by Joseph P. Cook & Maria P. Fonseca

Have you ever wanted to create a Secret Club? What if the Secret Club went on exciting adventures? The Secret Club is a book about the adventures and imaginations of children. As children, my sister and I created...