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Sam the Ant - The Flood: The Flood - La Inundación

by Enrique C Feldman, Samantha I Feldman & Abraham Mendoza

1. Sam the Ant persists even as fears are confronted, and is always looking to build community with others.

2. Sandy the Ant affirms and trusts Sam, and learns how to risk.

3. Drag the Dragonfly loves to fly...

Skating with the Statue of Liberty

by Susan Lynn Meyer

"This rich story reminds us that America can be at its best as a melting pot. A page-turner for all the right reasons."--VINCE VAWTER, Newbery Honor-winning author of Paperboy

In this gripping and poignant companion...

Raz's Epic Holidays

by Jacqui K Spencer, Mikaela Howard-Kyan & Book Cover Cafe

Wisdom stories for 8-12 year old boys and girls.

Flying and spurting flames are banned for Raz, the shape-shifting dragon, when he travels to Earth with his parents and sister, Sha. His mum lays down the law...

Hug The Sky

by Ivan Levant & Daria Eder

The book teaches children the value of dreaming, patience and persistence, while cultivating in little readers love and knoweldge of nature. This encouraging story will bring a smile to your face and support...

Isabella's Above-Ground Pool

by Alice Mead & Maryann Cocca-Leffler

"I won't share 'cuz it's not fair!" is nine-year-old Isabella

Speedwalker-Juarez's motto. It's all because she's stuck in a room

with her toddler brother, Dozer. Mom says Izzy has to adapt to

Granny's tiny trailer,...

The Last Stop

by Michael H. Burnam

An alien race on Jupiter’s moon Europa has traveled the galaxy and achieved immortality by downloading themselves into an inorganic form, but needs the help of a teenage boy on Earth to save both worlds.

Tough Cookie

by Kate Louise & Grace Sandford

When this gingerbread man was baked, someone forgot to put in the ginger. He’s made of eggs and cinnamon and flour and butter and sugar, but he’s missing a key ingredient! Without ginger, the gingerbread...

Minna's Patchwork Coat

by Lauren A Mills

In this charming historical novel, acclaimed artist Lauren A. Mills reimagines her beloved picture book, The Rag Coat, with fifty delicate pencil illustrations and an expanded story about a resilient little...


by A.J. Grainger

When a teen is held hostage, her efforts to escape uncover a conspiracy that forces her to question everything in this psychological thriller with a twist of forbidden romance.

They told her not to worry—



by Walter Rouzer

An Amazing Rags-To-Riches Story

Discover how a series of seemingly fantastical events, and a band of even more extraordinary creatures, including a blue whale named Rage, a Prince, a vengeance filled tiger named...

Accidentally Famous

by Kristen Maxwell & Sabino Kevin

Life may have its own special plans for you.

A well-meaning friend submits Iggy’s ink art to a big contest.  A quiet inkapus, Iggy finds himself suddenly thrown into the spotlight and totally unprepared—and...

Lizzie and the Lost Baby

by Cheryl Blackford

"Empowering..Blackford masterfully brings this era to life in this simple, yet compelling story. A delightful read!"

—Mary Casanova, author of The Klipfish Code

Cheryl Blackford's debut novel is set in England...

New Voices

by Donna Jo Napoli

Can T.J. accept her own voice?

T.J. has always had a problem with certain words, and rather than say them wrong, sometimes she'd rather not talk at all. Can the Little Angel of Acceptance get her the help that...

Hang in There

by Donna Jo Napoli

Everyone's good at something.

Stanley can't seem to do anything right. He doesn't draw well, he's not good at sports, and sometimes it feels like his parakeet, Casper, is the only one who listens to him. What's...


by Donna Jo Napoli

Why is everyone always so mean to Drew?

Drew is miserable. He and his family have just moved to a new house in Florida and Drew has no one to play with. His sisters are mean and bossy, and his parents are too...

Happy Holidays

by Donna Jo Napoli

Finding happiness is sometimes hard -- even for angels.

Raquel doesn't like the winter holidays. Everyone seems to get better presents than she does. And everyone seems happier than she is. Then one day she...

Left Out

by Donna Jo Napoli

Other people's feelings mattter

Molly is angry and embarassed that her big sister, Amanda, has a baby. Now some of Molly's friends won't play with her, and they talk about her behind her back. Molly doesn't...


by Donna Jo Napoli

Nick thinks he can figure out everything on his own. Why should he have to read books when he can make things up himself? It will take an important lesson from the Little Angel of Learning to change his mind....

Running Away

by Donna Jo Napoli

A serious job for a little angel

The Little Angel of Responsibility has a hard time finishing what she starts. She?s been working on the same knitting project for weeks. But something more interesting always...

Lies and Lemons

by Donna Jo Napoli

The Little Angel of Honesty would never tell a lie. But sometimes she does forget to explain the whole truth to her friends. Before she can earn her wings, this little angel has a lot to learn about what being...