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Master Your Emotions (2 Books in 1)

by Dr. Lee Henton & Charles P. Carlton

Do you want proven and tested strategies to overcome your negative feelings? Do you feel overwhelmed by depression? Dreadful from anxiety? Crippled by negative thinking? Frequent and explosive anger that makes...

Beginners Welcome

by Cindy Baldwin

The acclaimed author of Where the Watermelons Grow is back with a story perfect for fans of Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Ali Benjamin, about finding friendship after a tragic loss.

It’s been eighty-three days since...

Aunt Pearl

by Monica Kulling & Irene Luxbacher

Acclaimed author Monica Kulling brings sensitivity to this bittersweet portrayal of a loving family affected by homelessness, beautifully illustrated in Irene Luxbacher’s rich collage style.

Aunt Pearl arrives...

The Day Grandpa Bunny Forgot Ben's Name

by Isla Wynter

Grandpa Bunny is behaving strangely.

He forgets where he put the carrots.

He sits in a flower pot and doesn’t know why.

And one day, he even forgets Ben’s name.

What is going on with Grandpa Bunny?

The doctor...

Lucky Break

by Brooke Carter

Seventeen-year-old Lucy "Lucky" Graves is devoted to her championship rugby team, but her dreams of a scholarship are destroyed when she breaks her leg during an important game. If it doesn't heal properly,...

Lucky Break

by Brooke Carter

Seventeen-year-old Lucy "Lucky" Graves is devoted to her championship rugby team, but her dreams of a scholarship are destroyed when she breaks her leg during an important game. If it doesn't heal properly,...


by Charli Howard

Molly is in her final year of primary school, with secret dreams of becoming an Olympicswimmer. Having always lived in the shadow of her manipulative friend, Chloe, Molly finallyhas the chance to compete in...

Where the Watermelons Grow

by Cindy Baldwin

Fans of The Thing About Jellyfish and A Snicker of Magic will be swept away by Cindy Baldwin’s debut middle grade about a girl coming to terms with her mother’s mental illness. An Oregon Spirit Award Honor...

Can I tell you about Bipolar Disorder?

by Sonia Mainstone-Cotton & Jon Birch

If a grownup you love has bipolar disorder, what does that mean? In this friendly guide, 11-year-old Josh tells all about his dad's bipolar, including what mental illness is, and how it can affect patients and...

What Nobody Knows

by Maya Chivi

What Nobody Knows is a story about how, in reality, anybody and everybody are somebody – even if they feel like a nobody. 

The story follows four characters Somebody,Anybody, Nobody, and Everybody and how...

The Space Between

by Meg Grehan

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Beth plans to spend a whole year alone, in her snug, safe house. But she has reckoned without floppy-eared, tail-wagging Mouse, who comes nosing to her window. Followed shortly by...

Mamma Has a Black Dog

by Shannon Viertel & Dugyu Cigal

Mamma Had a Black Dog aims to delicately explain from the perspective of a young child the impact of depression on an entire family. It uses the metaphor of a black dog to help explain the struggle that families...


by Eisha Marjara

A bold and intimate YA novel about a South Asian teenager struggling with anorexia.

Eleven and Holding

by Mary Penney

Macy Hollinquest is eleven years old, and don’t count on her to change that anytime soon.

Her birthday is just days away, but she has no intention of turning twelve without her dad by her side. He’d promised...

I Matter: Yo Importo

by Georgette Baker

Manny is unaware of all of the people around him who love him and care about him. He is focused on the lack of love from his absent father. His friend listens and watches as the people in Manny's life share...

Cinderella's Secrets: The Untold Story of Ella

by George Helou

This new view on the classic story of Cinderella shows how we can move beyond exploitation, bullying and disillusionment by becoming aware of the personal need for respect and dignity. Cinderella’s Secrets...

Three Good Things

by Lois Peterson

Leni has lived in so many different places in the last few years that she?s not surprised when her mom wakes her in the middle of the night and tells her to pack up her things. The reason for this move? Her...


by Jenny Alexander

Jess's big brother Seb has killed himself and Jess isn't talking. Her parents are angry, her teachers are worried and her best friend Lexi is looking around for a new best friend. And then there's the business...


by Roddy Doyle & Emily Hughes

The Black Dog of Depression has descended over the adults of Dublin. Uncles are losing their businesses, dads won’t get out of bed, mothers no longer smile at their children. Siblings Raymond and Gloria have...

Awakening Sebastian

by Donna Redman

This is what I need you to know. Sometimes life goes bad, really bad. That's what happened to me. I tried, but I couldn't face it, so I made my decision. "I can barely breathe. It's almost time. Is this really...