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Public Oratory

by LiBook

Are you afraid and are you insecure to speak in public?

Do you want to speak in front of an audience but are you ashamed to know the reaction of the people?

"Public Oratory" is the book that will be your guide...

Empire and Communications

by Harold A. Innis

Empire and Communications is Innis's important contribution to the debate about how media influenced the development of consciousness and societies. In this foundational work, he traced humanity's movement from...

LCM Journal. Vol 5, No 2 (2018). Emerging Chinese Theory and Practice of Media

by AA.VV., Emma Lupano, Hugo de Burgh & Bettina Mottura

TABLE of CONTENTS: Emerging Chinese Theory and Practice of Media, Hugo de Burgh, Emma Lupano, Bettina Mottura - Dual Identity and Multiple Tasks: Contemporary Chinese Party Media's Involvement in Political Communication,...

LCM Journal. Vol 5, No 1 (2018). Research Perspectives on Bioethically-relevant Discourse

by AA.VV., Kim Grego & Priscilla Heynderickx

Table of Contents:

Research Themes in Bioethically-relevant Discourse: An Overview

Kim Grego, Priscilla C. Heynderickx

Scientific Knowledge and Legislative Drafting: Focus on Surrogacy Laws

Giuliana Elena...

EVALITA Evaluation of NLP and Speech Tools for Italian

by Paolo Rosso, Viviana Patti, Nicole Novielli & Tommaso Caselli

EVALITA is a periodic evaluation campaign of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech tools for the Italian language. The general objective of EVALITA is to promote the development of language and speech...

The Influential Author

by Gregory V. Diehl & Tom Morkes

Do you have something important to say? By combining his experience as an educator and entrepreneur, author Gregory V. Diehl teaches passionate thinkers how to turn unique messages into profitable books—without...


by Amanda Montell

A brash, enlightening, and wildly entertaining feminist look at gendered language and the way it shapes us, written with humor and playfulness that challenges words and phrases and how we use them.

“I get so...

Creativity and Copyright

by John L. Geiger & Howard Suber

Inspired by Strunk & White's The Elements of Style, this elegant, short reference is the perfect guide for screenwriters and creative artists looking to succeed as industry professionals. Readers will quickly...

Connecting the Knowledge Commons — From Projects to Sustainable Infrastructure

by Pierre Mounier & Leslie Chan

The question of sustainability in the open access movement has been widely debated, yet satisfactory answers have yet to be generated: How do we move from an approach entirely based on temporary projects to...

Medieval Latin Philology. An Overview Through Case Studies

by Paolo Chiesa

This eBook is the English translation of the volume Venticinque lezioni di filologia mediolatina (SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2016). With its critical case-studies, Paolo Chiesa’s book offers an excellent...

The Empire of Alexander the Great

by John Mahaffy

Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great, was a king (basileus) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. He was born in Pella in 356 BC and succeeded...

Proceedings of the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2018

by Fabio Tamburini, Alessandro Mazzei & Elena Cabrio

On behalf of the Program Committee, a very warm welcome to the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-­?it 2018). This edition of the conference is held in Torino. The conference is locally...

Shakespeare's Library

by Stuart Kells

From acclaimed author and ardent bibliophile Stuart Kells comes an exploration of the quest to find the personal library of the world’s greatest writer Millions of words of scholarship have been expended on...

The Art of Controversy

by Arthur Schopenhauer

* This ebook has been aesthetically optimized for digital reading *

Published posthumously, The Art of Controversy is one of the most popular books written by Arthur Schopenhauer. It provides us with invaluable...

The Technique of the Mystery Story

by Carolyn Wells

Do you love mystery stories, such as the Sherlock Holmes stories and those of Edgar Allan Poe and Agatha Christie? Do you ever yearn to be a good writer of mysteries, or just like to read them and know about...

The Ultimate Wodehouse Collection

by P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse was an English author and one of the most widely read humorists of the 20th century. Wodehouse worked extensively on his books, sometimes having two or more in preparation simultaneously....

Talk to Me

by Dean Nelson

From respected journalist, professor, and founder of the Writer's Symposium by the Sea, a book that demystifies the art and science of interviewing, in the vein of On Writing Well or How to Read Literature Like...

The Writer's Journey of John Earl Stark 02

by R. L. Saunders

John Earl Stark problems were far from over. He was up to his neck and now his stories were running his life.

All he wanted was to improve his book sales. But what he got was too many stories to write. And now...

The Writer's Journey of John Earl Stark 01 (Parody & Satire)

by R. L. Saunders

John Earl Stark had a problem. If his book sales didn't pick up, he'd have to go get a real job.

So he called an old friend, a fellow author just returned from a "digital rehab" and wanting to get back into the...

The Elements of Style 4th edition with revisions

by William Strunk, Jr.

'The Elements of Style' (1918), by William Strunk, Jr., is an American English writing style guide. It is the best-known, most influential prescriptive treatment of English grammar and usage, and often is required...