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Business School Libraries in the 21st Century

by Tim Wales

In a period of change, consolidation and cut-backs as well as rapid technological developments, the business school library is often at the forefront of new initiatives and innovative approaches to delivering...

Modern Methods for Musicology: Prospects, Proposals, and Realities

by Tim Crawford & Lorna Gibson

Written by leading experts, this volume provides a picture of the realities of current ICT use in musicology as well as prospects and proposals for how it could be fruitfully used in the future. Through its...

Fatherhood, Authority, and British Reading Culture, 1831-1907

by Melissa Shields Jenkins

During a period when the idea of fatherhood was in flux and individual fathers sought to regain a cohesive collective identity, debates related to a father's authority were negotiated and resolved through competing...

Public Libraries and Social Justice

by John Pateman & John Vincent

The need for public libraries to tackle social exclusion and engage in social justice becomes ever more urgent as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, and the very survival of public libraries in...

Public Libraries in the 21st Century: Defining Services and Debating the Future

by Anne Goulding

Public Libraries in the 21st Century presents a comprehensive analysis of the impact of recent policy initiatives directly targeted at public libraries along with broader developments in the public sector environment...

Art Practice in a Digital Culture

by Hazel Gardiner & Charlie Gere

Much as art history is in the process of being transformed by new information communication technologies, often in ways that are either disavowed or resisted, art practice is also being changed by those same...

The Internet, Social Networks and Civic Engagement in Chinese Societies

by Wenhong Chen

The Internet in China reflects many contradictions and complexities of the society in which it is embedded. Despite the growing significance of digital media and communication technologies, research on their...

Contemporary Spain

by Christopher Ross & Bill Richardson

Contemporary Spain provides an accessible introduction to the politics, economy, institutions media and cinema of contemporary Spain.

This fully revised fourth edition includes new material that makes this the...

Writing for Journalists

by Wynford Hicks, Adams Sally & Harriet Gilbert

The new edition of Writing for Journalists focuses on the key issue for writers working across all forms of media today: how to produce clear, engaging and illuminating copy that will keep the reader hooked...

The Italian Academies 1525-1700: Networks of Culture, Innovation and Dissent

by Jane E. Everson, Denis V Reidy & Lisa Sampson

The intellectual societies known as Academies played a vital role in the development of culture, and scholarly debate throughout Italy between 1525-1700. They were fundamental in establishing the intellectual...

Essential Chinese Vocabulary: Rules and Scenarios

by Wen-Hua Teng

Essential Chinese Vocabulary: Rules and Scenarios is an indispensable guide for beginner to intermediate students of Chinese who wish to use essential Chinese words and phrases accurately.

The book provides...

Speed up your French: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors

by Margaret Jubb

Speed up your French is a unique and innovative resource that identifies and explains the errors most commonly made by students of French.

From false friends to idiomatic expressions and the use of prepositions,...

Encyclopedia of American Humorists

by Steven H. Gale

First published in 1988, this book contains entries on famous American Humorists. Humor has been present in American literature, from the beginning, and has developed characteristics that reflect the American...

English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World: Accent, Acceptability and Hong Kong English

by Andrew Sewell

This book explores the topics of English accents and pronunciation. It highlights their connections with several important issues in the study of English in the world, including intelligibility, identity, and...

The Elements of Great Public Speaking: How to Be Calm, Confident, and Compelling

by J. Lyman Macinnis

Great speakers aren't just born; they prepare and they practice. THE ELEMENTS OF GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKING takes the fear out of taking the podium, distilling essential techniques and tricks for just about any speaking...

Writer Tells All

by Robert Masello

A witty and candid firsthand account -- for writers by a writer -- on how to write, sell, publish, and promote a book.

This invaluable book is written by a working writer -- not a professor, not a publisher,...

The Digital Nexus: Identity, Agency, and Political Engagement

by Raphael Foshay

Over half a century ago, in The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Marshall McLuhan noted that the overlap of traditional print and new electronic media like radio and television produced widespread upheaval in personal...

Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice: An Introduction to Applied Sociolinguistics

by Ingrid Piller

Understanding and addressing linguistic disadvantage must be a central facet of the social justice agenda of our time. This book explores the ways in which linguistic diversity mediates social justice in liberal...

Authority in European Book Culture 1400-1600

by Pollie Bromilow

Through its many and varied manifestations, authority has frequently played a role in the communication process in both manuscript and print. This volume explores how authority, whether religious, intellectual,...

Post-World War II Masculinities in British and American Literature and Culture: Towards Comparative Masculinity Studies

by Stefan Horlacher & Kevin Floyd

Analyzing literary texts, plays, films and photographs within a transatlantic framework, this volume explores the inseparable and mutually influential relationship between different forms of national identity...