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Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice

by Victoria Bergvall

Rethinking Language and Gender Research is the first book focusing on language and gender to explicitly challenge the dichotomy of female and male use of language. It represents a turning point in language and...

Teaching and Language Corpora

by Anne Wichmann & Steven Fligelstone

Corpora are well-established as a resource for language research; they are now also increasingly being used for teaching purposes. This book is the first of its kind to deal explicitly and in a wide-ranging...

Causatives and Causation: A Universal -typological perspective

by Jae Jung Song

Causatives and Causation is the first comprehensive study of causative constructions found in the world's languages. This important new research, based on a data base of more than 600 languages, not only investigates...

Language - The Loaded Weapon: The Use and Abuse of Language Today

by Dwight Bolinger

Today there is a reawakening interest in how language affects our lives. It comes with every threat to our safety and every promise of better times. It is a burning issue among minorities and a running debate...

The English Verb

by Frank Robert Palmer

A long established and highly regarded account of all aspects of the English verb taking account of recent work on tense, phase and aspect, and of the author's own research. Theoretical discussion is kept to...

English Historical Syntax

by David Denison

This study brings together many of the resources needed for the exploration of English historical syntax and deals with many of the important changes in English sentence structure from Old English to present....

Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching: Building Bridges

by Pauline Rea Dickins & Kevin Germaine

Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching focuses on the connections to be made between evaluation and change in language education with a specific focus on English Language Teaching. The book...

Childly Language: Children, language and the social world

by Alison Sealey

Childly Language explores how attitudes and cultural assumptions about children and childhood are revealed in contemporary English. It addresses such questions as: How is concern for children's safety and welfare...

Variation in English: Multi-Dimensional Studies

by Douglas Biber & Susan Conrad

Studies in Language and Linguistics

General Editors- Geoffrey Leech, Department of Modern English Language, Lancaster University and Jenny Thomas, School of English and Linguistics, University of Wales, Bangor...

Experiential Learning in Foreign Language Education

by Vijo Kohonen, Ritta Jaatinen & Pauli Kaikkonen

The goal of foreign language teaching is expanding from communicative competence towards an intercultural action competence. Essential in the new orientation is the shift towards a more balanced emphasis between...

Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices

by Christopher N. Candlin & Ken Hyland

Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices offers an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to writing in a variety of academic and professional settings. The book is composed of a series of original research-based...

Writing Business: Genres, Media and Discourses

by Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini & Catherine Ross Nickerson

Writing Business: Genres, Media and Discourses offers an analysis of the genres and functions of written discourse in the business context, involving a variety of modes of communication. The evolution of new...

Stolen Language?: Plagiarism in Writing

by Shelley Angelil-Carter

Real Language Series

General Editors-

Jennifer Coates, Jenny Cheshire and Euan Reid

This is a sociolinguistic series about the relationships between language, society and social change. Books in the series draw...

Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English: based on the British National Corpus

by Geoffrey Leech, Paul Rayson & Andrew (All Of Lancaster Univers Wilson

Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English is a landmark volume in the development of vocabulary frequency studies. Whereas previous books have in general given frequency information about the written language...

Mediated Discourse as Social Interaction: A Study of News Discourse

by Ron Scollon

Mediated Discourse as Social Interaction makes an explicit link between media studies and social interactionalist discursive research where previously the two fields of study have been treated as separate disciplines....

Sociolinguistics and Social Theory

by Nikolas Coupland, Srikant Sarangi & Christopher N. Candlin

The empirical and descriptive strengths of sociolinguistics, developed over more than 40 years of research, have not been matched by an active engagement with theory. Yet, over this time, social theorising has...

The Acquisition of Syntax: Studies in Comparative Developmental Linguistics

by Marc-Ariel Friedemann & Luigi Rizzi

This volume contains a collection of studies that survey recent research in developmental linguistics, illustrating the fruitful interaction between comparative syntax and language acquisition. The contributors...

Discourse and Social Life

by Srikant Sarangi & Malcolm Coulthard

This collection brings together for the first time in a single volume many of the major figures in contemporary discourse studies. Each chapter is an original contribution which has been specifically commissioned...

The Poetics of Science Fiction

by Peter Stockwell

The Poetics of Science Fiction uniquely uses the science of linguistics to explore the literary universe of science fiction. Developing arguments about specific texts and movements throughout the twentieth-century,...

Academic Discourse

by John Flowerdew

 Academic Discourse presents a collection of specially commissioned articles on the theme of academic discourse. Divided into sections covering the main approaches, each begins with a state of the art overview...