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Realities of Self-Editing: from a line editor

by Misti Wolanski

Do you wonder what goes into editing, or how to look at your writing the way an editor or teacher would? Do you ever wish an editor would just tell you what's at the core in editing? This editor's now doing...

Wham Media's 6 Secrets to IELTS Academic Writing Success

by H.e. Colby

Get an essential IELTS preparation guide to deliver results in a short period. Your time is valuable so the guide is written to give you quick and easy tips to attain your optimal score on the written exam....

21 Essential English Grammar Lessons

by H.e. Colby

Get hand-selected grammar lessons straight from a seasoned English professor who knows her students' greatest troubles. In an easy-to-understand approach, learn essential English grammar lessons. Take the quiz...

Grow Your Word Power:301 Useful Vocabulary Terms

by H.e. Colby

Grow Your Word Power: 301 Useful Vocabulary Terms is precisely what you're looking for: the best and quickest means to a smart and powerful English vocabulary. Communicate more effectively and add richness to...

150 Useful English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs

by H.e. Colby

Are you confused by English collocations, idioms, and phrasal verbs? Stop! Get your copy of 150 Useful English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs and stop being confused by these common expressions. By...

10 Steps to Better Business Writing

by H. E. Colby

Follow these 10 steps to immediately improve your business writing now! Start learning and honing powerful business writing skills today! Make a positive impact on your career advancement. Show your boss why...

Top 150 Business English Ace Vocabulary Words

by H.e. Colby

Business English Aces are successful professionals. While research suggests a strong vocabulary increases your income, colleagues and clients do judge you by the words you use. Don’t lose a business deal by...

E-Guide: How to Adjust Your Business Writing to the 21st Century

by H.e. Colby

Don’t miss the critical skills and knowledge inside this guide in order to fuel powerful business communications with more than a billion people worldwide who speak English! This e-Guide is an abridged version...

Top 65 Commonly Confused English Word Pairs

by H.e. Colby

Stop confusing accept and except in sentences. Use the right word the right way at the right time by knowing these 65 misused English words pairs! Write English more accurately and proficiently by understanding...

On the Sublime

by Longinus

The word “style” has become a weariness to think upon; so much is said, so much is printed about the art of expression, about methods, tricks, and turns; so many people, without any long experience, set...

Dialogue Interpreting: A Guide to Interpreting in Public Services and the Community

by Rebecca Tipton & Olgierda Furmanek

Routledge Interpreting Guides cover the key settings or domains of interpreting and equip trainee interpreters and students of interpreting with the skills needed in each area of the field. Concise, accessible...

Learn Italian: Italian Insults - Bad words - Sex-related terms (Dirty Italian)

by Linda Wentworth

Have you ever wondered how to swear in Italian? Which word could come in handy to insult somebody who's getting on your nerves? In this ebook, you will find three different types of bad words in Italian: rage...

Introducing Interpreting Studies

by Franz Pöchhacker

A millennial practice which emerged as a profession only in the twentieth century, interpreting has recently come into its own as a subject of academic study. This book introduces students, researchers and practitioners...

Roman Jakobson's Translation Handbook

by Bruno Osimo

This book is based on the principle that it is possible to create a text out of the writings of an author, focusing on a subject that had not necessarily been considered central or fundamental in the original...

Public Speaking: Principles and Practice

by Irvah Lester Winter

This book is designed to set forth the main principles of effective platform delivery, and to provide a large body of material for student practice. The work laid out may be used to form a separate course of...

An Introduction to Linguistics and the Study of English

by Mirella Agorni

An Introduction to Linguistics and the Study of English

FRBR, Before and After: A Look at Our Bibliographic Models

by Karen Coyle

Coyle's articulate treatment of the issues at hand helps bridge the divide between traditional cataloging practice and the algorithmic metadata approach, making this book an important resource for both LIS students...

Error Analysis: Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition

by Jack C. Richards

The eleven essays in this book cover a wide range of topics from the role of 'interlanguage' and the influence of external factors on the process of language learning, to the development of syntax and the methodology...

Learn French: Idiomatic Expressions ‒ Proverbs & Sayings

by Eveline Turelli

Learn French fast: Apprenez le Français rapidement. As you may already know, French is not an easy-to-learn language. The best way to try to master French is to learn by heart its most popular idiomatic expressions....

Learn Portuguese: Idiomatic Expressions ‒ Everyday Phrases ‒ Proverbs & Sayings

by Linda Milton

Learn Portuguese fast: Aprenda Português de maneira rápida As you may already know, Portuguese is not an easy-to-learn language. The best way to try to master Portuguese is to learn by heart its most popular...