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by Demetra Garbasevschi

Infoselves delivers a multifaceted analysis of the commodification of self-identity online, from both a domination and a liberation perspective. Drawing on multiple resources, the book places its discussion...

Discourses of Authenticity on YouTube: From the Personal to the Professional

by Giorgia Riboni

This book explores the discourse of authenticity on the popular social media platform YouTube. It investigates how popular users negotiate their identity and discursively portray themselves as authentic in their...

Simplified Signs: A Manual Sign-Communication System for Special Populations, Volume 2.

by John D. Bonvillian, Nicole Kissane Lee, Filip T. Loncke & Tracy T. Dooley

Simplified Signs presents a system of manual sign communication intended for special populations who have had limited success mastering spoken or full sign languages. It is the culmination of over twenty years...

Simplified Signs: A Manual Sign-Communication System for Special Populations, Volume 1.

by John D. Bonvillian, Nicole Kissane Lee & Tracy T. Dooley and Filip T. Loncke

Simplified Signs presents a system of manual sign communication intended for special populations who have had limited success mastering spoken or full sign languages. It is the culmination of over twenty years...

The Handbook of Listening

by Debra L. Worthington & Graham D. Bodie

The Handbook of Listening is a comprehensive overview of the field of listening for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, scholars, and practitioners.

  • First comprehensive academic reference resource...

Sharing Professional Knowledge on Web 2.0 and beyond

by Giuliana Garzone

In recent years, the use of Web-mediated digital technologies has constantly grown in importance, reshaping the communication landscape in all professional activities. Web 2.0 applications and platforms have...

The Art of Communication in a Polarized World

by Kyle Conway

People's minds are hard to change. In North America and elsewhere, communities are fractured along ideological lines as social media and algorithms encourage individuals to seek out others who think like they...

The Handbook of Public Sector Communication

by Vilma Luoma-aho & Maria Jose Canel

A multidisciplinary collection on global public entity strategic communication

Research into public sector communication investigates the interaction between public and governmental entities and citizens within...

Manuale di Comunicazione Non Verbale

by Valentina Pazienza

Il corpo "parla", è un fatto scientifico, e ci sono gesti ed espressioni non verbali molto difficili da controllare, se non si sa come farlo. Conoscere e sfruttare il linguaggio del corpo a proprio vantaggio,...

Irony and Outrage

by Dannagal Goldthwaite Young

For almost a decade, journalists and pundits have been asking why we don't see successful examples of political satire from conservatives or of opinion talk radio from liberals. This book turns that question...

The Internet and Political Protest in Autocracies

by Nils B. Weidmann & Espen Geelmuyden Rød

Eight years after the Arab Spring there is still much debate over the link between Internet technology and protest against authoritarian regimes. While the debate has advanced beyond the simple question of whether...

The Fixers

by Lindsay Palmer

News "fixers" are locally-based media employees who serve as translators, coordinators, and guides to foreign journalists in unfamiliar terrain. Operating in the shadows, fixers' contributions to journalism...

Empire and Communications

by Harold A. Innis

Empire and Communications is Innis's important contribution to the debate about how media influenced the development of consciousness and societies. In this foundational work, he traced humanity's movement from...

The Dispositif

by Valérie Larroche

The notion of the dispositif (dispositive) is particularly relevant for understanding phenomena where one can observe the reproducibility of distributed technical activities, operational or discursive, between...

Talk to Me

by Dean Nelson

From respected journalist, professor, and founder of the Writer's Symposium by the Sea, a book that demystifies the art and science of interviewing, in the vein of On Writing Well or How to Read Literature Like...

Communication and Discourse Theory

by Leen Van Brussel, Nico Carpentier & Benjamin de Cleen

This volume gathers the work of the Brussels group of critical media and communication scholars that deploy discourse theory as theoretical backbone and analytical research perspective. The book seeks to show...

This Bridge We Call Communication

by Robert Gutierrez-Perez, Leandra Hinojosa Hernández, Xamuel Bañales & Sara Baugh-Harris et al.

This Bridge We Call Communication: Anzaldúan Approaches to Theory, Method, and Praxis explores contemporary communication research studies, performative writing, poetry, Latina/o studies, and gender studies...

Championing Science

by Roger D. Aines & Amy L. Aines

In this lively collection, bestselling author Adam Hochschild has selected some two dozen essays and pieces of reportage from his long career. Threading through them all is his concern for social justice and...

Technofeminist Storiographies

by Kristine L. Blair

Technofeminist Storiographies: Women, Information Technology, and Cultural Representation analyzes both historical and contemporary accounts of women’s lived experiences of technology, from Ada Lovelace and...

Covering the Shi`a

by Robert Tomlinson

Often demonized by the Western media and press, Hezbollah’s origins are rooted in activities of the Lebanese Shi`a in the late 1970s and early 80s. Covering the Shi`a: English Press Representation of the Lebanese...