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The News Media

Industrias Culturales en México

by Rodrigo González Guillermo Orozco

Este libro es una guía para fortalecer la formación investigadora, sobre todo de los profesores y estudiantes de comunicación más jóvenes, dándoles una estructura explicativa que traspase los límites...

The Discourse of Neoliberalism: An Anatomy of a Powerful Idea

by Simon Springer

Explores the internal workings of neoliberalism by dissecting the diverse interpretations that have been advanced in academia. Using a critical geographical approach the book arrives at a discursive understanding...

Fish Can't Climb Trees: Capitalize on your brain's unique wiring to improve the way you learn and communicate. Discover the Mercury Model(TM)

by Helyn Connerr

In this technological era, with great emphasis placed on sharing information, people are in fact not communicating any better. Despite extraordinary advances in IT devices, social media platforms and Internet...

The Death of the Book

Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication

by Kara Alaimo

Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street offers a modern guide for how to practice public relations and strategic communication around the globe. Drawing upon interviews with public relations professionals in over...

The Media Handbook: A Complete Guide to Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, and Buying

by Helen Katz

The Media Handbook provides a practical introduction to the advertising media planning and buying processes. Emphasizing basic calculations and the practical realities of offering alternatives and evaluating...

Student Workbook to Accompany Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach

by Kathleen Fearn-Banks

No company, organization, or individual whose livelihood depends on public reaction can afford to function without a crisis communications plan. This student workbook reviews the critical terminologies, processes,...

The Handbook of Communication in Cross-cultural Perspective

by Donal Carbaugh

This handbook brings together 26 ethnographic research reports from around the world about communication. The studies explore 13 languages from 17 countries across 6 continents. Together, the studies examine,...

Accountability in Social Interaction

International Public Relations: Perspectives from deeply divided societies

by Ian Somerville, Owen Hargie & Maureen Taylor

International Public Relations: Perspectives from deeply divided societies is positioned at the intersection of public relations (PR) practice with socio-political environments in divided, conflict and post-conflict...

Requesting Responsibility

Forensic Rhetorics and Satellite Surveillance: The Visualization of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations

by Marouf, Jr. Hasian

Forensic Rhetorics, Satellite Surveillance, and the Visualization of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations uses critical forensic perspectives in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of governmental,...

Becoming a Public Relations Writer: Strategic Writing for Emerging and Established Media

by Ronald D. Smith

Becoming a Public Relations Writer is a comprehensive guide to the writing process for public relations practice. Using straightforward, no-nonsense language, realistic examples, easy-to-follow steps, and practical...

Advertising and Multilingual Repertoires: from Linguistic Resources to Patterns of Response

by Marco Santello

Advertising and Multilingual Repertoires explores advertising from the perspective of multilingual audiences. Santello introduces the key linguistic processes involved in advertising discourse, and analyses...

Media Effects and Society

by Elizabeth M. Perse & Jennifer Lambe

Grounded in theoretical principle, Media Effects and Society help students make the connection between mass media and the impact it has on society as a whole. The text also explores how the relationship individuals...

Stretching Boundaries: Cases in Organizational and Managerial Communication

by Jeremy Fyke, Jeralyn Faris & Patrice M. Buzzanell

Stretching Boundaries: Cases in Organizational and Managerial Communication focuses on non-traditional organizations in a variety of contexts. Because cases range from small family-owned entrepreneurships and...

Nation Branding, Public Relations and Soft Power: Corporatising Poland

by Pawel Surowiec

Nation Branding, Public Relations and Soft Power: Corporatizing Poland provides an empirically grounded analysis of changes in the way in which various actors seek to manage Poland's national image in world...

Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships: Critical Examinations

by Sonja M. Brown Givens, Keisha Edwards Tassie & Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui

Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships explores and critically examines the opportunities and challenges presented in mentoring relationships involving women of color. Contributors to this edited...

Nonverbal Messages Tell More: A Practical Guide to Nonverbal Communication

by Teri Kwal Gamble & Michael Gamble

Nonverbal Messages Tell More: A Practical Guide to Nonverbal Communication offers an active and dynamic approach to the study of nonverbal communication. The study of nonverbal cues and messages is a difficult...