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Tongue Shakers: Interviews and Narratives on Speaking Mother Tongue in a Multicultural Society

by Margie Shaheed

Tongue Shakers provides an inside look into the state of speaking mother tongue in America’s multicultural society. Through a series of interviews and first person narratives, the book uncovers the personal...

Introduction to the Languages of the World

The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society

Oral Communication in the Disciplines: A Resource for Teacher Development and Training

by Deanna P. Dannels, Patricia R. Palmerton & Amy L. Housley Gaffney

Oral Communication in the Disciplines: A Resource for Teacher Development and Training is divided into three sections.  The first section provides a rationale for using oral communication as an instructional...

Free Speech on America's K-12 and College Campuses: Legal Cases from Barnette to Blaine

by Randy Bobbitt

This book covers the history of legal cases involving free speech issues on K-12 and college campuses, particularly from 1965 through 2015. It also covers religious issues, speech codes, political correctness,...

Scandalize My Name


Mass Media and Health: Examining Media Impact on Individuals and the Health Environment

by Kim Walsh-Childers

Mass Media and Health: Examining Media Impact on Individuals and the Health Environment covers media health influences from a variety of angles, including the impact on individual and public health, the intentionality...

Work Pressures: New Agendas in Communication

by Dawna Ballard & Matthew McGlone

Work Pressures fills the void of research on the nature of pressures on individuals in the workplace. It offers a broad view of how work pressures can compromise the performance and vitality of individuals and...

Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later

by Norman J. Medoff & Barbara Kaye

Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later provides a synopsis of the beginnings of electronic media in broadcasting and the subsequent advancements into digital media. The Then, Now, and Later approach focuses...

No News Is Bad News: Canada's Media Collapse - and What Comes Next

by Ian Gill

Canada’s media companies are melting faster than the polar ice caps, and in No News Is Bad News, Ian Gill chronicles their decline in a biting, in-depth analysis. He travels to an international journalism...

Critical Genre Analysis: Investigating interdiscursive performance in professional practice

by Vijay K. Bhatia

Genre theory has focused primarily on the analysis of generic constructs, with increasing attention to and emphasis on the contexts in which such genres are produced, interpreted, and used to achieve objectives,...

Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students

by Adrian Holliday, John Kullman & Martin Hyde

Routledge Applied Linguistics is a series of comprehensive textbooks, providing students and researchers with the support they need for advanced study in the core areas of English language and Applied Linguistics....

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere: From Socrates to Stephen Colbert

by Elizabeth Benacka

The Rhetorical Function of Humor in the Public Sphere advances an understanding about how humor functions persuasively in the public sphere as a means to ignite deliberative democracy, a tradition that dates...

Negotiating Group Identity in the Research Process: Are You In or Are You Out?

by Anastacia Kurylo, Nicole T. Castro & Wilfredo Alvarez

This book explores researcher identity related to insider/outsider roles regarding the groups studied. Scholars use various research methods and discuss the value of insider/outsider perspectives, problems faced...

Rhetorical Realism: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the Ontology of Things

by Scot Barnett

Rhetorical Realism responds to the surging interest in nonhumans across the humanities by exploring how realist commitments have historically accompanied understandings of rhetoric from antiquity to the present....

The Ethics and Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology

by Kevin Cummings, James Stanescu & Matt Calarco

The essays in this collection address the militaristic discourse deployed by humans against invasive species and consider alternative relationships of cohabitation.

Journalistic Role Performance: Concepts, Contexts, and Methods

by Claudia Mellado, Lea Hellmueller & Wolfgang Donsbach

This volume lays out the theoretical and methodological framework to introduce the concept of journalistic role performance, defined as the outcome of concrete newsroom decisions and the style of news reporting...

The Discourse Strategies of Imperialist Writing: The German Colonial Idea and Africa, 1848-1945

by Felicity Rash

In this monograph, Felicity Rash examines German colonialist texts through the lens of linguistics, using multiple analytic approaches in order to contribute to the study of ideological discourse. Focusing on...

Explorations in Critical Studies of Advertising

by James F. Hamilton, Robert Bodle & Ezequiel Korin

This volume provides a thoughtful and wide-ranging exploration of approaches to the critical study of advertising. Current and impending practices of advertising have in many ways exceeded the grasp of traditional...