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The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and Humanities

The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being: International Perspectives on Theory and Research on Positive Media Effects

by Leonard Reinecke & Mary Beth Oliver

The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being serves as the first international review of the current state of this fast-developing area of research. The volume provides a multifaceted perspective on the...

Pursuing an Ethic of Empathy in Journalism

by Janet Blank-Libra

This book advances a journalistic theory of empathy, challenging long-held notions about how best to do journalism. Because the institution of journalism has typically equated empathy and compassion with bias,...

Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts

by Shelley D. Lane

Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts prepares students to communicate successfully in today's fast-paced and complex society through the implementation of a unique competence-building model....

Performing Personality: On-Air Radio Identities in a Changing Media Landscape

by David Crider

This book examines how radio announcers construct, prepare, and perform their on-air personalities during a time when the radio industry is fighting to stay relevant amid expanding media options.

A Need to Know: The Clandestine History of a CIA Family

by H.L. Goodall Jr

In scenes eerily parallel to the culture of fear inspired by our current War on Terror, A Need to Know explores the clandestine history of a CIA family defined, and ultimately destroyed, by their oath to keep...

Coming to Narrative: A Personal History of Paradigm Change in the Human Sciences

by Arthur P Bochner

Reflecting on a 50 year university career, Distinguished Professor Arthur Bochner, former President of the National Communication Association, discloses a lived history, both academic and personal, that has...

Communicating Hope: An Ethnography of a Children's Mental Health Care Team

by Christine Davis

Kevin is a sometimes-violent teenager with severe emotional disturbance in a family environment of poverty and stress. In this ethnography of a children's mental health care team, communication scholar Christine...

Messages: An Introduction to Communication

by Arthur Asa Berger

This brief introductory textbook to the field of communication offers the advantages of Arthur Asa Berger's informal writing style and flair for popular culture examples aimed to engage students. Designed for...

The Cultural Theorist's Book of Quotations

by Arthur Asa Berger

Where did you see it-that perfect quotation from Foucault or Kristeva to use in your upcoming keynote address? Stop the search and pick up Arthur Berger's handy book of over 300 concise quotations from the vast...

Understanding American Icons: An Introduction to Semiotics

by Arthur Asa Berger

This brief, student-friendly introduction to the study of semiotics uses examples from 25 iconic locations in the United States. From Coney Island to Las Vegas, the World Trade Center to the Grand Canyon, Berger...

Crisis Communication, Liberal Democracy, and Ecological Sustainability: The Threat of Financial and Energy Complexes in the Twenty-First Century

by Majia Nadesan

Through detailed and empirical analysis of the institutions, governing logics, risk-management practices, and crisis communications involved in the 2007–2008 financial crisis, the 2010 BP oil crisis, and the...

News Across Media: Production, Distribution and Consumption

by Jakob Linaa Jensen, Mette Mortensen & Jacob Ørmen

News production, distribution and consumption are in rapidly changing due to the rise of new media. This book examines how these processes become more and more interrelated through logics of dissemination, sharing...

Female Business Owners in Public Relations: Constructing Identity at Home and at Work

by Allison Weidhaas

Female Business Owners in Public Relations examines how female business owners in public relations construct and communicate their personal and professional identities.

Communication: Embracing Difference

by Daniel M. Dunn & Lisa M. Goodnight

Communication: Embracing Difference, 4e, stresses the importance of understanding and celebrating difference as a means to becoming a more effective communicator. This text describes basic communication theory...

The Natural Speaker

by Randy Fujishin

The Natural Speaker is a concise, practical, inexpensive, student-friendly guide to public speaking that explores the basic skills necessary to present a natural, effective, and rewarding speech to any audience....

Principles of Public Speaking

by Kathleen M. German, Bruce E Gronbeck (Deceased) & Douglas Ehninger

Balancing skills and theory, Principles of Public Speaking emphasizes orality, Internet technology, and critical thinking as it encourages the reader to see public speaking as a way to build community in today's...