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The American Presidency and Entertainment Media

by Thomas Gallagher

The need for American presidential candidates and sitting presidents to connect with citizens has led to the adoption of diverse media strategies that include traditional news initiatives with established journalists,...

The Womanist Preacher: Proclaiming Womanist Rhetoric from the Pulpit

by Kimberly P. Johnson

highlights the rhetorical art form that exists in womanist preaching and womanist rhetoric by analyzing the sermons of five women who are considered exemplars of womanist preaching: Elaine M. Flake, Gina M....

Media and the Experience of Social Change

by Tim Markham

For centuries scholars have fretted about the gulf that exists between the enormity of historical change and the banality of people’s everyday lives. This is said to be exacerbated in our media saturated age,...

The Global Status of Women and Girls

by Dawn Hutchinson, Lori Underwood, Rebecca Peters & Rania Kassab Sweis et al.

The Global Status of Women and Girls: A Multidisciplinary Approach fosters inquiries into the complex and multifocal issues faced by women and girls around the world, both historically and today. It not only...

Locating Queerness in the Media

by Theresa Carilli, Jane Campbell, Lori L. Montalbano & Bruce E. Drushel et al.

LocatingQueerness in the Media: A New Look examines how media images of the LGBTQ community create a universal consciousness about the existence of queer people, ranging from tragic and villainous to upbeat...

Talking Black and White

by Gina Castle Bell & Mark C. Hopson

Talking Black and White: An Intercultural Exploration of Twenty-First-Century Racism, Prejudice, and Perception investigates domestic race-related social justice issues and intercultural communication between...

Economic Injustice and the Rhetoric of the American Dream

by Luke Winslow

Our economic arrangements require a persuasive story that can explain who is rich, who is poor, and why. This story shapes our attitudes toward what is just and unjust; this story dispenses power to some and...

The Evolution and Social Impact of Video Game Economics

by Casey B. Hart, Casey O'Donnell, Steve Cuff & Brent Kice et al.

The Evolution and Social Impact of Video Game Economics examines paradigmatic changes in the economic structure of the video game industry from a media effects and game design perspective. This book explores...


by Christian Meyer, J?rgen Streeck & J. Scott Jordan

This book draws inspiration from Maurice Merleau-Ponty's concept of intercorporeality to offer a new, multidisciplinary perspective on the body. By drawing attention to the body's ability to simultaneously sense...

New Media and Digital Pedagogy: Enhancing the Twenty-First-Century Classroom

by Michael G. Strawser, Renee Kaufmann, Russell Carpenter & Beth Case et al.

This volume addresses the influence of new media on instruction, higher education, and pedagogy. It specifically examines the practical and theoretical implications of new media and the influence of new media...

Thank You for Arguing, Third Edition

by Jay Heinrichs

A master class in the art of persuasion, as taught by professors ranging from Bart Simpson to Winston Churchill, newly revised and updated.

The time-tested secrets taught in this book include Cicero's three-step...

Campaigns That Matter

by Jay Wendland

Every four years Americans are inundated with campaign activities from candidates attempting to become the next president of the United States. An under-researched area of these campaign activities are campaign...

Visual Guide to Tactical Communication

by Vanessa Lusian & Dan O’Connor

Free-style scripts, lead-In lines and closing lines and other specific verbal patterns that help you focus on your goal with laser precision, and achieve it at lightning speed. These are the same tactics that...

From Awareness to Commitment in Public Health Campaigns

by Myleea D. Hill & Marceline Thompson-Hayes

Attempts to raise awareness on a multitude of health issues may actually be counter-productive and even dangerous to solving contemporary health problems. From Awareness to Commitment in Public Health Campaigns:...

Cosmos and the Rhetoric of Popular Science

by Karen Schroeder Sorensen

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos inspires audiences to look at the universe with new eyes and to appreciate humanity’s importance in it. Sagan’s deft use of rhetorical strategy creates an experience that pushes beyond...

Haunting Hands

by Kathleen M. Cumiskey & Larissa Hjorth

Haunting Hands looks closely at the consequences of digital media's ubiquitous presence in our lives, in particular the representing, sharing, and remembering of loss. From Facebook tribute pages during public...

Approaches to Conflict

by Stephen M. Croucher, Paul A. Wilson, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk & John E. LaMuth et al.

Approaches to Conflict: Theoretical, Interpersonal, and Discursive Dynamics aims to investigate the role of communication and emotions in conflict contexts. In addition to the fundamental importance of communication...

Political Campaign Communication

by Robert E. Denton Jr., J. David Trebing, Melody Lehn & Hayley McCarron et al.

Political Campaign Communication: Theory, Method, and Practice brings a diversity of issues, topics, and events on political campaign communication around the concepts of theory, method and practice. The volume...

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Media

by Colleen Cotter & Daniel Perrin

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Media provides an accessible and comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art research in media linguistics. This handbook analyzes both language theory and practice, demonstrating...

Organizational Moral Learning: A Communication Approach

by Ryan S. Bisel

Extensive work in psychology and neuroscience reveals that individuals are born with moral intuitions, and this volume capitalizes on that recent insight to provide a new perspective on how to lead organizational...