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Fish Can't Climb Trees: Capitalize on your brain's unique wiring to improve the way you learn and communicate. Discover the Mercury Model(TM)

by Helyn Connerr

In this technological era, with great emphasis placed on sharing information, people are in fact not communicating any better. Despite extraordinary advances in IT devices, social media platforms and Internet...

The Death of the Book

Accountability in Social Interaction

Requesting Responsibility

Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships: Critical Examinations

by Sonja M. Brown Givens, Keisha Edwards Tassie & Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui

Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships explores and critically examines the opportunities and challenges presented in mentoring relationships involving women of color. Contributors to this edited...

The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and Humanities

Real-World Media Ethics: Inside the Broadcast and Entertainment Industries

by Philippe Perebinossoff

    • Is it ethical to pass yourself off as black if you are Caucasian, as Rachel Dolezai, the president of a local chapter of the NAACP, did in 2015?
    • Was it ethical for Donald Sterling, the former owner of the...

Colloquial Swedish: The Complete Course for Beginners

by Jennie Ahlgren, Philip Holmes & Gunilla Serin

Colloquial Swedish provides a step-by-step course in Swedish as it is written and spoken today. Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential...

Neoliberal Health Organizing: Communication, Meaning, and Politics

by Mohan J Dutta

Mohan J Dutta closely interrogates the communicative forms and practices that have been central to the establishment of neoliberal governance. In particular, he examines cultural discourses of health in relationship...

Transcribing Silence: Culture, Relationships, and Communication

by Kristine L Muñoz

Kristine Muñoz's volume of short narrative works-- autoethnographies and fictional stories-explore many dimensions of silence, a crucial but often overlooked communication phenomenon, one that drives much of...

Dictionary of Advertising and Marketing Concepts

by Arthur Asa Berger

From AdBusters to viral marketing, this brief dictionary of ideas and concepts contains over 100 extended, illuminating entries to bring the novice up to speed on the advertising/marketing world and the ideas...

Global Media Giants

by Benjamin Birkinbine, Rodrigo Gomez & Janet Wasko

Global Media Giants takes an in-depth look at how media corporate power works globally, regionally, and nationally, investigating the ways in which the largest and most powerful media corporations in the world...

Strategic Communication: New Agendas in Communication

by Anthony Dudo & LeeAnn Kahlor

The focus of this book is Strategic Communication. Communication can be defined as strategic if its development and/or dissemination is driven by an expected outcome. These outcomes can be attitudinal, behavioral,...

Populist Political Communication in Europe

by Toril Aalberg, Frank Esser & Carsten Reinemann

In an increasing number of countries around the world, populist leaders, political parties and movements have gained prominence and influence, either by electoral successes on their own or by influencing other...

The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being: International Perspectives on Theory and Research on Positive Media Effects

by Leonard Reinecke & Mary Beth Oliver

The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being serves as the first international review of the current state of this fast-developing area of research. The volume provides a multifaceted perspective on the...

Pursuing an Ethic of Empathy in Journalism

by Janet Blank-Libra

This book advances a journalistic theory of empathy, challenging long-held notions about how best to do journalism. Because the institution of journalism has typically equated empathy and compassion with bias,...

Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts

by Shelley D. Lane

Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts prepares students to communicate successfully in today's fast-paced and complex society through the implementation of a unique competence-building model....

Performing Personality: On-Air Radio Identities in a Changing Media Landscape

by David Crider

This book examines how radio announcers construct, prepare, and perform their on-air personalities during a time when the radio industry is fighting to stay relevant amid expanding media options.

A Need to Know: The Clandestine History of a CIA Family

by H.L. Goodall Jr

In scenes eerily parallel to the culture of fear inspired by our current War on Terror, A Need to Know explores the clandestine history of a CIA family defined, and ultimately destroyed, by their oath to keep...

Coming to Narrative: A Personal History of Paradigm Change in the Human Sciences

by Arthur P Bochner

Reflecting on a 50 year university career, Distinguished Professor Arthur Bochner, former President of the National Communication Association, discloses a lived history, both academic and personal, that has...