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Oral Communication in the Disciplines: A Resource for Teacher Development and Training

by Deanna P. Dannels, Patricia R. Palmerton & Amy L. Housley Gaffney

Oral Communication in the Disciplines: A Resource for Teacher Development and Training is divided into three sections.  The first section provides a rationale for using oral communication as an instructional...

Scandalize My Name


No News Is Bad News: Canada's Media Collapse - and What Comes Next

by Ian Gill

Canada’s media companies are melting faster than the polar ice caps, and in No News Is Bad News, Ian Gill chronicles their decline in a biting, in-depth analysis. He travels to an international journalism...

Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture

by Andrew F. Herrmann, Art Herbig & Tony E. Adams

Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture contains all new writings from many important established scholars as well as brilliant young scholars in the communication field. Contributors explore new and emerging...

The News Media

Industrias Culturales en México

by Rodrigo González Guillermo Orozco

Este libro es una guía para fortalecer la formación investigadora, sobre todo de los profesores y estudiantes de comunicación más jóvenes, dándoles una estructura explicativa que traspase los límites...

Defining Sport Communication

by Andrew C. Billings

Defining Sport Communication is a comprehensive resource addressing core topics and issues, including humanistic, organizational, relational, and mediated approaches to the study of sport communication. It provides...

Standing Up, Speaking Out: Stand-Up Comedy and the Rhetoric of Social Change

by Matthew R. Meier & Casey R. Schmitt

In recent decades, some of the most celebrated and culturally influential American oratorical performances have come not from political leaders or religious visionaries, but from stand-up comics. Even though...

Reporting Cultures on 60 Minutes: Missing the Finnish Line in an American Newscast

by Donal Carbaugh & Michael Berry

This work delves into the act of reporting on different cultures as a means of exploring our own. The way culture is presented to the media highlights various international and intercultural dynamics, as well...

The Discourse of Neoliberalism: An Anatomy of a Powerful Idea

by Simon Springer

Explores the internal workings of neoliberalism by dissecting the diverse interpretations that have been advanced in academia. Using a critical geographical approach the book arrives at a discursive understanding...

Race and Gender in Electronic Media: Content, Context, Culture

by Rebecca Ann Lind

This volume examines the consequences, implications, and opportunities associated with issues of diversity in the electronic media. With a focus on race and gender, the chapters represent diverse approaches,...

Fish Can't Climb Trees: Capitalize on your brain's unique wiring to improve the way you learn and communicate. Discover the Mercury Model(TM)

by Helyn Connerr

In this technological era, with great emphasis placed on sharing information, people are in fact not communicating any better. Despite extraordinary advances in IT devices, social media platforms and Internet...

Asia's Miracle Economies

by Jon Woronoff

An expanded and updated edition of Woronoff's 1986 study of Asia's emerging economic giants, this book looks back at what has happened in the intervening years, especially as regards the "discovery" of this...

Communicating: A Social, Career, and Cultural Focus

by Roy Berko, Andrew Wolvin & Darlyn R. Wolvin

This highly-regarded introduction to communication book offers a comprehensive blend of basic communication theory, research, and skills, with a strong emphasis on relationship communication (social), workplace...

Advancing Family  Communication Theory Jfc V4#3/4

by NoContributor

First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Performance: An Alphabet of Performative Writing

by Ronald J Pelias

Performance uses the alphabet as an organizational device to present a series of short pieces that approach performance from multiple perspectives and various compositional strategies. Pelias's essays, poetry,...

AIDS, Communication, and Empowerment: Gay Male Identity and the Politics of Public Health Messages

by Roger Myrick

AIDS, Communication, and Empowerment examines the cultural construction of gay men in light of discourse used in the media's messages about HIV/AIDS--messages often represented as educational, scientific, and...

How Journalists Use Twitter: The Changing Landscape of U.S. Newsrooms

by Alecia Swasy

How Journalists Use Twitter analyzes how Twitter has changed the routines and coverage strategies of four U.S. metropolitan newspapers. This book addresses newsroom work through the lens of four different communications...

Winning Arguments

by Stanley Fish

“Fish mines cultural touchstones from Milton to ‘Married with Children’ to explain how various types of arguments are structured and how that understanding can lead to victory” — New York Times Book...