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Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea

by Nojin Kwak, Dal Yong Jin, Yeuseung Kim & Ji-Hyun Ahn et al.

In recent decades, Korean communication and media have substantially grown to become some of the most significant segments of Korean society. Since the early 1990s, Korea has experienced several distinctive...

Natural Disasters and Risk Communication

by C. Vail Fletcher, Jennette Lovejoy, Do Kyun Kim & Robert F. Butler et al.

Natural Disasters and Risk Communication: Implications of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Megaquake asks and addresses how we communicate about natural disasters and what effect our communication has on natural...

Digital Dominance

by Martin Moore & Damian Tambini

Across the globe, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have accumulated power in ways that existing regulatory and intellectual frameworks struggle to comprehend. A consensus is emerging that the power...

Scholarly Communication

by Rick Anderson

The internet has transformed the ways in which scholars and scientists share their findings with each other and the world, creating a scholarly communication environment that is both more complex and more effective...

The Oxford Handbook of Advice

by Erina L. MacGeorge & Lyn M. Van Swol

Advice, defined as a recommendation for action in response to a problem, is a common form of interpersonal support and influence. Indeed, the advice we give and receive from others can be highly consequential,...

Politics, Propaganda, and Public Health

by Laura Crosswell & Lance Porter

Politics, Propaganda, and Public Health: A Case Study in Health Communication and Public Trust takes an in-depth look at Merck Pharmaceutical's groundbreaking launch of the Gardasil vaccination and ways in which...

Political Conversion

by Don Waisanen

Stories of religious conversion have been told for millennia. Yet many prominent figures such as Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Rick Perry have also used stories of their change from one political worldview...

Games Girls Play

by Carolyn M. Cunningham

Games Girls Play examines the role that video games play in girls’ lives, including how games structure girls’ leisure time, how playing video games constitutes different performances of femininity, and...

Mobile Communication and Low-Skilled Migrants’ Acculturation to Cosmopolitan Singapore

by Rajiv George Aricat & Rich Ling

Mobile Communication and Low-Skilled Migrants’ Acculturation to Cosmopolitan Singapore examines the role of mobile communication in the acculturation of South Asian labor migrants to Singapore, adopting a...

US Public Memory, Rhetoric, and the National Mall

by Roger C. Aden, Jennifer Keohane, Timothy J. Brown & Karen A. Franck et al.

US Public Memory, Rhetoric, and the National Mall examines “the nation’s front yard,” understanding it as both a public face the United States presents to the world and a site where its less apparent moral...

Critical Environmental Communication

by Murdoch Stephens

How do contemporary critical thinkers find a way to work between the doubt that grounds their thinking and the knowing needed to ground emancipatory political struggles? In this overview of four contemporary...

Communication Studies and Feminist Perspectives on Ovarian Cancer

by Dinah A. Tetteh

Communication Studies and Feminist Perspectives on Ovarian Cancer examines the embodied experience of ovarian cancer by critically analyzing impacts of normative social and medical discourses—including discourses...

The 2016 American Presidential Campaign and the News

by Jim A. Kuypers, Natalia Mielczarek, Katherine Haenschen & Mike Horning et al.

This book examines perhaps the most contentious election in modern US history—the 2016 United States presidential election. It is unique in its discussion of a wide range of issues affecting the news media...

Intercourse in Television and Film

by Carol Siegel, Lindsay Coleman, Amber Strother & Kyle Sittig et al.

As many critics and theorists have noted, non-pornographic films, documentaries, and quality television series have increasingly included explicit sex scenes since the 1990s, some of such scenes featuring the...

Magazine Advertising in Life during World War II

by Monica Brasted

Magazine Advertising in Life during World War II: Patriotism through Service, Thrift, and Utility is a descriptive analysis that examines how the cultural values of service, thrift, and utility were framed in...

Media Scholarship in a Transitional Age

by Carol M. Liebler & Tim P. Vos

Media Scholarship in a Transitional Age honors the significant and lasting contribution that Pamela J. Shoemaker has made to mass communications research. Her body of work, spanning four decades, has included...

Adolescence, Girlhood, and Media Migration

by Aimee Rickman

Adolescence, Girlhood, and Media Migration: US Teens' Use of Social Media to Negotiate Offline Struggles considers teens’ social media use as a lens through which to more clearly see American adolescence,...

A Rhetoric of Divisive Partisanship

by Colleen Elizabeth Kelley

A Rhetoric of Divisive Partisanship: The 2016 American Presidential Campaign Discourse of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump examines the campaign speeches of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as they targeted members...

Gifts from the Heart

by Randy Fujishin

Gifts from the Heart is a friendly, concise, and easy-to-read book that helps students learn, practice, and improve ten fundamental communication skills needed for any long-term relationship. Each skill is presented...

Public Relations Strategy, Theory, and Cases

by Tricia Hansen-Horn & Adam E. Horn

Presenting a robust introduction to public relations strategy, this book helps readers explore their perceptions of what strategy is or might be; highlights influencers of strategic decision making such as distinctions...