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NGOs as Newsmakers

by Matthew Powers

As traditional news outlets’ international coverage has waned, several prominent nongovernmental organizations have taken on a growing number of seemingly journalistic functions. Groups such as Amnesty International,...

Inside the TV Newsroom

by Line Hassall Thomsen

How do broadcast journalists work today? How do changes to the field of journalism affect journalists at traditional public service broadcasters? And what, if any, are the similarities between license-fee funded...

Blood Barrios

by Alberto Arce, John Washington & Daniela Ugaz

Winner of the 2018 PEN Translates Award for Non-Fiction

Features illustrations by the Honduran artist Germán Andino

Welcome to a country that has a higher casualty rate than Iraq. Wander streets considered the...

No More...No, More

by Jaron Roseman & Kirkus

The latest Spectrum Auction concluded in the year of 2017, raking in over $19 billion in sales. With limited spectrum, the rise in mobile technology and the deregulation of the media market by the FCC competition...

Print News and Raise Hell

by Kenneth Joel Zogry

For over 125 years, the Daily Tar Heel has chronicled life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at times pushed and prodded the university community on issues of local, state, and national...

Resistance Advocacy as News

by Benjamin Rex LaPoe Ii & Victoria L. LaPoe

Resistance Advocacy as News: Digital Black Press Covers the Tea Party examines the Black and mainstream press’s digital interpretations of the Tea Party during President Barack Obama’s first term. The Tea...

Peace Through Media

by Leara D. Rhodes

This book equips students and practicing journalists with information on why and how to implement a course of action for Peace Journalism. Secondary literature and primary examples are used within all chapters...

The Fixer

by Michael S. Sitrick

In a fast-moving world that feeds on a 24-hour news cycle and spreads outrage like a virus, one wrong decision—or one bad tweet—can destroy a good reputation. Beloved celebrities can become pariahs. Ordinary...

Master Class

by The Aejmc Elected Standing Committee on Teaching & Chris Roush

In Master Class: Teaching Advice for Journalism and Mass Communication Instructors, members of the AEJMC Elected Standing Committee on Teaching take readers behind the scenes to explain the teaching strategies,...

The Encryption of Finnegans Wake Resolved

by Grace Eckley

At risk of life and reputation, the reform journalist W. T. Stead (1849-1912) exposed child vice and white slavery in London and established age 16 for statutory rape. Concluding the 1914 Portrait, Joyce saluted...

The Best American Magazine Writing 2017

by Sid Holt & The American Society of Magazine Editors

With the work of journalists under fire around the world, this year’s anthology of National Magazine Awards finalists and winners is a timely reminder of the power of journalism. These pieces from writers...

Kentucky's Rebel Press

by Berry Craig

Throughout the Civil War, the influence of the popular press and its skillful use of propaganda was extremely significant in Kentucky. Union and Confederate sympathizers were scattered throughout the border...

Creating Waves

by Michael Burge

After several careers that went off the rails more times than he cares to acknowledge, author Michael Burge took to journalism at the age of forty and has felt it necessary to look over his shoulder ever since!...

Becoming the News

by Ruth Palmer

What does it feel like to be featured, quoted, or just named in a news story? A refugee family, the survivor of a shooting, a primary voter in Iowa—the views and experiences of ordinary people are an important...

Highbrow, Lowbrow, Brilliant, Despicable: Fifty Years of New York Magazine

by The Editors of New York Magazine

New York, the city. New York, the magazine. A celebration.

The great story of New York City in the past half-century has been its near collapse and miraculous rebirth. A battered town left for dead, one that...

Fly to the Assemblies!

by Marcus Harrison Green & Mark Baumgarten

“But here is the thing with listening. At some point, it is not enough. The silence of the attentive, after all, sounds exactly the same as the silence of the complicit. . . . The question, then, becomes when...

Fact and Fiction

by John Hollowell

Journalists and novelists responded to the pervasive social changes of the 1960s in America with a variety of experiments in nonfiction. Those who have praised the vitality of the new journalism have seen it...

In America

by Caitríona Perry

As RTÉ’s Washington correspondent, Caitríona Perry has earned a reputation as a reliable source of truth as the world tries to make sense of the maelstrom of shocking headlines emanating from Donald Trump’s...

Pure Land

by Annette McGivney

Pure Land is the story of the most brutal murder in the history of the Grand Canyon and how McGivney's quest to investigate the victim's life and death wound up guiding the author through her own life-threatening...


by Bob Schieffer & H. Andrew Schwartz

From the explosion of fake news to the challenges of the 24 hour news cycle, legendary journalist Bob Schieffer examines political journalism today and those who practice it. Based on interviews with over 40...