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The Handbook of English Linguistics

by Bas Aarts, April McMahon & Lars Hinrichs

Second edition of this popular Handbook bringing together stimulating discussions of core English linguistics topics in a single, authoritative volume?includes numerous new and thoroughly updated chapters


Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

by Sandrine Zufferey

Over the past decades, the use of quantitative methods has become almost generalized in all domains of linguistics. However, using these methods requires a thorough understanding of the principles underlying...


by Jason Kandybowicz

A recent wave of research has explored the link between wh- syntax and prosody, breaking with the traditional generative conception of a unidirectional syntax-phonology relationship. In this book, Jason Kandybowicz...

Sign Language Linguistics

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and renowned researcher of sign languages Carol Padden, the Sanford I. Berman Chair in Language and Human Communication at UC San Diego....

Speaking and Thinking

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Victor Ferreira, Professor of Psychology and Principal Investigator at the Language Production Lab at the University of California...

The Psychology of Bilingualism

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Ellen Bialystok, Professor of Psychology at York University. Ellen Bialystok is a world-leading expert on the effects of bilingualism...

Babbling Barbarians: How Translators Keep Us Civilized

by Howard Burton

Ever heard people say things like, ?A translation is no substitute for the original? or ?Humour can?t be translated into another language?? In this thought-provoking book, based on an in-depth filmed conversation...

Nominal Arguments and Language Variation

by Li Julie Jiang

Nominal Arguments in Language Variation investigates nominal arguments in classifier languages, refuting the long-held claim that classifier languages do not have overt article determiners. Li Julie Jiang brings...

Words of the Inuit

The Handbook of Asian Englishes

by Kingsley Bolton, Werner Botha & Andy Kirkpatrick

The first volume of its kind, focusing on the sociolinguistic and socio-political issues surrounding Asian Englishes

The Handbook of Asian Englishes provides wide-ranging coverage of the historical and cultural...

The Handbook of Language Contact

by Raymond Hickey

The second edition of the definitive reference on contact studies and linguistic change--provides extensive new research and original case studies

Language contact is a dynamic area of contemporary linguistic...

Discourses of Authenticity on YouTube: From the Personal to the Professional

by Giorgia Riboni

This book explores the discourse of authenticity on the popular social media platform YouTube. It investigates how popular users negotiate their identity and discursively portray themselves as authentic in their...

Bilingual discourse and cross-cultural fertilisation: Sanskrit and Tamil in medieval India

by Whitney Cox & Vincenzo Vergiani

pThis collection of essays aims to trace the exchanges, responses, affinities and fissures between the worlds of Sanskrit and Tamil literary cultures in the medieval period. The literati who produced the works...

Sharing Professional Knowledge on Web 2.0 and beyond

by Giuliana Garzone

In recent years, the use of Web-mediated digital technologies has constantly grown in importance, reshaping the communication landscape in all professional activities. Web 2.0 applications and platforms have...

Il sessismo nella lingua italiana.

by AA.VV.

La lingua non è né neutra né neutrale, soprattutto dal punto di vista del genere. Può creare, accentuare o conservare discriminazioni che finora hanno colpito soprattutto le donne. Quel che è peggio, tutto...

Creative Multilingualism: A Manifesto

by Katrin Kohl, Rajinder Dudrah, Andrew Gosler, Suzanne Graham, Martin Maiden, Wen & chin Ouyang and Matthew Reynolds (eds)

Multilingualism is integral to the human condition. Hinging on the concept of Creative Multilingualism – the idea that language diversity and creativity are mutually enriching – this timely and thought-provoking...

Guidelines for Translation from French into English

by Robin Lambert

pDes montagnes de l’Asie centrale aux déserts d’Egypte, des rues de Paris au pôle Nord, les agents d’une équipe d’élite mènent une lutte acharnée contre un ennemi redoutable. Disposant des toutes...

The Oxford Handbook of African Languages

by Rainer Vossen & Gerrit J. Dimmendaal

This book provides a comprehensive overview of current research in African languages, drawing on insights from anthropological linguistics, typology, historical and comparative linguistics, and sociolinguistics....

The Structure of Truth

by Donald Davidson, Cameron Kirk-Giannini & Ernie Lepore

Donald Davidson was one of the most famous and influential philosophers of the twentieth century. The Structure of Truth presents his 1970 Locke Lectures in print for the first time. They comprise an invaluable...

English Grammar Essentials For Dummies

by Wendy M. Anderson, Geraldine Woods & Lesley J. Ward

English Grammar Essentials For Dummies 2nd Edition (9780730384724) was previously published as English Grammar Essentials For Dummies 2nd Edition (9781118493311). While this version features a new Dummies cover...