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Integration Now

by William P. Hustwit

Recovering the history of an often-ignored landmark Supreme Court case, William P. Hustwit assesses the significant role that Alexander v. Holmes (1969) played in integrating the South's public schools. Although...


by Sahra Christ

Rodrick was one of the guards that kept people in their homes. If you go outside and Rodrick sees you, he will just slice up your neck from behind. His long steel blade will penetrate your neck from the top...

China's International Investment Strategy

by Julien Chaisse

Since China adopted its 'open door' policy in 1978, which altered its development strategy from self-sufficiency to active participation in the world market, its goal has remained unchanged: to assist the readjustment...

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions

by Marcy Hogan Greer

Since the original publication of A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Wal-Mart Corporation v. Dukes—and has continued to decide class action issues each year. Those decisions...

The Corporate Counsel Survival Guide

by William Kruse

Making the decision to pursue an in-house counsel position can be a daunting experience, in part because in-house positions are so different from working in a firm and can vary by company and industry. This...


by A. Jamie Cuticchia

Genetics: A Handbook for Lawyers, Second Edition covers a wide range of relevant topics including:

Molecular Biology

History of Genetics

Cutting Edge Technology and Evidentiary Value

Role of Genetics in Health


Electronic Evidence for Family Law Attorneys

by Timothy Conlon & Aaron Hughes

Issues of access to and the forensic use of electronic evidence are central to our social agenda—and nowhere are those issues more complicated than in family law. Who but a spouse knows your passwords and...

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook

by Robert W. Tarun & Peter P. Tomczak

With its comprehensive analysis of potential FCPA liabilities and sound practical suggestions as to how to deal with them, this book is a very valuable asset for both unseasoned and seasoned FCPA practitioners....

The Irish Supreme Court

by Brice Dickson

This book examines the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Ireland since its creation in 1924. It sets out the origins of the Court, explains how it operated during the life of the Irish Free State (1922-1937),...

McKnight and Zakrzewski on The Law of Loan Agreements and Syndicated Lending

by Rafal Zakrzewski & Geoff Fuller

Based on parts of the leading work McKnight, Paterson and Zakrzewski on the Law of International Finance, 2e, this new book is an accessible introduction to loan agreements in English law and practice. The book...

Law and the Political Economy of Hunger

by Anna Chadwick

This book is an inquiry into the role of law in the contemporary political economy of hunger. In the work of many international institutions, governments, and NGOs, law is represented as a solution to the persistence...

Competition Law and Intellectual Property in China

by Spyros Maniatis, Ioannis Kokkoris & Xiaoye Wang

The edited volume will adopt a thematic approach to some controversial issues in the area of competition law and IP in China and will include contributions from leading academics and practitioners. The combination...


by Zachary Kramer

What is the future of civil rights? Like a living thing, discrimination evolves, adapting to its time. As discrimination becomes more individualized, as difference becomes more pronounced, we need a civil rights...

Tribunal Secretaries in International Arbitration

by J Ole Jensen

For the first time, a monograph thoroughly analyses the controversial and sensitive topic of secretaries to arbitral tribunals. Tribunal secretaries support arbitrators at all stages of the arbitration and provide...

Living Wage

by Shelley Marshall

This book is driven by a quest to re-regulate work to reduce informality and inequality, and promote a living wage for more people across the world. It presents the findings of a multidisciplinary study in four...

The EU Regulations on Matrimonial and Patrimonial Property

by Ulf Bergquist, Domenico Damascelli, Richard Frimston & Paul Lagarde et al.

Today there are no common international rules as to which state's law shall be applied when a married couple have connections with more than one state e.g. British citizens living in France. Each state has its...

Antitrust Procedural Fairness

by D. Daniel Sokol & Andrew T. Guzman

Much of antitrust law scholarship has focused on substantive legal issues - theories of harm and changing law and policy. Surprisingly, there has been very little work, and to our knowledge no book length work...

A Dictionary of Oil & Gas Industry Terms

by Peter Roberts

This dictionary is a guide to the various legal, regulatory, technical, commercial and financial acronyms, terms and phrases used in today's international oil and gas industry. Written by a leading expert in...

Wealth of Nations

by Adam Smith & Reading Time

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and ?in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook. Adam Smith's masterpiece, first published in 1776, is the foundation of modern economic thought and...