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by Irit Samet

This book sets out to defend the claim that Equity ought to remain a separate body of law; the temptation to iron-out the differences between neighbouring doctrines on the two sides of the Equity/Common Law...

Searching for Justice After the Holocaust

by Michael J. Bazyler, Kathryn Lee Boyd, Kristen L. Nelson & Rajika L. Shah

The Nazis and their state-sponsored cohorts stole mercilessly from the Jews of Europe. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, returning survivors had to navigate a frequently unclear path to recover their property...

ABCs of Arbitrage

by Vicky Tsilas & Kimberly Betterton

The 2018 Edition of this best-seller is updated, expanded, and will help readers master both the most basic and complicated aspects of the subject by translating the complex issues of arbitrage into concise,...

Model Business Corporation Act

by Aba Business Law Section Corporate Laws Committee

The Model Business Corporation Act (2016 Revision) is the first complete revision of the Model Act since 1984. The Model Act is a free-standing corporation statute that can be enacted in its entirety by a state...

Euroconstitutionalism and its Discontents

by Oliver Gerstenberg

This book addresses the question of social constitutionalism, especially with regard to its role in the contemporary European project. For reasons of history and democracy, Europeans share a deep commitment...

International Law in Domestic Courts

by André Nollkaemper, August Reinisch, Ralph Janik & Florentina Simlinger

The application of international law by domestic courts has gained increasing attention in recent years. In an ever-more interconnected world, domestic courts now make reference to judgments by foreign courts...

Law and the "Sharing Economy"

by Teresa Scassa, Finn Makela, Derek McKee & Nofar Sheffi et al.

La controverse entoure les plateformes d’économie de partage, partiellement en raison de leur impact économique. Certains secteurs subissent des contrecoups de manière plus aigüe : les chauffeurs d’Uber...

Complex Battlespaces

by Ltc Winston S. Williams & Ltc Christopher M. Ford

The conduct of warfare is constantly shaped by new forces that create complexities in the battlespace for military operations. As the nature of how and where wars are fought changes, new challenges to the application...

Legal Directives and Practical Reasons

by Noam Gur

This book investigates laws interaction with practical reasons. What difference can legal requirements - be they traffic rules, tax laws, work safety regulations, or others - make to normative reasons relevant...

Equal Pay: Law and Practice

by Daphne Romney Qc

The legal landscape for equal pay has evolved significantly in recent years. The perception of equal pay has been raised by the introduction of compulsory gender pay reporting in the form of the Equality Act...

US Taxes for Worldly Americans

by Olivier Wagner

The Amazon Expat Tax Bestseller, Now Updated for 2018. Are you a citizen of the United States who lives abroad? You probably know America is one of only two countries that taxes its citizens on their worldwide...

Human Rights and World Public Order

by Myres S. McDougal, Harold D. Lasswell & Lung-chu Chen

In 1980, Professors McDougal, Lasswell, and Chen published the original edition of Human Rights and World Public Order to present a "comprehensive framework of inquiry" from which to approach international human...

Comparative Human Rights Law

by Sandra Fredman

Courts in different jurisdictions face similar human rights questions. Does the death penalty breach human rights? Does freedom of speech include racist speech? Is there a right to health? This book uses the...

Managing Risk in High-Stakes Faculty Employment Decisions

by Julee T. Flood & Terry L. Leap

Understanding the risks involved in hiring new faculty is becoming increasingly important. In Managing Risk in High-Stakes Faculty Employment Decisions Julee T. Flood and Terry Leap critically examine the landscape...

A Primer on Legal Reasoning

by Michael Evan Gold

After years of teaching law courses to undergraduate, graduate, and law students, Michael Evan Gold has come to believe that the traditional way of teaching – analysis, explanation, and example – is superior...

LGBTQ Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

by Abbie E. Goldberg & Adam P. Romero

What unique challenges face LGBTQ individuals in relationships or who are separating or divorcing, especially now that same-sex couples may marry? What issues might complicate the ending of relationships when...

Guilty Pleasures

by Laura Little

Few people associate law books with humor. Yet the legal world--in particular the American legal system--is itself frequently funny. Indeed, jokes about the profession are staples of American comedy. And there...

Random Families

by Rosanna Hertz & Margaret K. Nelson

The ready availability of donated sperm and eggs has made possible an entirely new form of family. Children of the same donor and their families, with the help of social media and the internet, can now locate...

EU Equality Law

by Elise Muir

The European Union is a supranational organisation with a set of circumscribed powers. Although these powers do not include an all-encompassing fundamental rights' mandate, today's existential challenges - from...

Equal Citizenship and Public Reason

by Christie Hartley & Lori Watson

This book is a defense of political liberalism as a feminist liberalism. The first half of the book develops and defends a novel interpretation of political liberalism. It is argued that political liberals should...