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Crimes That Changed Our World

by Paul H. Robinson & Sarah M. Robinson

Can crime make our world safer? Crimes are the worst of humanity’s wrongs but, oddly, they sometimes “trigger” improvement in our lives. Crimes That Changed Our World explores some of the most important...

The Insanity Myth

by Winston Delano Cabrall

The Insanity Myth is a discourse on the psychology and neurology of psychosomatic disorders or so-called "mental illnesses" and "altered states of consciousness," given as part of the classic argument between...

Tort Reform

by James K Norman

Tort Reform requires change, but change gives rise to two conflictingn factions. The first, sensing inequities in the present tort system, seeks change to level the playing field. The second vehemently opposes...

Community Interests Across International Law

by Eyal Benvenisti & Georg Nolte

This book explores the extent to which contemporary international law expects states to take into account the interests of others - namely third states or their citizens - when they form and implement their...

Taking the Rap

by Ann Hansen

“Ann Hansen’s memoir combines a riveting story with a brilliant exposé of the inner workings of the prison industrial complex. Charged with empathy, courage, and an anarchist passion for justice, Taking...

Buying Time

by Thomas F. McDow

In Buying Time, Thomas F. McDow synthesizes Indian Ocean, Middle Eastern, and East African studies as well as economic and social history to explain how, in the nineteenth century, credit, mobility, and kinship...

Judge and Punish

by Geoffroy de Lagasnerie

What remains anti-democratic in our criminal justice systems, and where does it come from? Geoffroy de Lagasnerie spent years sitting in on trials, watching as individuals were judged and sentenced for armed...

The Poison Plot

by Elaine Forman Crane

An accusation of attempted murder rudely interrupted Mary Arnold’s dalliances with working men and her extensive shopping sprees. When her husband Benedict fell deathly ill and then asserted she had tried...

Wars of Law

by Tanisha M. Fazal

In Wars of Law, Tanisha M. Fazal assesses the unintended consequences of the proliferation of the laws of war for the commencement, conduct, and conclusion of wars over the course of the past one hundred fifty...

Termination of franchising and distribution agreements in EU

by Aa. Vv. & Alberto Venezia

Franchising and Dealership represent two of the main contractual instruments used for the creation of national and international sales networks. The absence of a unitary doctrine framework helped to develop...

The Law and Politics of Engaging De Facto States

by Benedikt Harzl

The secessionist entities that emerged out of the turbulent upheavals in the 1990s in the South Caucasus have, over many years and with enormous external assistance, successfully defied the jurisdiction of their...

More Money, More Crime

by Marcelo Bergman

While worldwide crime is declining overall, criminality in Latin America has reached unprecedented levels that have ushered in social unrest and political turmoil. Despite major political and economic gains,...

51 Imperfect Solutions

by Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton

When we think of constitutional law, we invariably think of the United States Supreme Court and the federal court system. Yet much of our constitutional law is not made at the federal level. In 51 Imperfect...

The Last Guide To Independent Filmmaking

by Tut Thomas

This comprehensive guide will teach you about the exciting new tools available to independent content creators. Gain invaluable knowledge about getting your project on streaming platforms like Netflix and iTunes,...

Confronting the Shadow State

by Henri Decoeur

This book examines the rules and mechanisms of international law relevant to the suppression of state organized crime, and provides a normative justification for developing international legal mechanisms specifically...

Jurisdictional Immunities of States and International Organizations

by Edward Chukwuemeke Okeke

This book covers the relationship between the jurisdictional immunities of States and international organizations, addressing their similarities and dissimilarities. Their relationship with diplomatic immunity...

The Use of Force in International Law

by Tom Ruys, Olivier Corten & Alexandra Hofer

The international law on the use of force is one of the oldest branches of international law. It is an area twinned with the emergence of international law as a concept in itself, and which sees law and politics...

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance

by Jeffrey N. Gordon & Wolf-Georg Ringe

Corporate law and corporate governance have been at the forefront of regulatory activities across the world for several decades now, and are subject to increasing public attention following the Global Financial...

An Ultimate Guide to Launch An SEC Compliant ICO

by Jennifer M. Greenlee, Corey A. Washington & Ernesto Lee

ICOs and cryptocurrencies are incredibly complex, and most people who talk about them really don’t understand the intricacies at all. This book is here to help you understand all the abstract ICO information...

The Common Law in Colonial America

by William E. Nelson

The eminent legal historian William E. Nelson's magisterial four-volume The Common Law in Colonial America traces how the many legal orders of Britain's thirteen North American colonies gradually evolved into...