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Discourse, Identity, and Social Change in the Marriage Equality Debates

Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck

by Adam Cohen

One of America’s great miscarriages of justice, the Supreme Court’s infamous 1927 Buck v. Bell ruling made government sterilization of “undesirable” citizens the law of the land


New York Times bestselling...

Fair Share Divorce for Women, Second Edition

by Kathleen A. Miller

More than 1.1 million women are actively involved in divorce each year and all need solid financial advice to help make this transition less painful. In FAIR SHARE DIVORCE FOR WOMEN, Second Edition, Certified...

Applying the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in Education: A Practical Guide for Education Professionals

by Jane L. Sinson

Providing clear guidance on mental capacity and its assessment in young people (aged 16-25) with special educational needs, this is the essential guide for education professionals on the incorporation of the...

Hindu Divorce: A Legal Anthropology

by Livia Holden

This comparative study investigates the place of Hindu divorce in the Indian legal system and considers whether it offers a way out of a matrimonial crisis situation for women. Using the narratives of the social...

Family, Religion and Law: Cultural Encounters in Europe

by Prakash Shah & Marie-Claire Foblets

This collection discusses how official legal systems do and should respond to the reality of a plurality of family types and origins within their jurisdictions. It further examines the challenges that arise...

God, Schools, and Government Funding: First Amendment Conundrums

by Laurence H. Winer & Nina J. Crimm

In recent years, a conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court, over vigorous dissents, has developed circumventions to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that allow state legislatures unabashedly...

The Law and the Dead

by Heather Conway

The fate of the dead is a compelling and emotive subject, which also raises increasingly complex legal questions. This book focuses on the substantive laws around disposal of the recently deceased and associated...

Living Life as Parent-Partners

by Merle H. Weiner

This book was written to help parents, and parents-to-be, ensure that they have the type of relationship with the other parent that can maximize their child's well-being.  Regardless of whether parents are...

Regulating Family Responsibilities

by Jo Bridgeman & Heather Keating

This collection brings together some of the most eminent and exciting authors researching family responsibilities to examine understandings of the day to day responsibilities which people undertake within families...

Responsibility, Law and the Family

by Jo Bridgeman, Craig Lind & Heather Keating

Focusing on moral, social and legal responsibilities as opposed to rights or obligations, this volume explores the concept of responsibility in family life, law and practice. Divided into four parts, the study...

Encounters with Rikki: From Hurricane Katrina Rescue to Exceptional Therapy Dog

by Bettinger Julie Strauss

Lives change when a man discovers his rescue dog's ability to heal trauma survivors.

Protest, Property and the Commons: Performances of Law and Resistance

by Lucy Finchett-Maddock

Protest, Property and the Commons focuses on the alternative property narratives of 'social centres', or political squats, and how the spaces and their communities create their own - resistant - form of law....

A Good Death?: Law and Ethics in Practice

by Simon Woods & Lynn Hagger

This interdisciplinary collection presents valuable discourse and reflection on the nature of a good death. Bringing together a leading judge and other legal scholars, philosophers, social scientists, practitioners...

Discursive Constructions of Consent in the Legal Process

by Susan Ehrlich, Diana Eades & Janet Ainsworth

As a linguistically-grounded, critical examination of consent, this volume views consent not as an individual mental state or act but as a process that is interactionally-and discursively-situated. It highlights...

Divorce in Michigan: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect

by John F. Schaefer

Providing accurate and objective information to help make the right decisions during a divorce in Michigan, this guide provides answers to 360 queries such as What is the mediation process in Michigan and is...

Working Women and their Rights in the Workplace: International Human Rights and Its Impact on Libyan Law

by Naeima Faraj A.A. Al-Hadad

This book addresses women's rights to work and motherhood in Libya from a legal and international human rights perspective. In an attempt to solve the problem posed by the perception that there is an unsolvable...

Controversies in Equal Protection Cases in America: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation

by Anne Richardson Oakes

This collection engages with current issues on equal protection in the USA, as seen from the perspectives of leading academics in this area. Contributors with a range of perspectives interrogate the legal, theoretical...

Legal Culture in the United States: An Introduction

by Kirk Junker

For law students and lawyers to successfully understand and practice law in the U.S., recognition of the wider context and culture which informs the law is essential. Simply learning the legal rules and procedures...

Taken: The Inspirational True Story Of One Mother's Epic Win Against Social Services

by Sue O'Callaghan


Sue O’Callaghan was one of us. Just an ordinary mum, living an ordinary life, in a nice house with her husband and family. Ordinary, that is, until the day her husband...