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If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late

by James J. Sexton

Hard-hitting divorce lawyer James Sexton shares his insights and wisdom from the front lines of divorce to keep you out of his office and improve your relationship.

If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late...

SONGS AND VERSES OF THE SUFFRAGETTES - music and hymns from the Suffrage Movement

by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A MUST READ FOR EVERY TEENAGE GIRL AND WOMEN OF ALL AGES! This book will impart the passion and feeling behind the women of the Suffrage movement whithout whom women of today would not have the right to vote...

The Generous Prenup

by Laurie Israel

Getting married? Wondering about Prenuptial Agreements?

For anyone who is getting married, The Generous Prenup will be your comprehensive guide to everything related to prenuptial planning and agreements. This...

In the Shadow of Korematsu

by Eric K. Yamamoto

The national security and civil liberties tensions of the World War II mass incarceration link 9/11 and the 2015 Paris-San Bernardino attacks to the Trump era in America - an era darkened by accelerating discrimination...

Philosophical Foundations of Children's and Family Law

by Elizabeth Brake & Lucinda Ferguson

This volume brings together new essays in law and philosophy on a broad range of topics in children's and family law. It is the first volume to bring together essays by legal scholars and philosophers for an...

How To Be a Lady Who Leaves

by Emma Heptonstall & Nina Farr

Leaving your husband and getting divorced is a big deal, even when it’s your idea. But how do you know if you're making the right decision for you, and if you are, what’s the first thing you need to do?


Planning Plan B

by Kylie Parker, Dyan Burgess & Eddie Lees

Life is random. For many, life is an enjoyable journey: most of the lows are not too low and most of the highs are compensation for the beige bits in between. Yet we know that the unforeseeable is always out...

Child Rights in India

by Asha Bajpai

Legislation is one of the most important tools for empowering children. It reflects the commitment of the state to promote an ideal and progressive value system. Recent years have seen several key developments...

Saving International Adoption

by Mark Montgomery & Irene Powell

International adoption is in a state of virtual collapse, rates having fallen by more than half since 2004 and continuing to fall. Yet around the world millions of orphaned and vulnerable children need permanent...


by James Hart Hart Stern & Autumn K. Robinson

How my false imprisonment with the former Imperial Grand Wizard Edgar Ray Killen became the Catalyst to uncover unpublished secrets of the KKK, alone with the shocking truths about Mississippi Burning, the CIA...

Triple Talaq

by Salman Khurshid

Triple talaq, or talaq-e-bidat, is one of the most debated issues in the Muslim world. From antiquity, the Muslim faith has been plagued by the portrayal of Muslim men regularly misusing this perceived “right”...

Rescuing Retirement

by Tony James, Teresa Ghilarducci & Timothy Geithner

Everyone deserves to be able to retire with dignity, but this core feature of the social contract is in jeopardy. Companies have swerved away from pensions, and most of the workforce has woefully inadequate...

What's Wrong with Rights?

by Radha D'Souza

Through mapping the rights discourse and the transformations in transnational finance capitalism since the world wars, and interrogating the connections between the two, Radha D'Souza examines contemporary rights...

Sovereign Defaults Before Domestic Courts

by Hayk Kupelyants

In this new book, Hayk Kupelyants examines sovereign debt litigation before the English and New York courts. The book sets out parties' litigation choices at various stages of proceedings and provides the legal...

A Simple Will for Dying Well

by Jay H. Turner Iii Esq.

Despite the certainty of our own mortality, most people in America have not prepared a will. Upon their deaths, this leaves the distribution of their assets at the mercy of the laws of their state. The best...

Rule Haiku

by Levi Jones

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are seen as technical, complicated, and even intimidating. Haiku is a form of poetry known for its simplicity. Rule Haiku: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure strips each rule...

Telling & Duxbury's Planning Law and Procedure

by Robert Duxbury

Designed to be a concise and accessible guide to the fundamental principles of planning law in England and Wales, Telling & Duxbury's Planning Law and Procedure represents an up-to-date, practical resource for...

Students as suspects?

by Francesco Ragazzi

Could policies aimed at preventing radicalisation in Europe end up undermining the very social cohesion they aim to preserve? Since the mid-2000s, a growing number of European governments have broadened the...

Policing and Race in America

by James D. Ward, Barry D. Friedman, Robert Maranto & Ian Kingsbury et al.

This edited collection explores policing in America in regards to minority groups. The essays discuss how the relationship between police and minority groups affects politics, the economy, and minority groups’...

Miller on Contempt of Court

by C. J. Miller & David Perry Qc

Contempt of court has been aptly described as the Proteus of the legal world, assuming an almost infinite diversity of forms. Its central concern is to protect the administration of justice in criminal and civil...