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Intimate Crimes:             Gangs, Kidnapping, and Trust in Mexico City

by Rolando Ochoa

Mexico has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the world. Intimate Crimes outlines the history of kidnapping in Mexico City by constructing a narrative of this crime based on extensive qualitative research...

Representing People with Mental Disabilities

by Elizabeth Kelley

Representing People with Mental Disabilities is intended that you can throw the book in your briefcase on the way to the courthouse, or load it on your I-Pad, and turn to the appropriate chapter or chapters...

ABA Immigration Compliance and Best Practices

by Charles M. Miller, Daniel Brown & Marcine A. Seid

Foreword by Ira J. Kurzban "[A] major contribution to our field" and "a public service to all of us laboring in the fields of employment, labor, and immigration law." —Ira J. Kurzban ABA Immigration Compliance...


by A. Jamie Cuticchia

Genetics: A Handbook for Lawyers, Second Edition covers a wide range of relevant topics including:

Molecular Biology

History of Genetics

Cutting Edge Technology and Evidentiary Value

Role of Genetics in Health


Sherlock Holmes: The Truly Complete Collection (the 60 official stories + the 6 unofficial stories)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....

Implicating the System

by Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick

Indigenous women continue to be overrepresented in Canadian prisons; research demonstrates how their overincarceration and often extensive experiences of victimization are interconnected with and through ongoing...

The EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

by David Zetoony

There are relatively few resources that are built for US based legal practitioners who are not already steeped in data privacy and security. The EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation: Answers to the Most...

Social Security, Medicare and Government Pensions

by Joseph Matthews

If you don't read this book, you could miss out on valuable retirement and medical benefits.

Social Security, Medicare and Government Pensions

by Joseph Matthews

If you don't read this book, you could miss out on valuable retirement and medical benefits.

Entryways to Criminal Justice

by Matthew P. Unger, George Pavlich, Amy Swiffen & Bryan Hogeveen et al.

To understand why prisons are frequently overcrowded and expanding, we need to recognize the processes that populate them. How do societies decide whom to criminalize? What does it mean to accuse someone of...

Living Wage

by Shelley Marshall

This book is driven by a quest to re-regulate work to reduce informality and inequality, and promote a living wage for more people across the world. It presents the findings of a multidisciplinary study in four...

ABCs of Arbitrage

by Vicky Tsilas & Kimberly Betterton

The 2018 Edition of this best-seller is updated, expanded, and will help readers master both the most basic and complicated aspects of the subject by translating the complex issues of arbitrage into concise,...

Prosecuting the President

by Andrew Coan

In this exceptionally timely book, law professor Andrew Coan explains what every American needs to know about special prosecutors - perhaps the most important and misunderstood public officials of our time....

U.S. Attorneys, Political Control, and Career Ambition

by Banks Miller & Brett Curry

United States Attorneys (USAs), the chief federal prosecutors in each judicial district, are key in determining how the federal government uses coercive force against its citizens. How much control do national...

Preventing torture in Europe

by Christine Bicknell, Malcolm Evans & Rod Morgan

A comprehensive insight into the valuable work carried out by one of the Council of Europe’s highly influential mechanisms, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment...

Ethnicity, Gender, and Diversity

by Jennifer L. Schulz, Peter Robson, Lukas Musumeci & Nickos Myrtou et al.

Television and streamed series that viewers watch on their TVs, computers, phones, and tablets are a crucial part of popular culture They have an influence on viewers and on law. People acquire values, behaviors,...

Sport and prisons in Europe

by Gaëlle Sempé

Improve the well-being of prisoners in detention, enable them to change their behavior and attitudes, develop their ability to live together, learn to respect others and abide by the rules, and thus facilitate...

Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law

by Hugh Collins, Gillian Lester & Virginia Mantouvalou

This collection of essays presents an interdisciplinary investigation by lawyers and philosophers into the philosophical ideas, concepts, and principles that provide the foundation for the field of labour law...

Complex Battlespaces

by Ltc Winston S. Williams & Ltc Christopher M. Ford

The conduct of warfare is constantly shaped by new forces that create complexities in the battlespace for military operations. As the nature of how and where wars are fought changes, new challenges to the application...

Tax Law and the Environment

by Tracey M. Roberts, Roberta F. Mann, Nancy A. McLaughlin & Michael J. Graetz et al.

Tax Law and the Environment: A Multidisciplinary and Worldwide Perspective takes a multidisciplinary approach to explore the ways how tax policy can is used solve environmental problems throughout the world,...