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Sheila Watson: Essays on Her Works

by Joseph Pivato

This is the first collection of essays devoted to all of Watson's writing as well as her work as editor and mentor. 

The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building

by David J. Peterson

An insider’s tour through the construction of invented languages from the bestselling author and creator of languages for the HBO series Game of Thrones and the Syfy series Defiance

From master language creator...

Michael Allred: Conversations

by Christopher Irving

Collected interviews with the comics creator of Madman and iZombie

CliffsNotes on Hillenbrand's Unbroken

by Mike Nappa

CliffsNotes on Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, now adapted to film, includes summaries and analyses of this riveting story and a comparison of the novel to its film adaptation.

The Prison Book Club

by Ann Walmsley

A daring journalist goes behind bars to explore the redemptive power of books with bikers, bank robbers, and gunmen

     An attack in London left Ann Walmsley unable to walk alone down the street, and shook...

A Fabulous Opera

by The Tropic of Ideas & Solla Carrock

A Fabulous Opera is a volume of book reviews written by people from around the world, Belgium, Australia, the U.S., Taiwan, Canada, who come together in a virtual space, the Tropic of Ideas. This group is one...

Joy Ride: Show People and Their Shows

by John Lahr

A collection of John Lahr’s New Yorker profiles and reviews that are “the nearest we get to modern theatre history” (The Spectator).

Joy Ride throws open the stage door and introduces readers to such makers...

Richard Marsh

by Minna Vuohelainen

This first book-length study of the bestselling popular author Richard Marsh (Richard Bernard Heldmann, 1857-1915) examines a range of his gothic fictions through the lens of spatial theory and establishes his...

The Ruined Elegance: Poems

by Fiona Sze-Lorrain

In her new collection, Fiona Sze-Lorrain offers a nuanced yet dynamic vision of humanity marked by perils, surprises, and the transcendence of a “ruined elegance.” Through an intercultural journey that traces...

Wonder Wisdom and War: Essays on early Ireland

by Halligan Brendan

This work by Brendan Halligan is comprised of four essays that explore areas of early Irish society and Old Irish, and were written as part of the author's undergraduate studies in Trinity College Dublin....

Towers of Myth And Stone: Yeats's Influence on Robinson Jeffers

by Deborah Fleming

An examination of two men's shared vision of modernity and appreciation for tradition expressed through their poetry

Things Not Seen

by Eric Potter

The poems in Things Not Seen are by turns playful, witty, and serious. Ranging widely from rock concert to communion, from the stray dog of faith to the results of a mammogram, sewing to shooting stars, Schrodinger's...

Poetry and the Thought of Song in Nineteenth-Century Britain

by Elizabeth K. Helsinger

In arguing for the crucial importance of song for poets in the long nineteenth century, Elizabeth Helsinger focuses on both the effects of song on lyric forms and the mythopoetics through which poets explored...

The Quest For Graham Greene

by W. J. West

W.J. West has unearthed and pieced together all-new material regarding Graham Greene, which sheds light into the darker regions of Greene's personal, religious, financial, and international affairs. Based on...

The Story of a Star

by Tari White & Sotirios Vougiouklis

An inspirational story of a young girl who is not so common. She can communicate with plants, animals and beings that not everyone can see. She helps others to feel good about themselves by sharing her abilities....

Vade Mecum: Essays, Reviews & Interviews

by Richard Skinner

A collection of highly-informed essays offering fresh perspectives on cutting-edge writers, musicians and fimmakers.

Quixote: The Novel and the World

by Ilan Stavans

A groundbreaking cultural history of the most influential, most frequently translated, and most imitated novel in the world.

The year 2015 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the publication of the complete...

South Toward Home: Travels in Southern Literature

by Margaret Eby

A literary travelogue into the heart of classic Southern literature.

What is it about the South that has inspired so much of America's greatest literature? And why, when we think of Flannery O'Connor or William...

Reading Chaucer's Poems

by Bernard O'Donoghue, Bernard O'Donoghue & Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer is rightly regarded as the Father of English Literature. His observant wit, his narrative skill and characterization, his linguistic invention, have been a well from which the language's greatest...

Poetic Machinations: Allegory, Surrealism, and Postmodern Poetic Form

by Michael Golston

The shape, lineation, and prosody of postmodern poems are extravagantly inventive, imbuing their form with as much meaning as their content. Through a survey of American poetry and poetics from the end of World...