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Mr. Straight Arrow

by Jeremy Treglown

A monumental reevaluation of the career of John Hersey, the author of Hiroshima

Few are the books with as immediate an impact and as enduring a legacy as John Hersey’s Hiroshima. First published as an entire...

Plots against Russia

by Eliot Borenstein

In this original and timely assessment of cultural expressions of paranoia in contemporary Russia, Eliot Borenstein samples popular fiction, movies, television shows, public political pronouncements, internet...

Edward Carpenter: The Best Works

by Edward Carpenter

The Best Works of Edward Carpenter

Civilisation Its Cause and Cure


Never Again!

Pagan and Christian Creeds Their Origin and Meaning

The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife


Russell H. Conwell: The Best Works

by Russell H. Conwell

The Best Works of Russell H. Conwell


Acres of Diamonds

Every Man His Own University

Health, Healing, and Faith

Increasing Personal Efficiency

Praying For Money

Subconscious Religion

The Key to Success

What You Can...

Right Ho, Jeeves

by P. G. Wodehouse

In this, the second novel in P.G. Wodehouse's delightful Jeeves series, the family fumbles through a comedy of errors that is set in motion by a marriage proposal and a downward spiral of miscommunication and...

Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief

by James Fenimore Cooper

This satirical short novel displays a side of Cooper unfamiliar to many modern readers. It is told from the point of view of an actual handkerchief: its origins in a French flax field, how it was passed around...


by Saint Thomas More

Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516 in Latin. His Utopia is a fictional island, whose society, religion and politics he explores. Critics do not believe that the island depicted More's idea of the perfect society,...

What's Wrong with the World

by G. K. Chesterton

During his lifetime, British author and thinker G.K. Chesterton gained a reputation as a top-rate intellectual and social critic. In this volume, Chesterton turns his attention to a series of major problems...

The Ten Books on Architecture

by Vitruvius Pollio

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman architect and engineer flourishing in the first century B.C., was the author of the oldest and most influential work on architecture in existence. For hundreds of years, the...

The Human Machine

by Arnold Bennett

In this delightful volume of insightful and good-humored advice, motivational writer Arnold Bennett points out that for all of the time we humans dedicate to learning, very little of that time is spent endeavoring...

The Study of Astronomy

by John Gariel Stedman

The Study of Astronomy written by British–Dutch colonial soldier and writer John Stedman. This book is one of many works by him.

The Plain Man and His Wife

by Arnold Bennett

In this engaging volume of essays written in a style that evokes the classic parable, Arnold Bennett brings to bear the folksy voice he developed in his popular Five Towns series in discussions of practical...

The Underground Railroad

by William Still

In the winter of 1852, a group of Philadelphia abolitionists dedicated to assisting runaway slaves in their flight to freedom formed a new assistance group to be part of the Underground Railroad—the General...

The Social Contract & Discourses

by Jacques Rousseau

A book in which Rousseau theorized about the best way to establish a political community in the face of the problems of commercial society, which he had already identified in his Discourse on Inequality. The...

The Story of My Life

by Helen Keller

Helen Keller's autobiography, The Story of My Life, tells of her early life and of her experiences with Annie Sullivan, her teacher and companion. It was first published in 1903. Keller was the first deaf-blind...

Books and Persons

by Arnold Bennett

Books and Persons was previously published as articles under Bennett's pseudonym, Jacob Tonson in the magazine The New Age. He wrote these essays in Paris, London, Switzerland and the Forest of Fontainebleau,...

Twelve Years a Slave

by Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup was born a free man in New York State. At the age of 33 he was kidnapped in Washington D.C. and placed in an underground slave pen. Northup was transported by ship to New Orleans where he was...

The World Set Free

by H. G. Wells

The World Set Free is H. G. Wells' prophetic 1914 novel, telling of world war and the advent of nuclear weapons. Although Wells' atomic bombs only have a limited power of explosion, they keep on exploding for...

The Mary Frances Story Book

by Jane Eayre Fryer

The Mary Frances Story Book is different from the other Mary Frances Books. They are part lessons and part story; they teach something about cooking and sewing, knitting and crocheting, housekeeping and gardening,...

The Innocents Abroad

by Mark Twain

Known as one of American literature's finest humor writers, Mark Twain took on the travel genre in the series of essays, sketches, and observations collected in The Innocents Abroad. From classic fish-out-of-water...