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Inscrutable Belongings

by Stephen Hong Sohn

Inscrutable Belongings brings together formalist and contextual modes of critique to consider narrative strategies that emerge in queer Asian North American literature. Stephen Hong Sohn provides extended readings...

Paul Auster's Ghosts

by María Laura Arce Álvarez

The following book explores the intertextual relationship between Paul Auster’s first and most remarkable work, The New York Trilogy (1987), and the works of certain American and European writers who shaped...

The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles

by Paul Woodruff

Oedipus presents ceaseless paradoxes that have fascinated readers for centuries. He is proud of his intellect, but he does not know himself and succumbs easily to self-deceptions. As a ruler he expresses the...

Spirits of Place in American Literary Culture

by John Gatta

What might it mean, existentially and spiritually, for humans to form an intimate relation with particular sites or dwelling places on earth? In ancient Rome, the notion of a locale's genius loci signaled recognition...

The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760-1829

by Christina Morin

The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760-1829 offers a compelling account of the development of gothic literature in late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Ireland. Countering traditional scholarly views of...

Visions and ruins

by Joshua Davies

Visions and ruins explores the production of cultural memory in the Middle Ages and the uses the medieval past has been put to in modernity. Working with texts in Old English, Middle English and Latin, as well...

Participatory reading in late-medieval England

by Heather Blatt

This book traces affinities between digital and medieval media, exploring how reading functioned as a nexus for concerns about increasing literacy, audiences' agency, literary culture and media formats from...

Thomas Carlyle and the Idea of Influence

by Megan Dent, Albert D. Pionke, Paul E. Kerry & Elizabeth J. Deis et al.

That Thomas Carlyle was influential in his own lifetime and continues to be so over 130 years after his death is a proposition with which few will disagree. His role as his generation’s foremost interpreter...

Sacrifice and Modern War Literature

by Alex Houen & Jan-Melissa Schramm

Sacrifice and Modern War Literature is the first book to explore how writers from the early nineteenth century to the present have addressed the intimacy of sacrifice and war. It has been common for critics...

Marginality, Canonicity, Passion

by Marco Formisano & Christina Shuttleworth Kraus

In recent years, the discipline of Classics has been experiencing a profound transformation affecting not only its methodologies and hermeneutic practices - how classicists read and interpret ancient literature...

Orley Farm

by Anthony Trollope & Francis O'Gorman

There was a power of endurance about her, and a courage that was almost awful. Did Lady Mason forge a codicil to her husband's will, allowing Orley Farm to pass to her son or not? Orley Farm centres on this...

John Ashbery and Anglo-American Exchange

by Oli Hazzard

In 1966, John Ashbery wrote: 'The English language is constantly trying to stave off invasion by the American language; it lives in a state of alert which is reflected to some degree in English poetry.' This...

Why To Kill a Mockingbird Matters

by Tom Santopietro

Tom Santopietro, an author well-known for his writing about American popular culture, delves into the heart of the beloved classic and shows readers why To Kill a Mockingbird matters more today than ever before....

Light without Heat

by David Carroll Simon

In Light without Heat, David Carroll Simon argues for the importance of carelessness to the literary and scientific experiments of the seventeenth century. While scholars have often looked to this period in...


by Lytle Shaw

Narrowcast explores how mid-century American poets associated with the New Left mobilized tape recording as a new form of sonic field research even as they themselves were being subjected to tape-based surveillance....

Novel Sounds

by Florence Dore

The 1950s witnessed both the birth of both rock and roll and the creation of Southern literature as we know it. Around the time that Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley put their electric spin on Southern vernacular...

Reading Popular Newtonianism

by Laura Miller

As the first comprehensive study of Newton, print, and readership, Reading Popular Newtonianism will be invaluable to anyone interested in the history of the book, the history of science, Newton, eighteenth-century...

Secularism and the Crisis of Minority Identity in Postcolonial Literature

by Roger McNamara

Secularism and the Crisis of Minority Identity in Postcolonial Literature examines how writers from religious and ethnic minority communities (Anglo-Indians, Burghers, Dalits, Muslims, and Parsis) in India and...

Uncle Tom

by Adena Spingarn & Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Uncle Tom charts the dramatic cultural transformation of perhaps the most controversial literary character in American history. From his origins as the heroic, Christ-like protagonist of Harriet Beecher Stowe's...

The Experimental Imagination

by Tita Chico

Challenging the "two cultures" debate, The Experimental Imagination tells the story of how literariness came to be distinguished from its epistemological sibling, science, as a source of truth about the natural...