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The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe

by J. Gerald Kennedy & Scott Peeples

No American author of the early 19th century enjoys a larger international audience than Edgar Allan Poe. Widely translated, read, and studied, he occupies an iconic place in global culture. Such acclaim would...

Exorbitant Enlightenment

by Alexander Regier

Exorbitant Enlightenment compels us to see eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century literature and culture in new ways. This book reveals a constellation of groundbreaking pre-1790s Anglo-German relations, many...

Fulke Greville and the Culture of the English Renaissance

by Russ Leo, Katrin Röder & Freya Sierhuis

Fulke Greville's reputation has always been overshadowed by that of his more famous friend, Philip Sidney, a legacy due in part to Greville's complex moulding of his authorial persona as Achates to Sidney's...

The politics of Middle English parables

by Mary Raschko

The politics of Middle English parables examines the dynamic intersection of fiction, theology and social practice in late-medieval England. Parables occupy a prominent place in Middle English literature, appearing...

Ian Watt

by Marina MacKay

Before his masterpiece The Rise of the Novel made him one of the most influential post-war British literary critics, Ian Watt was a soldier, a prisoner of war of the Japanese, and a forced labourer on the notorious...

Street Songs

by Daniel Karlin

This book, based on the Clarendon Lectures for 2016, is about the use made by poets and novelists of street songs and cries. Karlin begins with the London street-vendor's cry of 'Cherry-ripe!', as it occurs...

Literature and the Rise of the Interview

by Rebecca Roach

Today interviews proliferate everywhere: in newspapers, on television, and in anthologies; as a method they are a major tool of medicine, the law, the social sciences, oral history projects, and journalism;...

These Shreds, Guardians of Human Memory: Papyrus and Culture in Late Antiquity

by Jean-Luc Fournet

Papyrology, which burgeoned in the nineteenth century after the discovery of thousands of papyri in Egypt, consists in the study of Greek and Latin texts written on a transportable medium (papyrus, clay potsherds,...

The One, Other, and Only Dickens

by Garrett Stewart

In The One, Other, and Only Dickens, Garrett Stewart casts new light on those delirious wrinkles of wording that are one of the chief pleasures of Dickens’s novels but that go regularly unnoticed in Dickensian...


by Erin Wunker, Hannah McGregor & Julie Rak

CanLit–the commonly used short form for English Canadian Literature as a cultural formation and industry—has been at the heart of several recent public controversies. Why? Because CanLit is breaking open...


by Kay Yandell

Telegraphies explores literatures envisioning the literary, societal, even the perceived metaphysical effects of various cultures' telecommunications technologies, to argue that nineteenth-century Americans...

Complex Inferiorities

by Stephen Harrison & Sebastian Matzner

This volume investigates an important and surprisingly widespread phenomenon in Latin literature, which has to date received little sustained discussion: the deliberate assumption of a weaker voice by speakers...

The Center of the World

by June Howard

Regional Writing and the Puzzles of Place-Time is a study of literary regionalism. It focuses on the fiction of the United States and considers the place of the genre in world literature. Regionalism is usually...

Performing women

by Susannah Crowder

Performing women takes on a key problem in the history of drama: the 'exceptional' staging of the life of Catherine of Siena by a female actor and a female patron in 1468 Metz. Exploring the lives and performances...

Art, History, and Postwar Fiction

by Kevin Brazil

Art, History, and Postwar Fiction explores the ways in which novelists responded to the visual arts from the aftermath of the Second World War to the present day. If art had long served as a foil to enable novelists...

Working-class writing and publishing in the late-twentieth century

by Tom Woodin

From the early 1970s, working class writing and publishing in local communities rapidly proliferated into a national movement. This book is the first full evaluation of these developments and opens up new perspectives...

The Road to Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Road to Oz takes Dorothy and her friends on an adventure in Oz to a grand party in honour of Ozma's birthday in this spellbinding and classic tale. Dorothy and her faithful Toto are back home in Kansas when...

The Emerald City of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Published in 1910, this book is the story of what happens when Dorothy and her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em move to Oz permanently and they help thwart the return of the Nome King who plans to invade Oz.

Kenneth Grahame: Collection (The Golden Age, Dream Days, The Reluctant Dragon, The Wind in the Willows)

by Kenneth Grahame

CONTENTS: The Golden Age Dream Days The Reluctant Dragon The Wind in the Willows

The Golden Age: Original and Unabridged

by Kenneth Grahame

Grahame's reminiscences are notable for their conception "of a world where children are locked in perpetual warfare with the adult 'Olympians' who have wholly forgotten how it feels to be young"--a theme later...