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The Child in Shakespeare

by Charlotte Scott

This book examines the child on Shakespeare's stage. As a life force, an impassioned plea for justice, a legacy, history, memory or image of love or violence, children are everywhere in Shakespeare's plays....

Manuscript Matters

by Lara Crowley

Manuscript Matters illuminates responses to some of John Donne's most elusive texts by his contemporary audiences. Since examples of seventeenth-century literary criticism prove somewhat rare and frequently...

Masculine Plural

by Jennifer Ingleheart

The Classics were core to the curriculum and ethos of the intensely homosocial Victorian and Edwardian public schools, yet ancient homosexuality and erotic pedagogy were problematic to the educational establishment,...

The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Comedy

by Heather Hirschfeld

The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Comedy offers critical and contemporary resources for studying Shakespeare's comic enterprises. It engages with perennial, yet still urgent questions raised by the comedies...

Voice of the Buddha

by Maria Heim

What would a Buddhist theory of texts look like through the lens of the 5th-century thinker Buddhaghosa? In Voice of the Buddha, Maria Heim reads from the principal commentator, editor, and translator of the...

He Held Radical Light

by Christian Wiman

A moving meditation on memory, oblivion, and eternity by one of our most celebrated poets

What is it we want when we can’t stop wanting? And how do we make that hunger productive and vital rather than corrosive...

Poetry, Politics, and the Body in Rimbaud

by Robert St. Clair

Bodies abound in Rimbaud's poetry in a way that is nearly unprecedented in the nineteenth-century poetic canon: lazy, creative, rule-breaking bodies, queer bodies, marginalized and impoverished bodies, revolting...

Keywords for Today

by The Keywords Project, Colin MacCabe & Holly Yanacek

Keywords for Today takes us deep into the history of the language in order to better understand our contemporary world. From nature to cultural appropriation and from market to terror, the most important words...

Samuel Beckett and trauma

by Mariko Hori Tanaka, Yoshiki Tajiri & Michiko Tsushima

Samuel Beckett and trauma is the first book that specifically addresses the question of trauma in Beckett, taking into account the recent rise of trauma studies in literature. Beckett is an author whose works...

David Helwig

by Ingrid Ruthig

To date, Canadian poet, novelist, and essayist David Helwig has published close to fifty books and edited numerous others. He has written for television and radio, worked at the CBC, taught at Queen's University,...

Herder's Philosophy

by Michael N. Forster

Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) is a towering figure in modern thought, but one who has hitherto been severely underappreciated. Michael Forster seeks to rectify that situation He considers Herder's philosophy...

Fossil Poetry

by Chris Jones

Fossil Poetry provides the first book-length overview of the place of Anglo-Saxon in nineteenth-century poetry in English. It addresses the use and role of Anglo-Saxon as a resource by Romantic and Victorian...

Samuel Beckett and the Politics of Aftermath

by James McNaughton

Samuel Beckett and the Politics of Aftermath explores Beckett's literary responses to the political maelstroms of his formative and middle years: the Irish civil war and the crisis of commitment in 1930s Europe,...

Aesthetics of contingency

by Matthew Augustine

This new study raises fundamental questions about the nature of imaginative writing in the age of 'England's troubles'. Drawing energy from recent debates in Stuart history, this book looks past the traditional...

The Gatsby Affair

by Kendall Taylor

The romance between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre has been celebrated as one of the greatest of the 20th century. From the beginning, their relationship was a tumultuous one, in which the couple’s excesses...

An Informal History of the Hugos

by Jo Walton

Engaged, passionate, and consistently entertaining, An Informal History of the Hugos is a book about the renowned science fiction award for the many who enjoyed Jo Walton's previous collection of writing from...

The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction

by Francesca T Barbini

“The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction” is the second Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

These papers explore the theme through the emergence...

Ballads and songs of Peterloo

by Alison Morgan

Ballads and songs of Peterloo is an edited collection of poems and songs written following the Peterloo Massacre in 1819. This collection, which includes over seventy poems, were published either as broadsides...

Spain in the nineteenth century

by Andrew Ginger & Geraldine Lawless

The nineteenth-century Hispanic world was shattered to its core by war, civil war, and revolution. At the same time, it confronted a new period of European and North-American expansion and development. In these...

Solitary Comrade

by Joan Hedrick

Hedrick examines London's inner life, primarily as it is revealed in his art, to discover the man concealed beneath the public persona. Although London was wealthy, famous, and one of the last great self-made...