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Random Motions in Markov and Semi-Markov Random Environments 2

by Anatoliy Pogorui, Anatoliy Swishchuk & Ramon M. Rodriguez-Dagnino

This book is the second of two volumes on random motions in Markov and semi-Markov random environments. This second volume focuses on high-dimensional random motions. This volume consists of two parts. The first...

The Elements of Euclid for the Use of Schools and Colleges (Illustrated)

by Isaac Todhunter

The subject of Plane Geometry is here presented to the student arranged in six books, and each book is subdivided into propositions. To assist the student in following the steps of the reasoning, references...

Convex Optimization

by Mikhail Moklyachuk

This book provides easy access to the basic principles and methods for solving constrained and unconstrained convex optimization problems. Included are sections that cover: basic methods for solving constrained...

Random Motions in Markov and Semi-Markov Random Environments 1

by Anatoliy Pogorui, Anatoliy Swishchuk & Ramon M. Rodriguez-Dagnino

This book is the first of two volumes on random motions in Markov and semi-Markov random environments. This first volume focuses on homogenous random motions. This volume consists of two parts, the first describing...

Fast mental calculation tricks

by EasyMath

Who wouldn't like to master math naturally, being able to do perform mental calculation without the help of a calculator?

If you had to calculate the square of 115 in a few seconds what would you answer? Or the...

Data Science

by Field Cady

Tap into the power of data science with this comprehensive resource for non-technical professionals

Data Science: The Executive Summary ? A Technical Book for Non-Technical Professionals is a comprehensive...

Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists

by Colin Aitken, Franco Taroni & Silvia Bozza

The leading resource in the statistical evaluation and interpretation of forensic evidence 

The third edition of Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists is fully updated to provide...

Applied Regression Modeling

by Iain Pardoe

Master the fundamentals of regression without learning calculus with this one-stop resource

The newly and thoroughly revised 3rd Edition of Applied Regression Modeling delivers a concise but comprehensive treatment...

Direction Dependence in Statistical Modeling

by Wolfgang Wiedermann, Daeyoung Kim, Engin A. Sungur & Alexander von Eye

Covers the latest developments in direction dependence research

Direction Dependence in Statistical Modeling: Methods of Analysis incorporates the latest research for the statistical analysis of hypotheses that...

Statistical Topics and Stochastic Models for Dependent Data with Applications

by Vlad Stefan Barbu & Nicolas Vergne

This book is a collective volume authored by leading scientists in the field of stochastic modelling, associated statistical topics and corresponding applications. The main classes of stochastic processes for...

Asymptotic Analyses for Complex Evolutionary Systems with Markov and Semi-Markov Switching Using Approximation Schemes

by Yaroslav Chabanyuk, Anatolii Nikitin & Uliana Khimka

This book analyzes stochastic evolutionary models under the impulse of diffusion, as well as Markov and semi-Markov switches. Models are investigated under the conditions of classical and non-classical (Levy...

Scattering and Diffraction by Wedges 2

by Vito G. Daniele & Guido Lombardi

The book has a dual purpose. The first is to expose a general methodology to solve problems of electromagnetism in geometries constituted of angular regions. The second is to bring the solutions of some canonical...

Indiana Steinhardt and the Quest for Quasicrystals

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Paul Steinhardt, the Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Director of the Center for Theoretical Science at Princeton University....

The Cyclic Universe

by Howard Burton

In the last twenty years, cosmology has unexpectedly emerged as one of the most exciting and dynamic fields of modern science. From astoundingly precise measurements of the cosmic microwave background to the...

The mathematics of quantum mechanics

by Alessio Mangoni

In this book we expose the mathematics for quantum mechanics. The main topics are: vectors, ket and bra space, properties and operations, product for a scalar, internal product between ket and bra, norm and...

Hadamard Matrices

by Jennifer Seberry & Mieko Yamada

Up-to-date resource on Hadamard matrices

Hadamard Matrices: Constructions using Number Theory and Algebra provides students with a discussion of the basic definitions used for Hadamard Matrices as well as more...

Introduction to Statistical Process Control

by Muhammad Aslam, Aamir Saghir & Liaquat Ahmad

An Introduction to the Fundamentals and History of Control Charts, Applications, and Guidelines for Implementation 

Introduction to Statistical Process Control examines various types of control charts that...

The Dirac equation

by Alessio Mangoni

This book is dedicated to the Dirac equation. The main arguments are: Dirac equation, gamma matrices in Dirac representation, properties of gamma matrices, covariance of the Dirac equation, Dirac Lagrangian...

Complex numbers

by Alessio Mangoni

This book is dedicated to complex numbers. In the first part we expose the theory, where the main arguments are: complex numbers in cartesian, polar and exponential forms, the complex conjugate, the modulus,...

Fractional Order Analysis

by Hemen Dutta, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir & Abdon Atangana

A guide to the new research in the field of fractional order analysis 

Fractional Order Analysis contains the most recent research findings in fractional order analysis and its applications. The authors--noted...