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CliffsNotes Grade 7 Common Core Math Review

by Sandra Luna McCune

A subject review of Common Core Math for Grade 7, including reviews of topics, example problems, and two practice tests for this high-stakes Grade 7 Math.

CliffsNotes Grade 6 Common Core Math Review

by Sandra Luna McCune

A subject review of the Common Core Math for Grade 6, including topic reviews, example problems, and two practice tests to help students better understand this high-stakes subject.

Applications of Green's Functions in Science and Engineering

by Michael D. Greenberg

Concise and highly regarded, this treatment of Green's functions and their applications in science and engineering is geared toward undergraduate and graduate students with only a moderate background in ordinary...

Simulation Modeling and Arena

by Manuel D. Rossetti

Emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning statistical analysis and model building through the use of comprehensive examples, problems sets, and software applications With a unique blend of theory and applications, Simulation...

100 Geometric Games

by Pierre Berloquin, Denis Dugas & Martin Gardner

There are three loops in a tangle of rope. How many are independent, and how many are interlocked?Two knights stand on a chessboard. How many other knights must you add so that each square is occupied or threatened...

Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control

by George E. P. Box, Gwilym M. Jenkins & Gregory C. Reinsel

Praise for the Fourth Edition  “The book follows faithfully the style of the original edition. The approach is heavily motivated by real-world time series, and by developing a complete approach to model building,...

Who Gets What—and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design

by Alvin E. Roth

A Nobel laureate reveals the often surprising rules that govern a vast array of activities — both mundane and life-changing — where money plays little or no role.

Complex Analysis

by Jerry R. Muir

A thorough introduction to the theory of complex functions emphasizing the beauty, power, and counterintuitive nature of the subject

Written with a reader-friendly approach, Complex Analysis: A Modern First...

Complex Analysis: A Modern First Course in Function Theory

by Jerry R. Muir

A thorough introduction to the theory of complex functions emphasizing the beauty, power, and counterintuitive nature of the subject

Written with a reader-friendly approach, Complex Analysis: A Modern First...

Math Common Core (Algebra for 12th Grade) (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

With the help of this quick study guide, your teen should be able to breeze through 12th grade algebra. There will be principles explained in an easy-to-understand manner as well as plenty of examples to instill...

Geometric Formulas (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

You will learn to appreciate geometric formulas when they're arranged in an easy-to-understand manner like in this study guide. You can quickly glance at certain formulas to be reminded on how problems involving...

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Illustrated

by Edwin A. Abbot

I call our world Flatland, not because we call it so, but to make its nature clearer to you, my happy readers, who are privileged to live in Space. Imagine a vast sheet of paper on which straight Lines, Triangles,...

Advances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling: A Handbook of Operational Risk

by Gareth W. Peters & Pavel V. Shevchenko

A cutting-edge guide for the theories, applications, and statistical methodologies essential to heavy tailed risk modeling

Focusing on the quantitative aspects of heavy tailed loss processes in operational risk...

Mathematical and Computational Modeling: With Applications in Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, and the Arts

by Roderick Melnik

Illustrates the application of mathematical and computational modeling in a variety of disciplines

With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical and computational modeling, Mathematical and...

Single Digits: In Praise of Small Numbers

by Marc Chamberland

The numbers one through nine have remarkable mathematical properties and characteristics. For instance, why do eight perfect card shuffles leave a standard deck of cards unchanged? Are there really “six degrees...

Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving, Second Edition

by Jean H. Gallier

This advanced text for undergraduate and graduate students introduces mathematical logic with an emphasis on proof theory and procedures for algorithmic construction of formal proofs. The self-contained treatment...

A Seminar on Graph Theory

by Frank Harary

Presented in 1962–63 by experts at University College, London, these lectures offer a variety of perspectives on graph theory. Although the opening chapters form a coherent body of graph theoretic concepts,...

Null Set

by Ted Mathys

Math, William Faulkner, boyhood rambles, and odd jobs converse in poems that are provocative, rhythmic, and a little sly.

Elementary Number Theory with Programming

by Marty Lewinter & Jeanine Meyer

A successful presentation of the fundamental concepts of number theory and computer programming

Bridging an existing gap between mathematics and programming, Elementary Number Theory with Programming provides...

How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics

by Eugenia Cheng

What is math? How exactly does it work? And what do three siblings trying to share a cake have to do with it? In How to Bake Pi, math professor Eugenia Cheng provides an accessible introduction to the logic...