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Fast Math: Learn the Secrets of Mental Math

by Tim Ander

Think Fast with Vedic Math Secrets and Mental Calculation Tricks!

When you read Fast Math, you’ll discover Vedic Math Techniques for mastering basic functions:





and so...

Act-Based Conceptions of Propositional Content

by Friederike Moltmann & Mark Textor

The notion of a propositional content plays a central role in contemporary philosophy of language. Propositional content makes up both the meaning of sentences and the content of propositional attitudes such...

Lectures on Inductive Logic

by Jon Williamson

Logic is a field studied mainly by researchers and students of philosophy, mathematics and computing. Inductive logic seeks to determine the extent to which the premisses of an argument entail its conclusion,...

Gödel's Disjunction

Statistics and Causality

by Wolfgang Wiedermann & Alexander von Eye

A one-of-a-kind guide to identifying and dealing with modern statistical developments in causality

Written by a group of well-known experts, Statistics and Causality: Methods for Applied Empirical Research...


by Peter Olofsson

Praise for the First Edition

?If there is anything you want to know, or remind yourself, about probabilities, then look no further than this comprehensive, yet wittily written and enjoyable, compendium of how...

Seduced by Logic: Emilie Du Chatelet, Mary Somerville and the Newtonian Revolution

by Robyn Arianrhod

Newtons explanation of the natural law of universal gravity shattered the way mankind perceived the universe, and hence it was not immediately embraced. After all, how can anyone warm to a force that cannot...

Taking Sudoku Seriously: The Math Behind the Worlds Most Popular Pencil Puzzle

by Jason Rosenhouse & Laura Taalman

Packed with more than a hundred color illustrations and a wide variety of puzzles and brainteasers, Taking Sudoku Seriously uses this popular craze as the starting point for a fun-filled introduction to higher...

An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity

by J. Y. F. Lau

A valuable guide on creativity and critical thinking to improve reasoning and decision-making skills

Critical thinking skills are essential in virtually any field of study or practice where individuals need...