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Climate Change and the People's Health

by Sharon Friel & Nancy Krieger

Climate change and social inequity are both sprawling, insidious forces that threaten populations around the world. It's time we start talking about them together. Climate Change and the People's Health offers...

Case Management

by Arthur J. Frankel, Sheldon R. Gelman & Diane K. Pastor

Over the course of twenty years and across three editions, this text has approached case management as both an art and a science by providing students and practitioners with the basics of case management theory,...


by Peter Adamson

From antiquity to the early modern period, many philosophers also studied anatomy and medicine, or were medical doctors themselves -- yet the history of philosophy and of medicine are pursued as separate disciplines....

Summary & Study Guide - The End of Epidemics

by Lee Tang

What can we do to stop the next pandemic from killing millions of lives?

The must-read summary of The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It, by Jonathan D. Quick, MD.

At the peak...

Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing

by Owen Barr & Bob Gates

This new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing has been fully updated, with a greater focus on older people with learning and intellectual disabilities and mental health...

Ethics and Research with Children

by Eric Kodish & Robert M. Nelson

Fundamental questions about the morality of pediatric medical research persist despite years of debate and the establishment of strict codes of ethics. Is it ever permissible to use a child as a means to an...

Sophrology for Beginners

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about sophrology with this straightforward guide.

Sophrology is a powerful tool for promoting physical and mental health, and can be used for...

Practical atlas of OCT Angiography

by Vincenzo De Angelis, Claudio Furino, Alfredo Greco & Cristiana Iaculli et al.

This Practical Atlas of OCT Angiography in the field of swept-source angiography is the end product of a scientific and editorial project that, in recent years, involved 12 Italian Centres with vast experience...

Invasive Studies of the Human Epileptic Brain

by Samden D. Lhatoo, Philippe Kahane & Hans O. Lüders

No other neurological condition allows the same opportunities for an intracranial electrophysiological study of the human brain as epilepsy does. Epileptic surgery is designed to remove the epileptic focus from...

Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

by Tony Hope & Michael Dunn

The issue of medical ethics, from thorny moral questions such as euthanasia and the morality of killing to political questions such as the fair distribution of health care resources, is rarely out of today's...

Social Work Practice with Children, Fourth Edition

by Nancy Boyd Webb & Luis H. Zayas

A leading course text and practitioner resource for over 20 years--now revised and updated--this book presents developmentally and culturally informed methods for helping children in family, school, and community...

40 Weight Tips You Wish You Knew

by Summer Accardo, Rn

From bestselling author, weight loss specialist, and registered nurse, Summer Accardo, RN, comes this cutting-edge ultimate weight loss book. Are you sick and tired of weight loss diets that don't work? Are...

Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans

by Jack Tsai

The challenges facing military veterans who return to civilian life in the United States are persistent and well documented. But for all the political outcry and attempts to improve military members' readjustments,...

A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters

by Jane Sturgess, Derek Duane & Rebekah Ley

A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters offers practitioners highly practical advice on the legal principles which they need to apply to everyday clinical practice. Thirteen chapters cover key areas of medical...

Weight Loss Habits

by Summer Accardo, Rn

??Do you lack energy and feel tired all the time because of a sluggish metabolism and excess weight? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, and sadness because of your weight? This revolutionary book reveals...

Integrative Addiction and Recovery

by Shahla Modir & George Munoz

Integrative Addiction and Recovery offers an authentic model of comprehensive integrative modalities germane and specific to the field of addiction and recovery treatment. Although many treatment services for...

Interventional Radiology

by Bradley B. Pua, Anne M. Covey & David C. Madoff

In 2012, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) approved Interventional Radiology (IR) as its own specialty. Born out of the field of Diagnostic Radiology, IR requires a more clinical focus on initial...

Equity in Healthcare

by Abner A. Murray, Boya Abudu, Briana Boykin & Vanessa Ferrel et al.

According to World Health Organizations equity can be defined as "the absence of avoidable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically, or geographically."...

Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect

by Marla Zucker, Joseph Spinazzola, Elizabeth K. Hopper & Frances K. Grossman et al.

Grounded in 40 years of clinical practice and research, this book provides a systematic yet flexible evidence-based framework for treating adult survivors of complex trauma, particularly those exposed to chronic...

Innovative Research in Life Sciences

by E. Andrew Balas

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as it has taken me on a journey through time, across the globe and through multiple disciplines. Indeed, we need to be thinking about these concepts and applying them...