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Summary & Study Guide - The Beautiful Cure

by Lee Tang

The Secrets of the Immune System Revealed

The must-read summary of ‘The Beautiful Cure: Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences’, by Daniel M. Davis.

Our immune system is spread throughout the body and...


by David Scadden & Michael D'Antonio

An Amazon Best of the Month Book

"For all the insight he offers into the hard science and thorny logistics of studying cancer, Dr. Scadden’s most moving passages consider the effect of the disease on the people...

Anesthesiology CA-1 Pocket Survival Guide

by Mary E. Arthur

During the transition from the clinical base year to the first clinical anesthesia year (CA-1), the resident finds himself transforming from a bright and confident intern to an entirely unprepared anesthesiology...

Introduction to Intra-Operative and Surgical Radiography

by Jim Hughes

Introduction to Intra-Operative and Surgical Radiography is designed as a quick guide and reference text that covers both imaging techniques and requirements for common surgical procedures, as well as practical...

Prescription Drug Diversion and Pain

by John Peppin, Kelly Dineen, Adam Ruggles & John Coleman

Prescription Drug Diversion and Pain provides an interdisciplinary overview of medications used to treat chronic pain, specifically the benefits and risks that are posed by long-term opioids use. These essential...

Body Image Care for Cancer Patients

by Michelle Cororve Fingeret & Irene Teo

This book is the first and only academic textbook of principles and practices of body image care for cancer patients, designed to target a multidisciplinary audience of healthcare care professionals engaged...

Horses in Translation

by Sharon Wilsie

With her landmark first book Horse Speak: The Equine–Human Translation Guide, trainer Sharon Wilsie upended conventional methods of human–equine communication (using words and ropes, for example) with her...

Where Does My Horse Hurt?

by Renee Tucker, Patty Capps & Ginger-Kathleen Coombs

Keep your horse pain-free and performing his best! Introducing 27 simple body checkups you can do on your horse—Where Does My Horse Hurt? is a do-it-yourself method for determining when and where your horse...

Sickness, medical welfare and the English poor, 1750-1834

by Steven King

At the core of this book are three central contentions: That medical welfare became the totemic function of the Old Poor Law in its last few decades; that the poor themselves were able to negotiate this medical...


by Thomas Abraham

In 1988, the World Health Organization launched a twelve-year campaign to wipe out polio. Thirty years and several billion dollars over budget later, the campaign grinds on, vaccinating millions of children...

Oxford Textbook of Psoriatic Arthritis

by Oliver FitzGerald & Dafna Gladman

Psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, is now acknowledged the second most prevalent and important inflammatory arthropathy worldwide. The addition of this new textbook on PsA is a fitting and important inclusion to the...

Drug Policy and the Public Good

by Thomas Babor, Jonathan Caulkins, Benedikt Fischer & David Foxcroft et al.

Illegal psychoactive substances and illicit prescription drugs are currently used on a daily basis all over the world. Affecting public health and social welfare, illicit drug use is linked to disease, disability,...

Women In Islam

by Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd Al-Kareem Ash-Sheha & Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd AlKareem

Shedding light on the status of women prior to Islam, this book explains that women were ill-treated and humiliated in many cultures and how Islam put an end to all this injustice, gave women their proper status...

The Madness of Fear

by Edward Shorter & Max Fink

What are the real disease entities in psychiatry? This is a question that has bedeviled the study of the mind for more than a century yet it is low on the research agenda of psychiatry. Basic science issues...

MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES. Advanced Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

by Tony Gaschler

Visualize how you are hypnotizing a person who then with great relish devours yummy apples although they are actually potatoes. Or your subject is convinced that the color "YELLOW" is actual called "RED." You...

Oxford Desk Reference: Endocrinology

by Helen E. Turner, Richard Eastell & Ashley Grossman

Oxford Desk Reference: Endocrinology provides easy access to evidence-based materials for quick consultation but also provides an in-depth expert reference for clinical practice. It covers the process of diagnosis,...

Women's Voices in Psychiatry

by Gianetta Rands

In early 2015, the Royal College of Psychiatrists had 4,640 female Members and Fellows and 6,015 male Members and Fellows, a ratio of 43.5% to 56.5%. Despite the high and increasing proportion of women in UK...

Choice Matters

by Gordon Moore, John A. Quelch & Emily Boudreau

The direct-to-consumer business model has transformed how people seek out goods and services from music to mortgages. So what happens now that the revolution has come for healthcare? While consumers have begun...

Reverse Innovation in Health Care

by Vijay Govindarajan & Ravi Ramamurti

Health care in the United States and other nations is on a collision course with patient needs and economic reality. For more than a decade, leading thinkers including Michael Porter and Clayton Christensen...

Is Your Horse 100%?

by Margret Henkels

100 percent ability is in your hands! Conformation Balancing is deceptively simple. With patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change...