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Pharmacology Demystified. 2e

by Mary Kamienski & Jim Keogh

The fun, fast, and effective way for nursing majors to master pharmacology!

Finally! A pharmacology primer written for nursing (and other allied health) majors rather than pharmacy students. You might be apprehensive...

Global Health Watch 5

by People's Health Movement, Medact, Third World Network & Health Poverty Action et al.

For over a decade, Global Health Watch has been the definitive source for alternative analysis on health.

This new edition addresses the key challenges facing governments and health practitioners today, within...

Ecology of the Brain

by Thomas Fuchs

Present day neuroscience places the brain at the centre of study. But what if researchers viewed the brain not as the foundation of life, rather as a mediating organ? Ecology of the Brain addresses this very...

European Pain Management

by Christopher Wells, Bart Morlion & Christopher Eccleston

The European Pain Federation EFIC is made up of Chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). Its Health Care Professionals look after a population of over 740 million people in its...

Oxford Textbook of Medical Mycology

by Christopher C. Kibbler, Richard Barton, Neil Gow & Susan Howell et al.

The Oxford Textbook of Medical Mycology is a comprehensive reference text which brings together the science and medicine of human fungal disease. Written by a leading group of international authors to bring...

Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine

by Jean-Pierre Michel, B. Lynn Beattie, Finbarr C. Martin & Jeremy D. Walston

Over the past two decades there has been a marked change in global age demographics, with the number of over-60s increasing by 82% and the number of centenarians by 715%. This new-found longevity is testament...

The Living Needle

by Justin Phillips

This fully illustrated guide to modern acupuncture technique explores the foundational skills of the craft from a primarily energetic perspective, showing how perfecting these skills can have a profound effect...

Chinese Medical Gynaecology

by Eddie Dowd

Many of the issues that relate to women's health from period pain to infertility, can be self-treated with Chinese medicine approaches, and this clear and practical guide explains how to assess symptoms and...

Values in Health and Social Care

by Ray Samuriwo, Stephen Pattison, Andrew Todd & Ben Hannigan

This innovative workbook enables those working in health and social care to deepen their understanding of the values that underpin their practice. Rich in practical exercises that invite the reader to engage...

Textbook and Atlas of Neural Therapy

by Hans Barop

Neural therapy is widely used throughout Europe and is rapidly gaining worldwide acceptance in the therapeutic armamentarium. It is known to provide instant relief of pain, improved motion, and return of function...

Modern Management of Spinal Deformities

by Robert A. Dickson & Jürgen Harms

Authored by two world-renowned pioneers in the field of spinal surgery, Modern Management of Spinal Deformities: A Theoretical, Practical, and Evidence-Based Text covers the range of spinal deformities-emphasizing...

AO Principles of Fracture Management

by Richard E. Buckley, Christopher G. Moran & Theerachai Apivatthakakul

The AO Principles of Fracture Management has served many generations of surgeons around the world as the source of knowledge and essential reference in the field of orthopedic trauma surgery. The fundamental...

Drug Information A Guide for Pharmacists 6/E

by Patrick M. Malone, Karen L. Kier & John Stanovich

The guide pharmacists and students turn to first for cutting-edge coverage of drug information

The goal of Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists, Sixth Edition is to teach students and practitioners how...

Spinal Instrumentation

by Daniel H. Kim, Alexander R. Vaccaro & Richard Glenn Fessler

In the last two decades, spine instrumentation and surgery have undergone many improvements. The second edition benefits from contributions by renowned orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who helped create...

Color Atlas of Genetics

by Eberhard Passarge

Ever since the International Human Genome Project achieved its extraordinary goal of sequencing and mapping the entire human genome, represented by approximately 3 billion base pairs, with its far-reaching implications...

Breast Cancer: Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Guidance

by Uwe Fischer, Friedemann Baum & Susanne Luftner-Nagel

Breast Cancer: Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Guidance provides a concise, practical, and practice-based source of up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic information for the general radiologist. In the diagnostic...

Cutaneous Malignancies

by Brian Gastman

The treatment of skin cancer has become an increasingly multispecialty practice. Ongoing surgical and postsurgical advances and emergent factors that predispose patients to these tumors have changed the treatment...

Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture and Trigger Points

by Hans-Ulrich Hecker, Angelika Steveling & Elmar T. Peuker

This concise pocket-sized acupuncture guide is what professionals have been asking for! It is the first pocket atlas to cover all the major body and ear acupuncture points, including extensive coverage of the...

Acetabular Fractures

by Axel Gänsslen, Michael Müller & Michael Nerlich

Enclosed within the deep and complex structures of the hip joint and the surroundings, acetabular fractures confront the orthopaedic surgeon with great challenges. A number of critical neurovascular structures...

Handbook of Brain Microcircuits

by Gordon M Shepherd & Sten Grillner

Updated and revised, the second edition of Handbook of Brain Microcircuits covers the functional organization of 50 brain regions. This now-classic text uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the integration...