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A Dictionary of Public Health

by Miquel Porta & John M. Last

A Dictionary of Public Health covers words and phrases used in public health science and practice, including areas such as communicable disease control, epidemiology, health policy, health services research,...

Crush the Climb

by Talayah Jackson

Ready for an upgrade in your education? Much of what you need to know as a healthcare leader won't be learned in a textbook. Forget what your instructors told you about internships and fellowships, networking,...

Teaching From the Wisdom of Pain

by Matthew J. Taylor & John Kepner

Supporting yoga therapists to create a programme of care for those living with chronic pain, this guide brings pain science, creativity and yoga together for the first time. It includes the emotional, cognitive,...

Healing Brain Injury with Chinese Medical Approaches

by Douglas S. Wingate

Learn to treat symptoms of traumatic and acquired brain injury using Chinese medicinal methods of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Covering both Western and Chinese medicine understandings of the brain, the...

Acute Stroke Management in the First 24 Hours

by Maxim Mokin, Edward C. Jauch, Italo Linfante & Adnan Siddiqui et al.

Acute Stroke Management in the First 24 hours bridges the clinical application gap by offering a practice-based approach to treating ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. The comprehensive text, written by international...

Behavioural Neurology of Anti-epileptic Drugs

by Andrea E. Cavanna

Antiepileptic drugs are among the most commonly prescribed medications by both neurologists and psychiatrists, as they exert a number of effects which extend far beyond their anticonvulsant properties. There...

A Practical Guide to Using Qualitative Research with Randomized Controlled Trials

by Alicia O'Cathain

Researchers measure the effectiveness of new interventions using randomized controlled trials (RCTs). They are increasingly using qualitative research with these RCTs to explain the results of RCTs or facilitate...

Paediatric Rheumatology

by Helen E. Foster & Paul A. Brogan

The new edition of Paediatric Rheumatology is an indispensable resource for the identification and management of specific rheumatological disorders. Fully revised to provide up to date knowledge on common and...

The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide

by Joshua M. Sharfstein

Firefighters are taught to battle flames. Police learn to respond quickly to 911 calls. So why are so few health officials prepared for public health crises? The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide is here to...

It’s Only Blood

by Anna Dahlqvist & Alice E. Olsson

Across the world, 2 billion people experience menstruation, yet menstruation is seen as a mark of shame. We are told not to discuss it in public, that tampons and sanitary pads should be hidden away, the blood...


by Iliyasa H. Maulana

The medical profession is emotionally, intellectually and financially rewarding. “Medicine - The Best Guide to the Medical Profession” provides superb secrets of excelling in the medical field as a doctor...

Atlas of Distal Radius Fractures

by Francisco del Piñal

Written by one of the world's foremost authorities, this beautifully illustrated surgical atlas is a case-based presentation of the management of distal radius fractures. Each chapter offers a comprehensive...

Rationing and Resource Allocation in Healthcare

by Ezekiel Emanuel, Harald Schmidt & Andrew Steinmetz

You have one liver but three patients awaiting a liver transplant. Who should get the liver? How should we decide? Is it fair to give it to an alcoholic? These are some of the questions that arise in rationing...

Global Health Justice and Governance

by Jennifer Prah Ruger

In a world beset by extreme and unconscionable health disparities humankind desperately needs a new vision to ensure central health capabilities for all. Yawing gaps in health law, dangerous contagions that...

How to Deal with Anger, Stress, Depression, Grief & Sadness from Islamic Perspective

by Muhammad Vandestra

The average human being in the developed world battles sadness, anger, stress, depression and worry on a daily basis. While the majority of the world’s population confront extreme poverty, famine, conflict...

Decision Making in Neurovascular Disease

by Leonardo Rangel-Castilla, Peter Nakaji & Adnan H. Siddiqui

Neurovascular medicine has emerged as an established, semi-independent subspecialty of neurology and neurosurgery. Decision Making in Neurovascular Disease focuses on the challenging process of determining the...

The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images

by Val M. Runge, Wolfgang R. Nitz & Johannes T. Heverhagen

The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images Fourth Edition by Val Runge, Wolfgang Nitz, and Johannes Heverhagen presents a unique and highly practical approach to understanding the physics of magnetic resonance...

50 Studies Every Psychiatrist Should Know

by Ish P. Bhalla, Rajesh R. Tampi & Vinod H. Srihari

50 Studies Every Psychiatrist Should Know presents key studies that have shaped the practice of psychiatry. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including: psychotic disorders, depressive...

Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders

by Frederick J. Stoddard Jr., David M. Benedek, Mohammed R. Milad & Robert J. Ursano

Trauma, stress, and manmade and natural disasters are increasingly impacting individuals and communities. The clinical and scientific advances presented here strive to address the rapidly expanding individual...

The Spine Handbook

by Mehul Desai & Joseph O'Brien

Spinal disorders, especially neck and back pain, are frequent yet challenging for physicians to manage. While most texts are highly subspecialized or focus on only a specific area of management, The Spine Handbook...