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Drug Safety Evaluation

by Shayne Cox Gad

This practical guide presents a road map for safety assessment as an integral part of the development of new drugs and therapeutics.

•    Helps readers solve scientific, technical, and regulatory issues...

Eugenics: A Very Short Introduction

A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities

Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions: Assessment and Management

by Se Won, MD Lee

Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions: Assessment and Management is a practical guide to diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in clinical practice. More comprehensive than a handbook, yet...

Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

by Sara E. Rosenbaum

Updated with new chapters and topics, this book provides a comprehensive description of all essential topics in contemporary pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It also features interactive computer simulations...

Radiobiology Self-Assessment Guide

by Jennifer, MD, PhD Yu & Mohamed, MD, PhD Abazeed

Radiobiology Self-Assessment Guide a companion to the Radiation Oncology Self-Assessment Guide and Physics in Radiation Oncology Self-Assessment Guide is a comprehensive review for practitioners of radiation...

Logan's Illustrated Human Anatomy

by Bari M. Logan

This concise illustrated volume presents a pictorial guide to human anatomy through the meticulous dissections of Bari Logan, assembled during his long career as a distinguished prosector, and representing an...

Handbook of Carbohydrate-Modifying Biocatalysts

by Peter Grunwald

This book provides an actual overview of the structure, function, and application of carbohydrate-modifying biocatalysts. Carbohydrates have been disregarded for a long time by the scientific community, mainly...

Parkes' Occupational Lung Disorders, Fourth Edition

by Anthony Newman Taylor, Paul Cullinan & Paul Blanc

This authoritative text on occupational lung disorders builds upon the fundamentals, including clinical, epidemiological, and predictive approaches. It discusses interstitial and malignant diseases, airways...

Emergency Echocardiography, Second Edition

by Aleksandar N. Neskovic, Frank A. Flachskampf & Michael H. Picard

Echocardiography is the most cost-effective and versatile imaging technique for assessing patients suffering from unstable cardiovascular diseases. Since 2005, emergency echocardiography has been recognized...

Stroke Medicine

Evolution of the Cerebellar Sense of Self


HIV and AIDS: A Very Short Introduction

The Fragile Brain

Getting Risk Right: Understanding the Science of Elusive Health Risks

by Geoffrey C Kabat

Do cell phones cause brain cancer? Does BPA threaten our health? How safe are certain dietary supplements, especially those containing exotic herbs or small amounts of toxic substances? What role does HPV play...

Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging

by John Piggott & Alan Woodland

Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging synthesizes the economic literature on aging and the subjects associated with it, including social insurance and healthcare costs, both of which are of interest...

The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free

by Cindy Perlin

If you're in chronic pain and you're not getting adequate relief from your treatment, this book is for you. You don't have to "learn to live with your pain" or put up with unpleasant side effects from your...

Biohythane: Fuel for the Future

by Debabrata Das & Shantonu Roy

This book is a novel attempt at describing the fundamental aspects of and advancements in the field of biohythane production. The comprehensive collection of chapters is based on the fundamentals of heterotrophic...

Clean Room Technology in ART Clinics: A Practical Guide

by Sandro C. Esteves, Alex C. Varghese & Kathryn C. Worrilow

Regulatory agencies worldwide have issued directives or such requirements for air quality standards in embryology laboratories. This practical guide reviews the application of clean room technology or controlled...