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Biological Approaches to Spinal Disc Repair and Regeneration for Clinicians

by Roger Hartl & Larry Bonassar

Although there have been significant advancements in minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques in the last few decades, optimal outcomes for chronic low back pain remain elusive. A number of promising clinical...

The Art of Body Contouring

by Al Aly & Fabio Nahas

This book encompasses body contouring procedures for patients of various body types. The addition of Dr. Nahas as an editor reflects the significant contributions to the art of body contouring from Brazil and...

Reflective Writing in Medical Practice

by Miriam A. Locher

This book reports the results of a linguistic analysis of reflective written texts, produced during medical education or practice. It explores the topics and communication skills the authors write about, how...

Understanding Your Migraines

by Morris Levin Md & Thomas N Ward Md

Twelve percent of the world's population is affected by migraines, tallying up to more than 35 million people in the US alone. The World Health Organization lists it among the top ten most disabling conditions....

The Painted Mind

by Dr Alfonso Troisi

The use of visual art is relatively common in scientific literature, and academic publications sometimes reproduce famous paintings to attract potential readers. When used in this manner, artwork is just a marginal...

The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Rise Of A Sovereign Profession And The Making Of A Vast Industry

by Paul Starr

Winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize and the Bancroft Prize in American History, this is a landmark history of how the entire American health care system of doctors, hospitals, health plans, and government programs...

Anatomy - An Essential Textbook

by Anne M Gilroy

In the tradition of the highly praised first edition, Anatomy: An Essential Textbook, Second Edition by Anne M. Gilroy features noteworthy additions including radiographic representation of anatomical structures...

Practical Guide to Sperm Analysis: Basic Andrology in Reproductive Medicine

by Nicolás|Rivera, Rocío| Garrido

This is a reference manual for daily use in the Reproductive Medicine or Andrology laboratory, which goes beyond the literature available in the scientific journals by compiling insights into a detailed and...


by Chun Kim & Katherine Zukotynski

Internationally renowned authorities in the field of hybrid imaging contribute firsthand expertise on the practical application of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and SPECT/CT. By combining...

Atlas of Anatomy, 3e Latin

by Anne M Gilroy, Brian R MacPherson & Michael Schuenke

With unmatched accuracy, quality, and clarity, the Atlas of Anatomy is now fully revised and updated.

Atlas of Anatomy, Third Edition, is the highest quality anatomy atlas available today. With over 1,900 exquisitely...

Decision Making in Orthopaedic Trauma

by Meir Marmor

Few if any medical fields share the complexity of injuries and the number of available treatments that exist in orthopaedic trauma. Deciding on the most efficacious treatment can often be difficult. In this...

Biomaterial Mechanics

by Heather N. Hayenga & Helim Aranda-Espinoza

This book describes the fundamental knowledge of mechanics and its application to biomaterials. An overivew of computer modeling in biomaterials is offered and multiple fields where biomaterials are used are...

Dosimetry in Bioelectromagnetics

by Marko Markov

Dosimetry refers to the calculation and assessment of the radiation dose received by the human body. The proposed book will place emphasis on the existence of physical and biophysical dosimetry. It will be discussed...

Demon in My Blood

by Elizabeth Rains

Until recently, hepatitis C—which infects 170 million people throughout the world—was always fatal. But today there is finally a remarkable cure.

Elizabeth Rains describes how she was likely infected with hepatitis...

Grasping the Donkey's Tail

by PETER ECKMAN & Charles Buck

A scholarly yet practical account for modern clinicians of some of the key difficult questions arising from obscure passages in the classics of Chinese medicine. This book offers an interpretation of crucial...

Sensory Processing Disorders in Children

by Matt Mielnick

Everything we know about the world we live in starts with information we take in through the senses. This book explains the way our sensory system works and shows how small inefficiencies in this complex system...

BodyMindCore Work for Movement Therapists

by Noah Karrasch, Robert White & Elizabeth Buri

The principles of Noah Karrasch's CORE® model focus on whole body, breath, and movement awareness in order to determine where restrictions and blockages in the body may occur. Based on a lifetime of fine-tuning...

The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

by Nigel Ching & Jeremy Halpin

This textbook on diagnosis in Chinese medicine is unique in its clarity and accessibility. Divided into two sections, it is a comprehensive diagnostic manual. The first section explains how to collect and collate...

Biomedical Odysseys

by Priscilla Song

Thousands of people from more than eighty countries have traveled to China since 2001 to undergo fetal cell transplantation. Galvanized by the potential of stem and fetal cells to regenerate damaged neurons...

Quick Reference to Dental Implant Surgery

by Mohamed A. Maksoud

Quick Reference to Dental Implant Surgery offers busy practitioners quick access to all the essential information needed for successful dental implant surgery-from case selection to radiographic examination,...