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Medication Fact Book for Psychiatric Practice

by Talia Puzantian & Daniel Carlat

The Carlat Psychiatry Report

Medication Fact Book, 3rd Edition

The medication fact book is a comprehensive reference guide covering all the important facts, from cost to pharmacokinetics, about the most commonly...

The Ultimate Guide to Ovarian Cancer: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research

by Benedict B. Benigno & Beryl Manning-Geist

Over twenty-two thousand American women will get ovarian cancer this year. No screening test exists for this disease, and the symptoms are often vague and mistaken for other illnesses. This cancer is almost...

Chinese Dates: A Traditional Functional Food

by Dongheng Liu, Xingqian Ye & Yueming Jiang

Chinese Dates: A Traditional Functional Food delivers unique information on Chinese dates (jujubes) as typical ethical foods and traditional health-promoting foods. It conveys a better understanding of Asian...

Get Through MRCS Part A: SBAs

by Nikhil Pawa, Paul Cathcart & Howard Tribe

Success in any exam requires careful preparation, background reading and, importantly, prior self-assessment. Containing 1000 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions for the MRCS Part A, this book offers surgical...

Neurobiology of Epilepsy: From Genes to Networks

by Elsa Rossignol, Lionel Carmant & Jean-Claude Lacaille

Neurobiology of Epilepsy: From Genes to Networks is the latest volume in the Progress in Brain Research series that focuses on new trends and developments. This established international series examines major...

This Mortal Coil

Revision Notes in Intensive Care Medicine

Master the Wards: Internal Medicine Handbook

by Conrad Fischer

Master the Wards: Internal Medicine Handbook improves your confidence so you can survive the clerkship and ace the shelf. With this in hand, you can arrive prepared on day 1 of your medicine rotation. Written...

Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law

by fred weissman

The only comprehensive tort law book featuring real-life federal cases for the practicing pharmacist

As tort law and tort liability cases, both civil and administrative, continue to increase in the pharmacy...

Integrated Care in Action: A Practical Guide for Health, Social Care and Housing Support

by Robin Miller, Hilary Brown & Catherine Mangan

Integration is now a key expectation within the delivery of health and social care services in the UK and internationally. However, it still remains difficult to achieve and sustain in practice. Based on learning...

POTS and Other Acquired Dysautonomia in Children and Adolescents: Diagnosis, Interventions, and Multi-disciplinary Management

by Kelly McCracken Barnhill & Fletcher Barnhill

Providing clear information on the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of POTS and other acquired dysautonomia, this practical handbook allows parents and professionals to gain a fuller understanding of post-viral...

Needless Suffering: How Society Fails Those with Chronic Pain

by MD David Nagel

A fascinating and disturbing assessment of the failure of healthcare professionals and others to help people with chronic pain

Listening, Learning, Caring and Counselling: The Essential Manual for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Other Healthcare

by Cate Howell

Developing the skills of listening, learning, caring and counselling requires professional support and training. This authoritative, comprehensive guide fills that role, and is for the reference shelves of health...

Medical Management of Vulnerable & Underserved Patients: Principles, Practice and Populations, 2nd Edition

by Jr., Talmadge E. King, Margaret B. Wheeler & Alicia Fernandez

The leading reference and text on the increasingly relevant and important topic of caring for underserved patients and those with highly unique health requirements

The timely publication of Medical Management...

Sj?gren's Syndrome

Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2

by Donna Helen Crisp

A surgeon unknowingly damages the intestines of a nurse expecting only an overnight stay after surgery, beginning a chain of more tragic and preventable errors. The consequences result in the nurse spending...

Making Sense of Medicine: Bridging the Gap between Doctor Guidelines and Patient Preferences

by Zackary Berger

With many common health conditions—diabetes, arthritis, depression—there is no one right route to effective treatment, and science does not give us one definitive answer. In practical chapters and through...

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