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Preparing for Motherhood - A Guide for the Expectant -

by Bernarr Macfadden


Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

by Michael P. Goodman, John Miklos, David Matlock & Alex Simopoulos et al.

Female genital plastic surgery has become an increasingly sought-after option for women seeking ?improvement? in genital appearance, relief from discomfort, and increased sexual pleasure. These surgeries are...

Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and More

by Tieraona Low Dog

Health-conscious consumers read nutritional labels, but it's nearly impossible to get the nutrients we need with diet alone. To get the USDA-recommended daily quota of vitamin D, for example, you need to eat...

Preparing to Pass the FRCA: Strategies for Exam Success

by Caroline Whymark

Preparing to Pass the FRCA: Strategies for Exam Success equips you with the skills of effective revision and time management to maximise your success. The book takes each element of the FRCA exam and provides...

Genomics and Personalized Medicine: What Everyone Needs to KnowRG

by Michael Snyder

In 2001 the Human Genome Project succeeded in mapping the DNA of humans. This landmark accomplishment launched the field of genomics, the integrated study of all the genes in the human body and the related biomedical...

Challenging Concepts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Cases with Expert Commentary

by Matthew Idle & Andrew Monaghan

Challenging Concepts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery details over 25 challenging and complex scenarios matched to the OMFS syllabus including frontal sinus fractures, reconstructive challenges following blast...

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research

by Sumantra Ray, Sue Fitzpatrick, Rajna Golubic & Susan Fisher et al.

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research is a practical, concise, and easy-to-use reference for the full range of clinical and healthcare research topics, while incorporating evidence based medicine....

Lazy Eye & Amblyopia - A Complete Guide: Lazy Eyes, Treatment, Correction & Surgery. What is lazy eye, definition, causes in adults and children, symp

by Cameron Marr

Millions of people are suffering from lazy eye (or ‘amblyopia’, to use its medical name). Amblyopia alone is the foremost cause of visual problems in people aged under 40. This is an informative eBook by...

Diagnosis: Cancer: Your Guide to the First Months of Healthy Survivorship (Revised Edition)

by Wendy Schlessel Harpham

The book you need to make the right decisions and get good care from diagnosis through treatment. This classic work by a physician survivor has helped thousands of cancer patients and their families. Now updated...

Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing

by Fiona Creed, Jessica Hargreaves & Heather Baid

The second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing has been fully revised to reflect a more systematic approach to care delivery and to follow the patient pathway. Focused on the practical issues...

Neuroscience for Addiction Medicine: From Prevention to Rehabilitation - Methods and Interventions

by Hamed Ekhtiari & Martin Paulus

Neuroscience for Addiction Medicine: From Prevention to Rehabilitation - Methods and Interventions is the latest volume from Progress in Brain Research focusing on new trends and developments in addiction research....

Spine Imaging: A Case-Based Guide to Imaging and Management

by Shivani Gupta, Daniel M. Sciubba, Mark M. Mikhael & Savvas Nicolaou

Spine Imaging uses a classic, case approach to provide multi-modality imaging studies and management guidance of spine pathologies for the consulting radiologist as well as the neurologist, orthopedist, or emergency...

Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Christopher McDougle

The Primer on Autism Spectrum Disorder provides a quick yet comprehensive overview of clinically-relevant topics related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for the medical or mental health student, trainee, or...

The American Dream in Tennessee: Stories of Faith, Struggle & Survival

by Dr. Manny Sethi

As an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Dr. Manny Sethi has cared for people across Tennessee who have been the victims of high-energy trauma. Many of his patients...

The Healing Virtues: Character Ethics in Psychotherapy

by Duff R. Waring

The Healing Virtues explores the intersection of psychotherapy and virtue ethics - with an emphasis on the patient's role within a healing process. It considers how the common ground between the therapeutic...

Hendee's Radiation Therapy Physics

by Todd Pawlicki, Daniel J. Scanderbeg & George Starkschall

The publication of this fourth edition, more than ten years on from the publication of Radiation Therapy Physics third edition, provides a comprehensive and valuable update to the educational offerings in this...

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body

by Jo Marchant

A rigorous, skeptical, deeply reported look at the new science behind the mind's surprising ability to heal the body

Have you ever felt a surge of adrenaline after narrowly avoiding an accident? Salivated at...

Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine

by Sandi Rogers & Anne Wassnig

Since my first printing of Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine literally thousands of consumers have used the information to assist with their wellbeing recovery. The healing benefits associated with these


The Child Protection Practice Manual: Training practitioners how to safeguard children

by Gayle Hann & Caroline Fertleman

Around 85 children die each year in the UK due to abuse or neglect. A number of these deaths are later deemed preventable because the child involved was known to either social services or to a health professional....

Nurse Burnout: Overcoming Stress in Nursing

by Suzanne Waddill-Goad

Nursing is more than a job. It is a profession that attracts those who value compassion, want to make a difference in other people's lives, and want to do greater good in the world. While the profession provides...