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Neoplastic Mimics in Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology

by Jason L., MD, PhD Hornick & Vickie Y., MD Jo

Neoplastic mimics or "pseudotumors" can simulate neoplasms on all levels of analysis--clinical, radiologic, and pathologic--and thus represent particular diagnostic pitfalls for the pathologist that can ultimately...

What Do I Do Now? : A Caregiver's Journey with Alzheimer's

by Willem O'Reilly, Mary Ellen Byrne & Reynor O'Reilly

Willem and Molly were married on February 10, 1984.  Molly was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007. What Do I Do Now? A Caregiver’s Journey with Alzheimer’s is a memoir in the form of 100 essays...

Sexual Abuse: The Journey of a Broken Woman

by Sandraline Tobin Gareth

WARNING: This book is strictly for Adults 18+ Some of the clear memories are from when I was three years old and the fuzzy ones are from when I was a teenager or later. Bear with me as I tell you about my life....

Blind Faith

by Richard P. Sloan, Ph.D.

Pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for contraceptives. Surgeons who pray in the OR. Pro-life clinics and end-of-life interventions, intelligent-design activists and stem-cell-research opponents. Is...

Who Gave Pinta to the Santa Maria?: Tropical Diseases in a Temperate World

by Robert S. Desowitz

We live in a medical fool's paradise, comforted, believing our sanitized Western world is safe from the microbes and parasites of the tropics. Not so, nor was it ever so.

Past--and present--tell us that tropical...

Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data

by Noel Cressie & Christopher K. Wikle

Winner of the 2013 DeGroot Prize.

A state-of-the-art presentation of spatio-temporal processes, bridging classic ideas with modern hierarchical statistical modeling concepts and the latest computational methods...

Molecular Mechanisms that Orchestrate the Assembly of Antigen Receptor Loci

by Cornelis Murre

Molecular Mechanisms That Orchestrate the Assembly of Antigen Receptor Loci, the latest volume in the Advances in Immunology series focuses on the generation of an effective immune response to invading pathogens...

Computational Neurostimulation

by Sven Bestmann

Computational Neurostimulation, the latest volume in the Progress in Brain Research series provides an introduction to a nascent field with contributions from leading researchers. In addition, it addresses...

Equine Clinical Immunology

by M. Julia B. Felippe

Equine Clinical Immunology offers comprehensive information on equine immunological disorders.

•     Provides a complete, equine-specific reference on clinical immunology

•     Focuses on clinically...

McGraw-Hill Education 500 Evolve Reach (HESI) A2 Questions to Know by Test Day

by Kathy Zahler

500 ways to pass the HESI A2! Intensive practice + detailed explanations-the best way to sharpen skills and prepare for the exam

500 Evolve Reach (HESI) A2 Questions provides complete coverage of each subject...

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Technique and Cases

by Joerg Barkhausen

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Technique and Cases is a comprehensive and timely introduction

to a significant technological advance in breast cancer imaging. This state-of-the-art guide

explains the technique...

Isotope Labeling of Biomolecules - Labeling Methods

by Zvi Kelman

Isotope Labeling of Biomolecules - Labeling Methods, the latest volume of  the Methods in Enzymology series contains comprehensive information on stable isotope labeling methods and applications for biomolecules....

CONVERSATIONS ABOUT DEATH: A Practical Guide to Talking about End-of-Life Care and Dying

by Sally Cant

Conversations About Death is the result Sally Cant’s twenty years in the death and dying industry. It contains a wealth of information that will make you feel more relaxed, open and comforted by talking about...

Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices

by Michael M. Okuji

Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices is a practical tool that helps you manage your office in tune with the realities of modern dental practice.

  • Written by both dentists...

Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade

by Alan R. Cohen

Pediatric neurosurgery is a uniquely exacting subspecialty in which surgeons are given the extraordinary privilege of alleviating suffering for gravely ill children, and in best-case scenarios, restoring their...

Brachytherapy, Second Edition: Applications and Techniques

by Phillip M., MD, FACR Devlin

The only comprehensive guide to the latest knowledge and techniques in brachytherapy

Since the first edition was published in 2006, Phillip M. Devlinís Brachytherapy has been acknowledged as the essential...

New Trends in Basic and Clinical Research of  Glaucoma: A Neurodegenerative Disease of the Visual System - Part B

by Giacinto Bagetta & Carlo Nucci

New Trends in Basic and Clinical Research of Glaucoma: A Neurodegenerative Disease of the Visual System - Part B is the latest volume from Progress in Brain Research focusing on new trends in basic and clinical...

Periodontology: The Essentials

by Hans-Peter Mueller

"The author has identified a need for up-to-date information to be made available as a compendium to standard textbooks in periodontology, and [succeeds] in fulfilling the stated aims of the book."-Stephen Chen,...

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

by James C. Fishbein & Jacqueline M. Heilman

Advances in Molecular Toxicology features the latest advances in the subspecialties of the broad area of molecular toxicology. This series details the study of the molecular basis of toxicology by which a vast...

Soul Machine: The Invention of the Modern Mind

by George Makari

A brilliant and comprehensive history of the creation of the modern Western mind.

Soul Machine takes us back to the origins of modernity, a time when a crisis in religious authority and the scientific revolution...