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Harrison's Hematology and Oncology

by Dan Longo

  • Market: oncologists (20,000), hematologists (15,000), oncology fellows (2,500), hematology fellows (2000), internal medicine residents (23,000), internists (75,000), family practice residents and clinicians...

Treating Sexual Desire Disorders: A Clinical Casebook

by Sandra Leiblum

The loss or lack of interest in sex is a common complaint in sex therapy. Organized around in-depth case presentations, this book showcases effective treatment approaches for individuals and couples. The contributors...

Critical Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams, Sixth Edition: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams, Sixth Edition

by Thomas Ahrens, Donna Prentics & Ruth Kleinpell

The best review available for Critical Care certification

A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE for 2011!

Critical Care Nursing Certification is a complete step-by-step guide that thoroughly covers everything...

Health Care in the United States: Organization, Management, and Policy

by Howard P Greenwald

Health Care in the United States combines an explanation of population health with a comprehensive introduction to health services delivery. The author, an expert on health care policy and management, shows...

Handbook of Basal Ganglia Structure and Function: A Decade of Progress

by Heinz Steiner & Kuei Y. Tseng

The Basal Ganglia comprise a group of forebrain nuclei that are interconnected with the cerebral cortex, thalamus and brainstem. Basal ganglia circuits are involved in various functions, including motor control...

MRI Parameters and Positioning

by Torsten Moeller & Emil Reif

Packed with information on the practical aspects of MRI, this user-friendly text covers everything from advice on optimal positioning of patients to recommendations for setting the appropriate scanning parameters....

Increasing Awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health


M. Elena Garralda and Jean-Philippe Raynaud aim to increase awareness of child and adolescent mental health within an international framework that gives special consideration to problems arising in different...

No Good Deed

by Lewis Mitchell Cohen, M.D. & Lewis Mitchell Cohen

On a blustery night in January 2001, detectives from the Massachusetts State Police knocked on Amy Gleason's door. Gleason, along with fellow nurse Kim Hoy, had helped a patient deal with pain and suffering...

Harrison's Nephrology and Acid-Base Disorders

by J. Larry Jameson

  • Market: internal medicine clinicians (75,000), internal medicine residents (23,000), second and third year medical students (18,000/year), family practice residents and clinicians (55,000), nephrologists and...

What's Eating You?: People and Parasites

by Eugene H. Kaplan

In What's Eating You? Eugene Kaplan recounts the true and harrowing tales of his adventures with parasites, and in the process introduces readers to the intimately interwoven lives of host and parasite.


Harrison's Gastroenterology and Hepatology

by Dan Longo & Anthony Fauci

  • Market: gastroenterologists (12,000), second and third year medical students (18,000/year), internal medicine residents (23,000), internists (75,000), family practice residents and clinicians (55,000), nurse...

Structure, Function and Regulation of TOR complexes from Yeasts to Mammals: Part A

by Michael N Hall & Fuyuhiko Tamanoi

Cell growth is highly regulated and is controlled by the TOR signaling network. Dysfunction of signaling pathways controlling cell growth results in cells of altered sizes and in turn causes developmental errors...


by Chi-Shing Zee

  • Market: Radiologists; Radiology Residents, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Spine Surgeons
  • Includes 2,000 multi-modality images
  • Includes more than 300 cases

The Scientific American Brave New Brain: How Neuroscience, Brain-Machine Interfaces, Neuroimaging, Psychopharmacology, Epigenetics, the Internet, and

by Judith Horstman

This fascinating and highly accessible book presents fantastic but totally feasible projections of what your brain may be capable of in the near future. It shows how scientific breakthroughs and amazing research...

The Antidepressant Sourcebook: A User's Guide for Patients and Families

by Andrew L. Md Morrison

In 1998, over 120 million prescriptions were written for antidepressants. That number is projected to rise by almost thirty million by the end of 2000. Despite this growing trend, many patients find that their...

Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, Second Edition

by Marie A. Chisholm-Burns, Terry L. Schwinghammer & Barbara G. Wells

Learn the Essential Principles of Pharmacotherapy and Understand Their Clinical Application

Now in full color!


"This book covers more than 100 disease states using an easy-to-use format...

Interpretive Phenomenology in Health Care Research:

by Garrett Chan, Patricia Benner & Karen A. Brykczynski

This text expands on current IP knowledge and provides research exemplars to facilitate application of practice. Ideal textbook for qualitative research methodology courses, doctoral students, post-doctoral...

The Nature of Theoretical Thinking in Nursing: Third Edition

by Hesook Suzie Kim


Designated a Doody's Core Title!

This is a well-written, thought-provoking book on theoretical thinking and knowledge development in nursing.Score: 93, 4 stars


The past decade has seen tremendous...

Fetology: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient, Second Edition: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient, Second Edition

by Diana W. Bianchi & Timothy M. Crombleholme

The first book to synthesize relevant, critically reviewed data for application to the diagnosis and treatment of prenatal patients- updated and in full color

A Doody's Core Title for 2011!


New Insights into the Provision of Health Services in Indonesia

by Claudia Rokx & John Giles

Over the past decade, Indonesia has implemented significant health sector reforms that include decentralizing responsibilities for service delivery, designing incentives for health providers, increasing the...