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Understanding and Treating Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

by Brian B. Doyle

A life of turbulence, underachievement, and heart-breaking setbacks is the reality for many adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In contrast, Understanding and Treating Adults With Attention...

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia

by Jeffrey A. Lieberman, T. Scott Stroup & Diana O. Perkins

Now there is a single resource that puts the many facets of a widely misunderstood disorder in perspective. The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia offers broad coverage that encompasses...

Handbook of Medicine in Psychiatry

by Peter Manu, Raymond E. Suarez & Barbara J. Barnett

Handbook of Medicine in Psychiatry is the first evidence-based overview of medicine for psychiatrists in training or practice.

The selection of topics was guided by an analysis of internal medicine evaluations...

Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality: Focusing on Object Relations

by John F. Clarkin, Frank E. Yeomans & Otto F. Kernberg

The product of more than 25 years of development, transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP) draws on advances in object relations theory and attachment theory with the goal of not merely treating symptoms but...

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychopharmacology

by Sandra A. Jacobson, Ronald W. Pies & Ira R. Katz

Here, three experienced pharmacologists offer a true "how to" guide to clinical geriatric prescribing, drawing upon their own first-hand clinical experience and reading of the literature in geriatric psychopharmacology....

Clinical Manual of Psychiatry and Law

by Robert I. Simon & Daniel W. Shuman

In their latest collaboration, Clinical Manual of Psychiatry and Law, noted forensic psychiatrist Dr. Robert Simon and legal scholar Daniel Shuman, both recipients of the Guttmacher Award, have created a unique,...

Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Mental Health Care

by James H. Lake & David Spiegel

The widespread use of nonconventional treatments, or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and the increasing evidence supporting their therapeutic benefits call for a concerted scientific effort to...

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: A Comprehensive Developmental Approach to Assessment and Intervention

by Stanley I. Greenspan & Serena Wieder

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: A Comprehensive Developmental Approach to Assessment and Intervention redefines how we work with infants, young children, and their families when mental health, developmental,...

Clinical Manual of Impulse-Control Disorders

by Eric Hollander & Dan J. Stein

Visibility of impulse-control disorders (ICDs) has never been greater than it is today, both in the field of psychiatry and in popular culture. Changes in both society and technology have contributed to the...

Clinical Manual of Women's Mental Health

by Vivien K. Burt & Victoria C. Hendrick

This comprehensive update of the popular second edition of Burt and Hendrick's Concise Guide to Women's Mental Health provides the latest evidence-based findings related to the biological, psychological, and...

Handbook of Dynamic Psychotherapy for Higher Level Personality Pathology

by Eve Caligor, Otto F. Kernberg & John F. Clarkin

This book provides an approach to understanding and treating higher level personality pathology. It describes a specific form of treatment called "dynamic psychotherapy for higher level personality pathology"...

Homicide, Second Edition: A Psychiatric Perspective

by Carl P. Malmquist

Most professional books on the subject of homicide convey a criminological or legal standpoint. Homicide: A Psychiatric Perspective complements those approaches by offering a clinical understanding unique in...

Fatal Flaws: Navigating Destructive Relationships With People With Disorders of Personality and Character

by Stuart C. Yudofsky

Encompassing case vignettes based on composites of numerous patients from Dr. Yudofsky's 30 years of clinical practice and his collaborations with gifted clinicians, educators, and research scientists, Fatal...

Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide for Professionals and Families

by John G. Gunderson & Perry D. Hoffman

Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide for Professionals and Families is a concise, clearly written, and eminently practical text. It offers both a valuable update for mental health...

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychiatry

by James E. Spar & Asenath La Rue

This single-volume reference covers the full range of psychiatric problems affecting older patients, from depression to dementia. Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychiatry reviews the effects of aging on cognitive...

Coping With Depression: From Catch-22 to Hope

by Jon G. Allen

Coping With Depression is written in plain language for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of depression, including patients, family members, and professionals. The book thoroughly explains the neurobiology...

Concise Guide to Psychopharmacology, Second Edition

by Lauren B. Marangell & James M. Martinez

The definitive pocket reference for convenient everyday use.

This invaluable clinical companion begins with an overview of the general principles relevant for the safe and effective use of psychotropic medications....

Managing Metabolic Abnormalities in the Psychiatrically Ill: A Clinical Guide for Psychiatrists

by Evelyn McElroy, Richard A. Bermudes & Paul E. Keck

This book addresses an important unmet need of patients suffering from both mental disorders and medical illness -- namely, the lack of integration of general medical care with psychiatric care and the related...

Clinical Manual of Cultural Psychiatry

by Russell F. Lim

Representing the clinical state of the art in culturally competent assessment and treatment, and providing important information on African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, and Native Americans...

Annual Review of Nursing Research, Volume 25, 2007: Vulnerable Populations

by Joyce Fitzpatrick & Adeline Nyamathi

This 25th anniversary edition of the Annual Review of Nursing Research is focused on nursing science in vulnerable populations. Identified as a priority in the nursing discipline, vulnerable populations are...