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Psychodynamic Treatment of Depression

by Fredric N. Busch, Marie Rudden & Theodore Shapiro

The advent of multiple effective psychopharmacologic interventions and targeted psychotherapeutic treatments has led to remarkable progress in the treatment of depression.Yet despite this progress, the treatment...

Personality-Disordered Patients: Treatable and Untreatable

by Michael H. Stone

Taking in the entire spectrum of personality disorders -- from the DSM "Anxious Cluster" to antisocial personality disorder -- this book offers practical guidance for assessing the amenability of patients to...

Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum

by Lee S. Cohen, Ruta M. Nonacs & John M. Oldham

Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum earns its important place in the literature by detailing our current understanding of the course, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric illness during...

Entering Private Practice: A Handbook for Psychiatrists

by Arthur Lazarus

Packed with practical advice from experts, and based on the editor's many years of organizing career seminars for psychiatric residents, Entering Private Practice: A Handbook for Psychiatrists offers a comprehensive...

Depression and Personality: Conceptual and Clinical Challenges

by Michael Rosenbluth, Sidney H. Kennedy & R. Michael Bagby

Depression and Personality: Conceptual and Clinical Challenges offers an intriguing new look at where we are in understanding the relationship between personality dimensions, disorders, and mood disorder. It...

Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: A Manual of Clinical Practice and Consultation

by Theodore A. Petti & Carlos Salguero

Child psychiatrists and psychologists, clinical nurses, social workers, and other mental health practitioners working in the public sector -- where limited funds, poverty, social environments, and bureaucracy...

Research Advances in Genetics and Genomics: Implications for Psychiatry

by Nancy C. Andreasen

Research Advances in Genetics and Genomics: Implications for Psychiatry introduces mental health professionals to exciting breakthroughs in endophenotypes, animal models, microarrays, and genetic mapping, as...

Relational Processes and DSM-V: Neuroscience, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment

by Steven R. Beach, Marianne Z. Wamboldt & Nadine J. Kaslow

Seeking to integrate the large volume of clinical research on relational processes and mental health disorders with other scientific advances in psychiatry, Relational Processes and DSM-V builds on exciting...

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders

by Dan J. Stein, David J. Kupfer & Alan F. Schatzberg

Psychiatrists and other mental health care and medical professionals can now turn to a truly authoritative, up-to-date reference for current information about mood disorders. The American Psychiatric Publishing...

Psychiatric Genetics

by Kenneth S. Kendler, Lindon J. Eaves & John M. Oldham

Psychiatric Genetics is a concise reference that presents the complexities of this dynamic field in a clearly written, easily accessible format, with numerous tables and illustrations. Ten expert contributors...

Handbook of Career Development in Academic Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

by Laura Weiss Roberts & Donald M. Hilty

Handbook of Career Development in Academic Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is an essential guide to everything that they don't teach in traditional medical and psychiatric training about how to begin an academic...

Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidity Over the Course of Life

by American Psychopathological Association & William W. Eaton

Compiled from presentations given at the 2004 American Psychopathological Association (APPA) annual meeting, Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidity Over the Course of Life reviews the comorbidity of mental and...

Clinical Manual of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine: Mental Health Consultation With Physically Ill Children and Adolescents

by Richard J. Shaw & David R. DeMaso

Clinical Manual of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine describes a unique and innovative approach to the complex behavioral health problems seen in children and adolescents who are physically ill, have emotional...

Dimensional Models of Personality Disorders: Refining the Research Agenda for DSM-V

by Thomas A. Widiger, Paul J. Sirovatka & Darrel A. Regier

Are personality disorders discrete conditions or rather distinctions along dimensions of general personality functioning? This collection of papers renews long-standing proposals for incorporating a dimensional...

Advances in Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

by Terence A. Ketter, John M. Oldham & Michelle B. Riba

Despite works published as recently as 2002, the continuing rapid evolution of new medications and adjunctive psychosocial interventions for bipolar disorder has made the concise Advances in Treatment of Bipolar...

Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Mentally Ill Homeless Person

by American Association of Community Psychi, Paulette Marie Gillig & Hunter L. McQuistion

A clinical guide applicable to a variety of settings, this book offers expert evidence-based advice from authors with real-world experience on the difficult challenges inherent in working with homeless populations....

Evidence-Based Protocols for Managing Wandering Behaviors

by Audrey L. Nelson & Donna L. Algase

Winner of an AJN Book of the Year Award!

Designated a Doody's Core Title!

"I have not seen a book that does a better job with synthesis or provision of good concise information to those in need." (3 Stars)--Doody's...

The Asthma Educator's Handbook

by Christopher Fanta & Elisabeth Stieb

Learn asthma care essentials -- from top experts at the Partners Asthma Center

"This book teaches physicians and other healthcare professionals how to recognize and treat asthma exacerbations and was inspired...

Last Minute Emergency Medicine: A Concise Review for the Specialty Boards

by Mary Jo Wagner & Susan Promes

This new study guide presents all the important topics covered on emergency medicine exams with a special emphasis on comparing and contrasting disease presentations and treatments to one another. Written by...

Oral Cancer: Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation

by John Werning

This book provides readers with a systematic review of the diagnostic and treatment principles that maximize the outcomes of patients who have been diagnosed with oral cancer. Written by authorities in the fields...