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Keep Out of Court: A medico-legal casebook for midwifery & neonatal nursing

by Amelda Langslow

Leading Health Law Educator, Amelda Langslow LLB, examines over 85 court cases dealing with the injury and death of mothers and babies in maternity services.

In these real -life cases you will read how midwives,...

Federal Bodysnatchers and the New Guinea Virus: Tales of Parasites, People, and Politics

by Robert S. Desowitz

"[Desowitz's] stories...rank among the best current examples of medical detective prose."—Booklist Twenty years ago the world slept, confident that biomedical science would protect it from devastating plagues....

Simple Foods To Heal Your Body

by Nancy F Hegarty & Laila Savolainen

ORIGINALLY CREATED FOR STUDENTS OF NATURAL HEALTH. SIMPLE FOODS TO HEAL YOUR BODY improves healing when used as directed. When in pain we search for cures. These are all here. An ailment may take a short time...

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses: 101 Stories of Appreciation and Wisdom

by Amy Newmark & LeAnn Thieman

Becoming a nurse is a calling—it’s a tough job but a rewarding one. This collection of 101 heartwarming stories will encourage, inspire, and reassure you that your patients and their families appreciate...

Lashley's Essentials of Clinical Genetics in Nursing Practice, Second Edition

by Felissa R., PhD, RN, FABMGG Lashley & Christine E. , PhD, RN, FAAN, FA Kasper

Completely updated to help nurses learn to ìthink geneticallyî

Todayís nurses must be able to ìthink geneticallyî to help individuals and families who are affected by genetic disease or contemplating genetic...

The Behavioral Health Specialist in Primary Care: Skills for Integrated Practice

by Mary Ann, Dr., PhD, MSW, LCSW Burg & Oliver, Dr., Ph.D., ABPP, PA-C, D Oyama

Patients with chronic conditions often need psychosocial support and brief counseling to help them make the lifestyle and behavioral changes required to prevent disease complications. This innovative text,...

Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor: Keys to a Successful Orientation in a Nutshell

by Margaret, MS, RN, BC, CDP Ciocco

Dedicated and competent nurse preceptors are vital to the success of health care organizations and to the retention of nurses in the profession. Yet clinical teaching and supervision is a skill that must be...

Perinatal and Pediatric Bereavement in Nursing and Other Health Professions

by Beth Perry, PhD, RN Black & Rana, PhD, RN, CPLC, FAAN Limbo

[This] is a story of love, hope, and healing. There are 18 chapters covering intimate aspects of a young life ending and how those who remain behind can grieve in such a way that they go on living. This book...

RNA Modification

by Chuan He

RNA Modification provides a useful examination of the science and its role in biological regulation, the current frontier of life science research, and includes various RNA modications and their role in gene...

Learning and Behavior: Seventh Edition

by James E. Mazur

A thorough survey of the field of learning.

Learning & Behavior covers topics such as classical and operant conditioning, reinforcement schedules, avoidance and punishment, stimulus control, comparative cognition,...

Compendium for the Antenatal Care of High-Risk Pregnancies

by Harini Narayan

High-risk pregnancies are increasing and form a significant proportion of the pregnant patient population. Compendium for the Antenatal Care of High-Risk Pregnancies takes a unique approach to over 140 conditions,...

1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities: Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions, Second Edition

by Ayelet Danto & Michelle Pruzansky

Look to the updated Second Edition of 1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities: Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions to provide you with new ideas and activities designed to enhance your treatment session while maintaining...

Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists, Second Edition

by Stephen Whittaker & Mitchell Scheiman

This Second Edition of Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists provides current, evidence-based information on low vision rehabilitation that contains several new and expanded...

Early Onset Scoliosis: A Comprehensive Guide from the Oxford Meetings

by Colin Nnadi

Covering the spectrum of spinal deformity that occurs between birth and 10 years, early onset scoliosis (EOS) is an evolving specialty that faces unique challenges, especially in controlling the progression...

The Alzheimer's Creative Project: The Caregiver's Ultimate guide to a Good Day

by Jytte Fogh Lokvig

Creative activities for people with Alzheimer's and other dementias in an easy-to-follow format for professionals and family caregivers. A full color guide to projects, art making, and other purposeful activities,...

Immunotherapy of Cancer

by Xiang-Yang Wang & Paul B Fisher

Immunotherapy of Cancer provides information on cancer research related to inflammation and immunity, containing outstanding reviews by experts in the field. It is suitable for researchers and students who...

Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery

by Jamie S. Ullman & Patricia B Raksin

Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery , part of the Neurosurgical Operative Atlas Series co-published by Thieme and the AANS, is a step-by-step visual guide to performing surgical procedures used in neurotrauma as...

Gastrointestinal Imaging

by Angela D. Levy, Koenraad J. Mortele & Benjamin M. Yeh

Gastrointestinal Imaging presents a comprehensive review of gastrointestinal pathologies commonly encountered by practicing radiologists and residents in training. Chapters are organized by organ system and...

Suffering the Silence: Chronic Lyme Disease in an Age of Denial

by Allie Cashel & Bernard Dr. Raxlen

Allie Cashel has suffered from chronic Lyme disease for sixteen years—but much of the medical community refuses to recognize her symptoms as the result of infectious disease. In Suffering the Silence: Chronic...

The New Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor To Get the Most from Your Medications

by J. Eric Ahlskog, PhD, MD

The fundamental guide to the most effective treatments for Parkinson's Disease, from a Mayo Clinic doctor with thirty years of clinical and research experience. In this second edition follow-up to the extremely...