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Partial Breast Reconstruction

by Albert Losken & Moustapha Hamdi

The new edition includes increased video/DVD coverage, new chapters on BRAVA tissue expansion, flaps, and increased detail on mega-filling the breast with fat. The book is published with a bundled eBook, which...

The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology

by Robert Krams & Magnus Bäck

Atherosclerosis is the most significant cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Vascular biology is the key to understanding how atherosclerosis arises and operates. The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology is...

Facilitating Treatment Adherence in Pain Medicine

by Martin Cheatle & Perry G. Fine

In the field of pain medicine, the interventions that can improve a patient's pain, mood, and functionality are only as effective as the patient's willingness to follow recommended treatment plans. Facilitating...

Psychiatry Board Review

by Dr. Rajesh Tampi, Dr. Kristina Zdanys & Dr. Mark Oldham

The field of psychiatry is evolving rapidly specifically in the areas of classification of many psychiatric disorders, psychopharmacology and psychotherapeutics. The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of...

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery

by Christine Hamori, Paul E. Banwell & Red M. Alinsod

Female genital rejuvenation is a hot topic, and the procedures are growing in popularity, thanks to more media awareness of this type of surgery. This comprehensive and highly visual text covers the important...

Oxford Handbook of Neonatology

by Grenville Fox, Timothy Watts & Nicholas Hoque

Now in its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Neonatology is the essential user-friendly guide for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of newborns. Accessible, practical, and updated with the...

Pain Medicine Board Review

by Marc A. Huntoon

Pain Medicine Board Review is a comprehensive guide for preparing for the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certification or recertification in Pain Medicine, and for residents preparing for in-training...

The New Allergy Solution: Supercharge Resistance, Slash Medication, Stop Suffering

by Clifford Bassett

One of America’s top allergy doctors offers a revolutionary, full-body approach to diagnosing, preventing, and treating allergies—in many cases, for good.


 Millions of Americans currently suffer from...

Excellent Dementia Care in Hospitals

by Rita Freyne, Jo James, Jules Knight & Josh Pettit et al.

People with dementia increasingly find themselves staying in hospitals for extended periods, and dementia is often only diagnosed on admission to hospital for a separate health issue. This practical guide presents...

Yoga for Speech-Language Development

by Susan E. Longtin, Jessica A. Fitzpatrick & Michelle Mozes

Yoga is a long-established approach for addressing behavioral or emotional issues in children, but it is also an engaging way to facilitate speech-language development. In this book the authors present their...

How to Start, Carry On and End Conversations

by Paul Jordan & Tony Attwood

Do you find it hard to make friends? Do you struggle to know what to say to start a conversation? In this book, Paul Jordan, who is on the autism spectrum, explains how to make sense of everyday social situations...

MEG-EEG Primer

by Riitta Hari & Aina Puce

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) provide complementary views to the neurodynamics of healthy and diseased human brains. Both methods are totally noninvasive and can track with millisecond...

The Science of Cancer

by Scientific American Editors

The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response. In this...

Climate Change and Disease

by Hans Schweisfurth

Global warming and the associated climate change is mainly attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. The resulting greenhouse gases and air pollutants cause or exacerbate diseases like rhino sinusitis, chronic...

A Dictionary of Ophthalmology

by Robert Barry & Alastair Denniston

A Dictionary of Ophthalmology includes 600 fully cross-referenced entries, describing terms related to ocular anatomy and physiology, the diseases of the eye and of the visual pathway, and medical and surgical...

Oxford Handbook of Midwifery 3e

by Janet Medforth, Linda Ball, Angela Walker & Sue Battersby et al.

Now in its third edition the Oxford Handbook of Midwifery continues to be the essential one-stop guide to the key principles of the care and management of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Concise yet comprehensive,...

Teaching Inpatient Medicine

by Molly Harrod, Sanjay Saint & Robert W. Stock

Attending physicians face a daunting daily challenge: how do you incorporate the education of medical students and residents into the ever-more-demanding practice of medicine within the context of an ever-more-challenging...

Plain English for Doctors and Other Medical Scientists

by Oscar Linares, David Daly & Gertrude Daly

Plain English for Doctors shows how to write about medical science in a clear and vivid way. It can help a medical writer at any level, from beginner to veteran, since it gives specific, practical advice. Writing...

Healthcare Simulation Education

by Debra Nestel, Michelle Kelly, Brian Jolly & Marcus Watson

Written by a leading team from the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), Simulation Australasia, Healthcare Simulation Education is a new resource for a rapidly expanding professional healthcare...

The Family Gene

by Joselin Linder

A riveting medical mystery about a young woman’s quest to uncover the truth about her likely fatal genetic disorder that opens a window onto the exploding field of genomic medicine

When Joselin Linder was in...