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Viruses: A Very Short Introduction

by Dorothy H. Crawford

Viruses are big news. From pandemics such as HIV, to swine flu, and SARS, we are constantly being bombarded with information about new lethal infections. In this Very Short Introduction Dorothy Crawford demonstrates...

Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care

by Mari Lloyd-Williams

Caring for terminally ill patients and their families is challenging. Patients with life limiting illness require the skills of many professionals but also the support of their community. While most clinicians...

Seven Bypasses

by Michael T. Lawton

Seven Bypasses: Tenets and Techniques for Revascularization is the third book in a trilogy of bravura, technical nuance, and strategy by master neurosurgeon Michael Lawton. Like his first two books on aneurysms...

The Hospital and Clinic Improvement Handbook

by Shimeon Pass, Boaz Ronen, Joseph S. Pliskin & Donald M. Berwick

The essential healthcare guide to doing more with existing resources The healthcare industry faces foundational challenges to how it sustains itself. As the gap between cost and revenue continues to widen, and...

Genius Foods

by Max Lugavere & Paul Grewal, M.D.

Discover the critical link between your brain and the food you eat and change the way your brain ages, in this cutting-edge, practical guide to eliminating brain fog, optimizing brain health, and achieving peak...

The Art of Combining Surgical and Nonsurgical Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine

by Julius Few

Innovative strategies for artfully blending aesthetic techniques to maximize results

The Art of Combining Surgical and Nonsurgical Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine by Julius W. Few Jr. reflects multidisciplinary...

Adjustment Disorders

by Patricia Casey

Although adjustment disorders (AD) have been included in the major psychiatric diagnostic classifications for over 50 years, no book devoted solely to the topic of AD's has been published to date. Apart from...

The American Society of Addiction Medicine Handbook on Pain and Addiction

by Ilene Robeck, Melvin Pohl, Michael Weaver & Mark Weiner et al.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine Handbook on Pain and Addiction provides clinical considerations and guidelines for the clinician treating patients with pain and addiction. Produced by the largest...

Oxford Handbook of Integrated Dental Biosciences

by Hugh Devlin & Rebecca Craven

Practical, comprehensive, and concise, the Oxford Handbook of Integrated Dental Biosciences has been designed to reflect problem-based teaching scenarios, with extensive diagrams and illustrations to aid clinical...

Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine

by Lesley K. Bowker, James D. Price, Kunal S. Shah & Sarah C. Smith

This new edition of the Oxford Handbook in Geriatric Medicine has been expanded and updated to reflect the substantial changes in clinical practice since the previous edition, including the Francis report and...

North Carolina Children’s Global Health Handbook

by Erica C. Bjornstad, Benny L. Joyner Jr., Stella Mongella & Kenya McNeal-Trice

The North Carolina Children's Global Health Handbook offers a resource and guide for residents and healthcare providers teaching pediatrics in the developing world, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Incorporating...


by Reid Wilson

A global health catastrophe narrowly averted. A world unprepared for the next great threat.

In December 2013, a young boy in a tiny West African village contracted the deadly Ebola virus. The virus spread to...

Integrative Sexual Health

by Barbara Bartlik, Geovanni Espinosa, Janet Mindes & Andrew Weil

Integrative Sexual Health explores beyond the standard topics in men's and women's health, drawing on a diverse research literature to provide an overview of sexual biology and sexual dysfunction, diverse lifespan,...

Critical Thinking in Clinical Research

by Felipe Fregni & Ben M.W. Illigens

One of the most crucial skills a clinician, scientist, or student can learn is to create, conduct, and interpret the conclusions of a clinical study. Critical Thinking in Clinical Research teaches these fundamentals...

Foot and Ankle Surgery

by Steven M. Raikin

A concise, insightful guide to foot and ankle surgeries from master orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon Steven Raikin

Foot and ankle problems such as injuries, arthritis, congenital and acquired deformities, tendenopathies,...

Thinking Through Breast Cancer

by Mary Ann G. Cutter

Anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer recognizes that cancer raises a host of questions concerning its nature and how we treat it. Such questions...

The False Promise of Single-Payer Health Care

by Sally C. Pipes

A government takeover of the U.S. healthcare system has never looked more plausible.

Support for the idea is at an all-time high. Two-thirds of Democratic voters favor "single-payer" health care; even one in...

Innovations in Psychosocial Interventions and Their Delivery

by Alan E. Kazdin

Millions of children, adolescents, and adults worldwide experience significant mental health problems, for which they receive no treatment whatsoever. Despite decades of world-class, innovative treatment research,...

The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery

by Mimis Cohen & Seth Thaller

The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery has been lauded as a classic text in plastic surgery, described by reviewers as "an unforgettable masterpiece," "an invaluable companion text," and "a vast resource."...

Cobb's Anatomy

by Irvin S Cobb

Irving S. Cobb discusses the human body and its various strange parts in his own inimitable hilarious style. He discusses the tummy and the problems of having a large one; teeth, hair and finally hands and feet....