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Neurobiology of Personality Disorders

by Dr Christian Schmahl, Dr K. Luan Phan & Dr Robert O. Friedel

Personality disorders are highly prevalent and cause a substantial amount of human suffering and harm-not only to the individuals and families directly affected, but also to the population at large. These disorders...

Advancing Health and Well-Being

by Alonzo L. Plough

The case for evidence and collaboration in pursuit of health equity In this second volume of the Culture of Health series, Advancing Health and Well-Being convenes experts from academia, policy, journalism,...

Healing with CBD

by Eileen Konieczny & Lauren Wilson

  • CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant but has almost no THC, offering the medical benefits of marijuana without the high
  • CBD is legally allowed in 44 states, most popular in oil form
  • Studies show it can reduce...

  • Teaching Qualitative Research

    by Raji Swaminathan & Thalia M. Mulvihill

    This timely resource provides a framework for teaching students how to think qualitatively and become more critical and reflexive researchers. Presented are a wealth of pedagogical tools that instructors across...

    Managing Personality Disordered Offenders

    by Colin Campbell & Jackie Craissati

    The UK Government's Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) Strategy is one of the most significant developments in mental health and criminal justice in recent years. The challenges presented by personality disorder...

    Diagnosing and Treating Medicus Incomprehensibilis

    by Oscar Linares, David T. Daly & Gertrude A. Daly

    Diagnosing and Treating Medicus Incomphensibilis is a book of case studies on revising medical writing into plain English. It is a companion to Plain English for Doctors and Other Medical Scientists (Oxford...

    The Oxford Handbook of 4E Cognition

    by Albert Newen, Leon De Bruin & Shaun Gallagher

    4E cognition (embodied, embedded, enactive, and extended) is a relatively young and thriving field of interdisciplinary research. It assumes that cognition is shaped and structured by dynamic interactions between...

    Perioperative Pain Management for General and Plastic Surgery

    by Deepak Narayan, Alan D Kaye & Nalini Vadivelu

    All physicians are involved in the management of pain at some level or the other, but of the various specialties and health professions, surgeons are at the frontline of delivering perioperative pain care. Perioperative...


    by David Appleby & Andrew Hopper

    Battle-Scarred investigates the human costs of the British Civil Wars. Through a series of varied case studies it examines the wartime experience of disease, burial, surgery and wounds, medicine, hospitals,...

    Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

    by Samir A. Farghaly

    Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy provides a broad overview of several aspects of basic sciences, and clinical and therapeutic aspects of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer, as well as state-of-the-art information...


    by David J. Nutt & Liam J. Nestor

    Substance addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by a compulsion to take a substance despite potential consequences. Addiction, second edition offers a clear and succinct overview of the brain...

    Depression and Type 2 Diabetes

    by Khalida Ismail, Andreas Barthel, Stefan R. Bornstein & Julio Licinio

    Type 2 diabetes is a major global health concern, and is predicted to affect between 10% to 25% of the world's population in the next 20 years. This epidemic is mostly attributed to ageing populations and unhealthy...

    The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development

    by José M. Pérez-Pomares & Robert Kelly

    This highly illustrated textbook has been prepared by the Working Group on Development, Anatomy and Pathology of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development is the...

    Handbook of Child and Adolescent Aggression

    by Kenneth H. Rubin, Tina Malti & Tracy Vaillancourt

    Presenting cutting-edge work from leading scholars, this authoritative handbook reviews the breadth of current knowledge on aggression from infancy through adolescence. The volume explores the forms and functions...


    by Aaron E. Miller, Tracy DeAngelis, Michelle Fabian & Ilana Katz Sand

    Part of the What Do I Do Now?" series, Neuroimmunology uses a case-based approach to cover common and important topics in the examination, investigation, and management of central and peripheral demyelinating...

    My Dog Hates My Vet!

    by Amy Shojai


    We want to provide the best care possible for our beloved dogs, but what do you do when Rex turns into a puddle of fear at the vet? Scared dogs visit veterinarians less often because their owners...

    My Cat Hates My Vet!

    by Amy Shojai


    We want to provide the best care possible for our beloved cats, but what do you do when your kitty turns into a wildcat at the vet? Cats visit veterinarians less often because their owners hate...

    Pandemic 1918

    by Catharine Arnold

    Before AIDS or Ebola, there was the Spanish Flu — Catharine Arnold's gripping narrative, Pandemic 1918, marks the 100th anniversary of an epidemic that altered world history.

    In January 1918, as World War I...

    The Disordered Mind

    by Eric R. Kandel

    Eric R. Kandel, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his foundational research into memory storage in the brain, is one of the pioneers of modern brain science. His work continues to shape...

    Cat Facts: The Pet Parent's A-to-Z Home Care Encyclopedia

    by Amy Shojai


    More than 86 million pet cats today are kept in forty-five million U.S. households. Now, from one of the most trusted cat care authors of thelast twenty-five years comes the definitive reference...