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Understanding Healthcare: a historical perspective

by Kenneth A. Fisher

Dr. Fisher provides the reader an in-depth understanding of how we  got into this controversial, overly expensive, exceedingly complex and bureaucratic healthcare system and ends with a comprehensive solution...

Health Policy and Politics

by Alison Hann

What is the relationship between politics and health policy in the UK? How are the interests of the medical profession, civil society and the state weighed and balanced in the making of health policy? Health...

Realizing the Future of Nursing: VA Nurses Tell Their Story: VA Nurses Tell Their Story

by Veterans Affairs Dept. (U.S.), Veterans Health Administration (U.S.) & Cathy Rick

This remarkable compilation of stories and experiences described by 145 VA nurses, physicians, and associated healthcare staff; and community partners in both academia and business, provides an extraordinary...

Culture, Ethnicity and Chronic Conditions: A Global Synthesis

by Charles Agyemang & Ama de-Graft Aikins

The global burden of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as hypertension, diabetes and cancers, and of common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, has a disproportionate impact on the...

The Digital Patient

by C. D. Combs, John A. Sokolowski & Catherine M. Banks

A modern guide to computational models and constructive simulation for personalized patient care using the Digital Patient

The healthcare industry’s emphasis is shifting from merely reacting to disease to...

Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

by John Appleby, Nancy Devlin & David Parkin

A practical, introductory guide to the best use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) to improve the quality of health care and patient health.

  • Only title to exclusively introduce, explain and show how PROs can...

Compassion: Compassion, Continuity and Caring in the NHS

by Rodger Charlton

Compassion, Continuity and Caring in the NHS is a fascinating exploration of the importance of compassion in health care.

Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare: In Conversation with International Leaders

by Kim, Asst Prof Sears, Briana, Ms Broderick & Denise, Professor Stockley

Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare explores the inner workings of some of the most influential minds in healthcare quality, risk and safety. The book was created in cooperation with...

Ryan House: In the Heart of Phoenix

by Mark Tabb, Holly Cotter & Jonathan Cotter

In the Heart of Phoenix was written to share the possibility of your community being able to create a sustainable model of world-class caregiving that provides respite, palliative and hospice care for children...

Millennial Keynes: The Origins, Development and Future of Keynesian Economics

by Bruno Ventelou & Gregory P. Nowell

Both a grounding in the origins and development of Keynesian economics, this study also looks at the ongoing significance of his work. It examines the different interpretations of Keynsian thought on economics...

The Personalized Medicine Revolution: How Diagnosing and Treating Disease Are About to Change Forever

by Pieter Cullis & Iva Cheung

Every one of us is unique. With recent advances in technology, we now know that that statement is more true that ever: we are each individuals, right down to a molecular level — a one-of-a-kind combination...

Managing Information in Complex Organizations: Semiotics and Signals, Complexity and Chaos

by Kevin C. Desouza & Tobin Hensgen

This seminal work presents an effective design for processing information through five stages from data to actionable knowledge in order to influence behavior within organizations. The authors incorporate such...

Advertising, Promotion, and New Media

by Marla R. Stafford & Ronald J. Faber

Today, new media enter our lives faster than ever before. This volume provides a complete, state-of-the-art overview of the newest media technologies and how they can be used in marketing communications - essential...

Critical Social Theory in Public Administration

by Richard C Box

The essential premise of critical social theory is that contemporary society is neither democratic nor free, but that modern global capitalism creates a citizenry satiated with consumer goods, unaware of alternative...

Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety: Perspectives, Participants, Partnerships and Prospects in 30 Countries

by Jeffrey Braithwaite, Yukihiro Matsuyama & Russell Mannion

The first of its kind, here is a compendium of the current 'state of the art' in global healthcare reform. It looks at the ways reforms have developed in 30 countries, and specifically the impact national reform...

Flesh and Blood

by Diane Blood

Diane Blood first hit the headlines in 1996 when she went to court to fight for the right to use her late husband's sperm to try for the child they had planned together before his sudden death from meningitis....

Roads to Reconciliation: Conflict and Dialogue in the Twenty-first Century: Conflict and Dialogue in the Twenty-first Century

by Amy Benson Brown & Karen M. Poremski

Unlike other books on conflict resolution that focus on particular places and moments in history, this original work attempts to understand the process from many different perspectives and in many different...

Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice

by Hamish Wilson & Wayne Cunningham

Being a doctor is much more than simply providing medical care. This book aims to increase the resilience and wellness of doctors, helping the profession to provide better care for patients, through a deep and...

Living Abled and Healthy: Your Guide to Injury & Illness Recovery

by Christopher R Brigham & Henry Bennett

Living Abled and Healthy: Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery offers us help for some of the most difficult times of our lives--when we or someone we love are injured or ill and doing our best to recover...

Arthritis Care: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

Arthritis is a chronic illness that can be difficult to manage and treat. There are many factors that can affect arthritis symptoms, and care for these symptoms can vary by the type of arthritis and the patient....