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Scarlet A

by Katie Watson

Although Roe v. Wade identified abortion as a constitutional right 45 years ago, it still bears stigma--a proverbial scarlet A. Millions of Americans have participated in or benefited from an abortion, but few...

Hippocrates' Oath and Asclepius' Snake

by T.A. Cavanaugh

T. A. Cavanaugh's Hippocrates' Oath and Asclepius' Snake: The Birth of the Medical Profession articulates the Oath as establishing the medical profession's unique internal medical ethic - in its most basic and...

Extreme Caregiving

by Lisa Freitag

Parents who care for children with special needs, particularly those whose children have multiple disabilities or intellectual delays, are pioneers in home health care and caregiving, yet their experience and...

Human Dignity and Assisted Death

by Sebastian Muders

Assisted dying is still an extremely contested topic in Bioethics. Despite the strongly influential role human dignity plays in this debate, it still has not received the appropriate, multi-faceted treatment...

Methods in Bioethics

by John Arras

This book provides an overview and critical discussion of the main philosophical methods that have dominated the field of bioethics since its origins in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The first three chapters...

Pharmaceutical Freedom

by Jessica Flanigan

If a competent adult refuses medical treatment, physicians and public officials must respect her decision. Coercive medical paternalism is a clear violation of the doctrine of informed consent, which protects...

Physician-Assisted Death

by Wayne Sumner

The issue of physician-assisted death is now firmly on the American public agenda. Already legal in five states, it is the subject of intense public opinion battles across the country. Driven by an increasingly...

Biomedical Odysseys

by Priscilla Song

Thousands of people from more than eighty countries have traveled to China since 2001 to undergo fetal cell transplantation. Galvanized by the potential of stem and fetal cells to regenerate damaged neurons...

Negotiating Pharmaceutical Uncertainty

by Eirik Saethre & Jonathan Stadler

Telling the story of a clinical trial testing an innovative gel designed to prevent women from contracting HIV, Negotiating Pharmaceutical Uncertainty provides new insight into the complex and contradictory...

Biosecurity Dilemmas

by Christian Enemark

Biosecurity Dilemmas examines conflicting values and interests in the practice of “biosecurity,” the safeguarding of populations against infectious diseases through security policies. Biosecurity encompasses...

The Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Ethics

The Patient as Agent of Health and Health Care

by Mark Sullivan, Md, PhD

Patient-centered care for chronic illness is founded upon the informed and activated patient, but we are not clear what this means. We must understand patients as subjects who know things and as agents who do...

Eugenics: A Very Short Introduction

The Principles and Practice of Narrative Medicine

Rethinking Reprogenetics

Silent Partners

What is Enough?

Pediatric Ethics

Whistleblowing and Ethics in Health and Social Care

by Angie Ash

Those who speak up about poor, corrupt or unethical practice often do so at a great personal cost. This timely book explores our understanding of the ethics of whistleblowing and shows how managers and organisations...

Medical Experimentation