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The NeuroICU Book, Second Edition

by Kiwon Lee

The acclaimed protocol-based guide to neurocritical care - essential for daily practice and the boards

An immediate classic, this groundbreaking text is based on the premise that neurointensivists must be trained...

Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology

by Tracy Batchelor, Ryo Nishikawa, Nancy Tarbell & Michael Weller

Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, classification, and management of tumours of the nervous system. The book...

Illustrated Manual of Clinical Evoked Potentials

by Aatif M., MD Husain

Evoked potentials have been used for decades to assess neurologic function in outpatient studies and are now routinely used in the operating room during surgery. Illustrated Manual of Clinical Evoked Potentials...

The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

by Dale Bredesen

The instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller

A groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline.


Everyone knows...

Cognitive Impairment and Depression in Older Patients

by Martin Steinberg & Paul B. Rosenberg

Cognitive impairment and depression in older people have challenged clinicians and families for decades. These conditions affect well over half of people after age 65 with an incidence that increases with advancing...


by Adam J. Fisch

Neuroanatomy: Draw It to Know It, Third Edition teaches neuroanatomy in a purely kinesthetic way. In using this book, the reader draws each neuroanatomical pathway and structure, and in the process, creates...

Truth Doesn't Have a Side

by Mark Tabb, Bennet Omalu & Will Smith

One day in 2002 the fifty-year old body of former Pittsburgh Steeler and hall of famer Mike Webster was laid on a cold table in front of pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu. Webster’s body looked to Omalu like the...

Foundations for Clinical Neurology

by Robert Laureno Md

Foundations for Clinical Neurology presents basic principles of neurology in a user-friendly way for practicing neurologists as well residents, fellows, and students. Written in a clear and concise format, this...

Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitation, Treatment, and Case Management, Fourth Edition

by Mark J. Ashley & David A. Hovda

In the last decade neuroscience has matured at a remarkable pace, shedding a far more exacting light on mechanisms of neurophysiology, pathophysiology of injury, neuroendocrinology, neuro-immunology, neuroplasticity,...

Nonmotor Parkinson's: The Hidden Face: The Many Hidden Faces

by K Ray Chaudhuri & Nataliya Titova

Non-motor Parkinson's: The Hidden Face, Volume 133, the first part of the latest volume in the International Review of Neurobiology series, is an up-to-date, comprehensive textbook addressing the non-motor aspects...

The Integrated Nervous System: A Systematic Diagnostic Case-Based Approach, Second Edition

by Walter J. Hendelman, Peter Humphreys & Christopher R. Skinner

This innovative textbook is modelled on problem-based learning. It bridges the gap between academic neuroanatomy and clinical neurology and effectively takes the reader from the classroom to the clinic, so that...

Manual of Neuroanesthesia: The Essentials

by Hemanshu Prabhakar, Charu Mahajan & Indu Kapoor

This book will provide all the basic details of neuroanaesthesia and how management of different neurosurgical cases may differ. Simple issues such as neurological examination of patient, understanding CT-scan...

Introduction to Resting State fMRI Functional Connectivity

by Janine Bijsterbosch, Stephen M. Smith & Christian F. Beckmann

Spontaneous 'resting-state' fluctuations in neuronal activity offer insights into the inherent organisation of the human brain, and may provide markers for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Resting...

Understanding Your Migraines

by Morris Levin Md & Thomas N Ward Md

Twelve percent of the world's population is affected by migraines, tallying up to more than 35 million people in the US alone. The World Health Organization lists it among the top ten most disabling conditions....

Arteriovenous and Cavernous Malformations

by Robert F. Spetzler, Karam Moon & Rami O. Almefty

Arteriovenous and Cavernous Malformations, Volume 143, is the latest addition in the ongoing HCN series, an evidence-based compendium which addresses both the scientific and clinical aspects of this unique disease...

Dietary Lipids for Healthy Brain Function

by Claude Leray

Our brain is recognized by all specialists as the most complex entity created in nature. Regarding the extraordinary capacities of its functioning, still incompletely known, the control of the brain by our dietary...

Functional Neural Transplantation IV: Translation to Clinical Application, Part B

by Stephen B. Dunnett & Anders Bjorklund

Functional Neural Transplantation IV: Translation to Clinical Application, Part B, Volume 231 provides the current status of cell transplantation in the nervous system, focusing on the conditions for achieving...

Fragile X Syndrome: From Genetics to Targeted Treatment

by Rob Willemsen & Frank Kooy

Fragile X Syndrome: From Genetics to Targeted Treatment provides a structured overview of the molecular and clinical background of the disorder as well as treatment options. The book discusses the detailed molecular...

Me Before/ Me After: A Group Rehabilitation Programme for Brain Injury Survivors

by Leyla Ziyal

Me Before, Me After is a complete programme for professionals who run rehabilitation groups for brain injury survivors. The programme's overarching goal is to retrieve the person behind the injury by helping...

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

by Barbara A. Dworetzky & Gaston Baslet

Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) are attacks that mimic epileptic seizures, but are not caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. Instead, PNES are typically considered involuntary expressions...