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Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

by Punit Ramrakha, Kevin Moore & Amir Sam

Current, comprehensive, and focused, the bestselling Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine returns for its fourth edition. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this trusted, quick-reference guide includes...

Cancer Caregivers

by Allison J. Applebaum

Informal caregivers - family members, friends, and other loved ones - are an essential, uncompensated and significantly burdened extension of the healthcare team. Rapid advances in cancer care, including new...

Breast Cancer: The Facts

by Christobel M. Saunders, Sunil Jassal & Elgene Lim

Breast Cancer: The Facts provides essential, easy to follow information on all aspects of the diagnosis and management of breast cancer. It provides essential background information on the disease, from the...

Advancing the Science of Implementation across the Cancer Continuum

by David Chambers, Cynthia A. Vinson & Wynne E. Norton

While many effective interventions have been developed with the potential to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer, they are of no benefit to the health of the population if they cannot be...

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

by Samir A. Farghaly

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy provides a broad overview of several aspects of basic sciences, and clinical and therapeutic aspects of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer, as well as state-of-the-art information...

Fluorescence-Guided Neurosurgery

by Constantinos G. Hadjipanayis & Walter Stummer

The definitive textbook on state-of-the-art fluorescence-guided neurosurgery

Advances in fluorescence-guided surgery (FGS) have resulted in a paradigm shift in neurosurgical approaches to neuro-oncological and...

Helder's Story

by Carol Graham Pereira

Helder Pereira was a community leader, a healer of  the broken, and a devoted husband and father; the memoir contains many inspirational messages, including his commitment to sobriety, his compassion for others,...

Body Image Care for Cancer Patients

by Michelle Cororve Fingeret & Irene Teo

This book is the first and only academic textbook of principles and practices of body image care for cancer patients, designed to target a multidisciplinary audience of healthcare care professionals engaged...

Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care Flashcards

by Sriram Yennurajalingam & Eduardo Bruera

Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care Flashcards is a comprehensive, evidence-based book of flashcards for clinicians caring for patients who require hospice and palliative care and supportive...

Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors

by Cheryl Krauter

Currently there is a crisis occurring in healthcare involving clinician burnout, emotional exhaustion, lack of inspiration, and loss of personal meaning. For clinicians caring for cancer survivors, these feelings...

Cancer Crossings

by Tim Wendel & Martin Brecher

When Eric Wendel was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 1966, the survival rate was 10 percent. Today, it is 90 percent. Even as politicians call for a "Cancer Moonshot," this accomplishment remains...

The Key to Prostate Cancer

by Mark Scholz

A Guide to Personalized Care.  Patients face a real dilemma when selecting among so many treatments with potentially irreversible consequences.  Studies show that treatment choices based on partial information...

Gender in Psycho-Oncology

by PhD Youngmee Kim & Lcsw Matthew J. Loscalzo

As cancer treatment has evolved toward precision medicine, psychosocial research and practices for cancer patients and their family members have also raised awareness of the need for a personalized, patient-focused,...

Thinking Through Breast Cancer

by Mary Ann G. Cutter

Anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer recognizes that cancer raises a host of questions concerning its nature and how we treat it. Such questions...

The By-Your-Side Cancer Guide

by Deborah Gomer

 When you've been diagnosed with cancer, life becomes a roller coaster of overwhelming questions and emotions. How do I understand my insurance? How do I choose a physician? What is the best treatment plan?...

Lung Cancer Screening

by Mark S. Parker, Robert C. Groves & Joanna E. Kusmirek

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death among men and women in the U.S. and worldwide. For many decades, lung cancer was the sole cancer among the deadly four without an evidence-based screening...

Fast Facts: Immuno-Oncology

by Professor Stephen Clarke & Dr Bob T Li

The treatment of cancer is being revolutionized by drugs that modulate the immune system, offering the prospect of long-term response and extended survival for many patients with advanced incurable cancer. A...

Onwards We Go

by Stephen Mohan

I lost my left eye to cancer at the age of two. I haven't let this deter me from working as a steamroller driver, ski racing coach, coffee bean delivery man, wooden boat shipwright, bicycle mechanic, whale watching...

Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology

by Tracy Batchelor, Ryo Nishikawa, Nancy Tarbell & Michael Weller

Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, classification, and management of tumours of the nervous system. The book...

Zen Slaps from a Cancer Warrior

by James A. Hockings, Eric O. Hustvedt & Nicholas Power

Zen Slaps from a Cancer Warrior is the irreverent memoir of a passionate photographer/writer fighting cancer on his own terms, while living a love story. James Hockings is a witty and sometimes profound companion...