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Impact of Market Forces on Addictive Substances and Behaviours

by David Miller, Claire Harkins, Matthias Schlögl & Brendan Montague

The differences between alcohol, food, gambling, and tobacco as consumer products are obvious. Yet research suggests that there are underlying similarities in the way that food, alcohol, and gambling industries...

An Introduction to Global Health Delivery

by Joia S. Mukherjee & Paul Farmer

"What Mukherjee attempts, and succeeds in doing, is to offer what many students -- undergraduates as well as students of medicine, nursing, and public health -- have long clamored for: a primer not only of recent...

Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health

by Ross C. Brownson, Graham A. Colditz & Enola K. Proctor

The definitive work in D&I research -- now completely updated and expanded The application of scientific research to the creation of evidence-based policies is a science unto itself -- and one that is never...

The Oxford Handbook of the Human Essence

by John F. Dovidio & Martijn van Zomeren

What is the human essence? Although typically viewed as one of the big questions in philosophy, exploring the human essence requires a deep and comprehensive understanding of the human condition and thus social...

Public Health Research Methods for Partnerships and Practice

by Melody S. Goodman & Vetta Sanders Thompson

Translating research into practice involves creating interventions that are relevant to improving the lives of a target population. Community engaged research has emerged as an evidence-based approach to better...

Environmental Policy and Public Health, Second Edition

by Barry L. Johnson & Maureen Y. Lichtveld

The book describes both current and emerging environmental hazards to human and related ecosystem health and discusses policies and their public health foundations. Public health concerns are presented as their...

Disease Modelling and Public Health, Part A

by Arni S. R. Srinivasa Rao, Saumyadipta Payne & C. R. Rao

Disease Modelling and Public Health, Part A, Volume 36 addresses new challenges in existing and emerging diseases with a variety of comprehensive chapters that cover Infectious Disease Modeling, Bayesian Disease...

A Case-Based Approach to Public Psychiatry

by Serena Yuan Volpp & Jeanie Tse

Expert public psychiatrists use case studies to share best-practice strategies in this clinically-oriented introduction to community mental health. Today, the majority of psychiatrists work with people who suffer...

Understanding West Africa’s Ebola Epidemic

by Ibrahim Abdullah & Ismail Rashid

  • The first book-length study of Ebola to consider the wider social, economic and political context of the epidemic.
  • Brings together experts from a wide array of disciplines, including development studies, epidemiology,...

Nutrition, Immunity, and Infection

by Philip C. Calder & Anil D. Kulkarni

This book focuses on the influence of diet on the immune system and how altering one's diet helps prevent and treat infections and chronic diseases. It reviews basic immunology and discusses changes in immune...

What's In, What's Out

by Amanda Glassman, Ursula Giedion & Peter C. Smith

Vaccinate children against deadly pneumococcal disease, or pay for cardiac patients to undergo lifesaving surgery? Cover the costs of dialysis for kidney patients, or channel the money toward preventing the...

In Loeffler's Footsteps - Viral Genomics in the Era of High-Throughput Sequencing

by Martin Beer & Dirk Höper

In Loeffler's Footsteps - Viral Genomics in the Era of High-Throughput Sequencing, Volume 99, the latest in the Advances in Virus Research series, contains new information on the topic, with chapters covering...

Environmental Health Science

by Morton Lippmann & Richard B. Schlesinger

Since the publication of the first edition of ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCE, preventing and treating acute and chronic disease caused by exposure to chemical health hazards has become even more central to the...

Dietary Phosphorus: Health, Nutrition, and Regulatory Aspects

by Jaime Uribarri & Mona S Calvo

Phosphorus is an essential element occurring in most foods. In typical Western diets, it is not harmful but does adversely affect tissues in the body when given in excess or paucity. This book provides a comprehensive...

Your Heart is the Size of Your Fist

by Martina Scholtens

An absorbing and touching read, this collection of true stories is the first book by a Canadian doctor on the topic of refugee health.

Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist draws readers into the complicated, poignant,...

Unhealthy Politics

by Eric M. Patashnik, Alan S. Gerber & Conor M. Dowling

How partisanship, polarization, and medical authority stand in the way of evidence-based medicine

The U.S. medical system is touted as the most advanced in the world, yet many common treatments are not based...

Negotiating the Emotional Challenges of Conducting Deeply Personal Research in Health

by Alexandra "Xan" C.H. Nowakowski & J. E. Sumerau

Public health researchers and clinicians regularly work with people who have suffered physical and mental trauma. Knowing how to conduct a study or treat a patient while navigating deep emotional issues requires...


by Debora Diniz & Diane Grosklaus Whitty

  • The first frontline account of the Zika epidemic. 
  • Much of the coverage of Zika has been alarmist, and focussed on the risks posed to affluent Americans and Olympic athletes. This book corrects this by looking...

Health Promotion in Disease Outbreaks and Health Emergencies

by Glenn Laverack

The book is exceptionally timely and will be of interest to many professionals, students and academics. I am not aware of any other book that covers this important topic. Glenn Laverack brings credibility and...

Stigma Syndemics

by Merrill Singer, Shir Lerman, Bayla Ostrach & Elaine M. Bennett et al.

Central to this volume, and critical to its unique creative significance and contribution, is the conceptual unification of syndemics and stigma. Syndemics theory is increasingly recognized in social science...