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Planning Health Promotion Programs: An Intervention Mapping Approach

by L. Kay Bartholomew Eldredge, Christine M. Markham & Robert A. C. Ruiter

The Intervention Mapping bible, updated with new theory, trends, and cases

Planning Health Promotion Programs is the "bible" of the field, guiding students and practitioners through the planning process from...

Health Inequalities: Critical Perspectives

by Katherine E. Smith, Clare Bambra & Sarah E. Hill

Informed by a wealth of available research, between 1997 and 2010, the UK Labour government introduced a raft of policies to reduce health inequalities. Despite this, by most measures, the UKs health inequalities...

Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice, Second Edition

by Arlene Spark, Lauren M. Dinour & Janel Obenchain

This second edition of a bestseller, Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice focuses on the role of the federal government in determining nutrition policy and influencing practice. Beginning...

Nutrition for Developing Countries

by Felicity Savage King, Ann Burgess, Victoria J. Quinn & Akoto K. Osei

Nutrition is an essential component of the work of all health and community workers, including those involved in humanitarian assistance, and yet it is often neglected in their basic training. Drawn from the...

Global Climate Change and Human Health: From Science to Practice

by George Luber & Jay Lemery

Learn the foundations of climate science and human health

Global Climate Change and Human Health examines the environmental crisis from a public health and clinical health perspective, giving students and clinicians...

101 + Careers in Public Health, Second Edition

by Beth, MD, MPH Seltzer

Praise for the First Edition:

First rate advice.

American Public Health Association

In just the past few years, interest in public health careers has soared. Public health degrees are more popular than...

Child Health: A Population Perspective

by Alice A. Kuo, Ryan J. Coller, Sarah Stewart-Brown & Mitch Blair

Children in the U.S. are not faring well. Despite major advances in public health, hygiene, and treatment for acute infections, child health outcomes in the U.S. are among the bottom for developed countries....

Berowne's Book

by U.A. Fanthorpe

Berowne’s Book was written by U. A. Fanthorpe before she began to write the poetry that was to make her reputation as one of England's most popular contemporary poets. "In 1974, having found that the way to...

Saving Gotham: A Billionaire Mayor, Activist Doctors, and the Fight for Eight Million Lives

by Tom Farley

The inside story of the most audacious public health campaign of the twenty-first century.

In 2002, a dynamic doctor named Thomas Frieden became health commissioner of New York City. With support from the new...

Behavioral Intervention Research: Designing, Evaluating, and Implementing

by Laura, Dr., PhD Gitlin & Sara, Dr., PhD Czaja

" I applaud [this] book for providing a much needed overview of the entire "behavioral intervention pipeline." It fills a unique niche in its coverage of key theoretical and methodological aspects as well...

The Ultimate Obamacare Handbook (2015¿2016 edition): A Definitive Guide to the Benefits, Rights, Responsibilities, and Potential Pitfalls of the Affor

by Kimberly Amadeo

Obamacare can save you money, but only if you know how it really works.

Americans have been barraged with fifteen times more negative than positive news about Obamacare. As a result, 40 percent of the people...

Workplace Health Promotion Programs: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

by Carl I. Fertman

Shine a spotlight on the benefits of promoting health in the workplace

Workplace Health Promotion Programs focuses on the incredible value that employee health programs can offer by exploring six key topics:...

Hearing the Stream: A Survivor's Journey into the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer

by Diane Lane Chambers

 Hearing the Stream: 

A Survivor’s Journey into the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer weaves together the author’s own story of her struggle with breast cancer  with those of five others also diagnosed....

Managing Disruptive Change in Healthcare: Lessons from a Public-Private Partnership to Advance Cancer Care and Research

by Arnold D. Kaluzny, Donna M. O'Brien & Donna M. OBrien

Healthcare faces unprecedented global challenges. Rapid advances in genomics, computational sciences, and technology -- as well as the new focus on value-based care and an increased trend toward healthcare commercialization...

Climate Change and Public Health

by Barry Levy & Jonathan Patz

Climate change is causing, and will increasingly cause, a wide range of adverse health effects, including heat-related disorders, infectious diseases, respiratory and allergic disorders, malnutrition, mental...

Health Behavior: Theory, Research, and Practice

by Karen Glanz, Barbara K. Rimer & K. Viswanath

The essential health behavior text, updated with the latest theories, research, and issues

Health Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice provides a thorough introduction to understanding and changing health...

Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox

by Peter G. Smith, Richard H. Morrow & David A. Ross

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC 4.0 International licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access...

Bridging the Gap: How Community Health Workers Promote the Health of Immigrants

by Sally Findley & Sergio Matos

Immigrants living in US cities face myriad obstacles to accessing quality health care. This inequitable access to care is compounded by the risk of chronic disease accompanying the stress, strain, and lifestyle...

Long-Term Care in an Aging Society: Theory and Practice

by Graham D. Rowles, Pamela B. Teaster & Graham D., PhD Rowles

This comprehensive graduate textbook focuses on the full spectrum of long-term care settings ranging from family and community based care through supportive housing options to a variety of institutional long-term...

AIDS in Asia

by Susan Hunter

AIDS in Asia provides a thorough introduction to the social and economic issues surrounding the AIDS epidemic in Asia including:

* Geographic obstacles to health care

* Gender inequality and human trafficking...